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O frabjous day! They are BACK!

I buried the lead: Twinkies!  They’re baaaaack! As you know, they went off the shelves some months ago, a dark day for civilization. As I have written before, I never cared much for Twinkies, but I was irritated that I … Read More

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“Non habemus Papam!”, tonight, but “Habebimus flava hyperdulcia crustula spongiosa!”

Conclave?  Smoke? Pfft.  Here’s big news! From ABC: ABC News’ Aaron Katersky reports: Buyout firms Apollo Global Management, LLC and Metropoulos & Co. have agreed to purchase the Hostess and Dolly Madison cake brands, including Twinkies.  The iconic snacks have … Read More

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Oh PLEEEEZZE let this be true! Mexican company Bimbo may save Twinkies

I am not making this up.  This is not a fluff piece. From HuffPo (if they can be believed about anything): Bimbo & Twinkies: Mexican Mega Bakery May Save Brands From Hostess Liquidation Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company that is … Read More

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The Most Tragikal Hostess Debacle. Act II. Enter: Looters, Zombies, Unions.

I heard about this when I was running errands yesterday. It seems that the Hostess – producers of iconic products – has now gone completely bust because, in negotiations with the company the baker’s union demanded too much. I grew … Read More

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