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I have boarded what has been dubbed The Hurtling Tube Of Flaming Death for Roma, and I am settling in for a boring few hours. As the great Roman Fabrizio – I think it is his turn to buy lunch – reminded me, All Saints is a great day to get away from it all!

On a more worldly plane, I happily saw that my bag was scanned plane-side (my… what we do to English).

My view:


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  1. Charles E Flynn says:

    The following sentence might prove difficult to translate into Latin:

    “On a more worldly plane, I happily saw that my bag was scanned plane-side (my… what we do to English).”

    Have a safe and enjoyable flight! May you not be seated next to a Tabletista!

  2. Sissy says:

    I’m so glad you were able to make the flight to Roma today, Father. Prayers for safe travels and a wonderful trip.

  3. Bryan Boyle says:

    Enjoy the trip, and enjoy the trip!

    Godspeed, Fr. Z.

  4. Bryan Boyle says:

    Wow, that didn’t come out right…:)

  5. louder says:

    Bummer, looks like an aisle set, I hate those for a long trip.

  6. Dorcas says:

    Hooray, have a good trip and please post many pictures…and please tell the names of the places you visit…your last jaunt there inspired me to book my first ever trip to Rome (or Europe, for that matter) this coming February…

  7. joan ellen says:

    Yes, Fr., Prayers for your good trip. And I agree with Dorcas, travel log with pics, please.

  8. poohbear says:

    Prayers for a safe trip.

  9. off2 says:

    Happy Halloween! Bon voyage!

  10. wanda says:

    Happy travels, Fr. Z. Prayers for your safety. Pictures, please.

  11. Gratias says:

    Happy return home Father Z. Mrs. Gratias and I will be following in your footsteps Friday. We plan to arrive in time for the historic mass on November 3d. in St. Peter’s. Will there be any way for your readers to say hello to you after the mass? Have a blessed pilgrimage. Here’s to wishing the indulgences of the Year of Faith apply to all.

  12. rcg says:

    ‘Plane-side’ could be rendered ‘on the Tarmac’ or ‘on the Ramp’. Both are colloquial aviation terms that are hold overs from white scarves and goggles yet are still used in aviation today. It will make you seem more like the seasoned traveler you are. One could also say ‘on the deck’, but that is too narrow a usage and might seem pretentious. Unless you have a Globe and Anchor tattoo from your younger days…

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