My view for a while

As my trip concludes, I was happy to have been able to see again so many nice people and was VERY glad to have had great weather while in London and Rome.

My view for a while will be less interesting.  But, I have a new book on the debates about the Council, I have my Kindle, I have a couple movies I haven’t seen, and I have two open seats next to me!

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  1. wanda says:

    Ahhh, the extra elbow room sounds very nice. Prayers for your safe travels.

  2. jflare says:

    Sounds like it should be a pleasant trip.

  3. UncleBlobb says:

    St. Joseph of Cupertino pray for us.

  4. jonh303 says:

    Which airline did fly with transatlantic internet?

  5. tonyfernandez says:

    Might I ask what that book is, Father?

  6. yatzer says:

    TWO open seats?!! Your guardian angel must have a lot of pull with the airlines.

  7. frjim4321 says:

    Safe home.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    Fr. by now you are home, thank God. If the people on the plane knew what a fun guy they were sitting near, they would have wanted those seats!

  9. joanofarcfan says:

    I just got back from Germany via a 9-1/2 hour flight on Lufthansa. I rode in the cattle car economy class. They tried their best with free drinks, but I have never been so miserable in my life. I am tall. I will never do that again. Two open seats are better than first class, I think.

  10. Panterina says:


    The book is Iuxta Modum: il Vaticano II riletto alla luce della tradizione della Chiesa, by Fr. Serafino Lanzetta.
    Fr. Z. mentioned the book in this blog post:

  11. Scott W. says:

    Is that a bottle of Woodford Reserve I see? Good stuff!

  12. Bea says:

    May your Guardian Angel bring you home safely on his wings.

    That book sounds interesting. Let us know what we can glean from it.

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