Breakfast of Campioni

I am staying near the Borgo Pio, which puts me in range of too good bars. For those unfamiliar with Rome, a bar is not what we think of as a bar in the USA. You can get spirits at a bar, but coffee is more likely your objective, and you often stand a a counter, consume, and dash.

Today, my usual breakfast of a capucc’io, cornetto (semplice… I’m not much for the fillings) and fruit juice, often apricot.

Some Roman old timers will recognize this.

Which is, of course, in here.

A view up the all too familiar street.

Another Borgo Pio landmark is this fountain next to the restaurant Mozzicone (which unfortunately means cigarette butt).

Sometimes the larger Roman water fountains will tell you what their source it. This one has Acqua Marcia.

There are several different waters that flow through the ancient aquafers. The water is quite hard, but it is delicious. When in Rome don’t hesitate to drink from a flowing water source.

BTW… I am still, alas, working solely from my phone. I was told that ever since the Synod, there have been problems with connecting for certain operating systems. It was an odd explanation, but… hey… when you are helpless, that’s the way it goes. At least my phone is working. I have even tried a mobile USB broadband connection. Truly terrible. (I don’t need suggestions, btw, just prayers.)

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  1. Joan M says:

    Ah! The memories these photos bring back! My husband and I stayed in Burgo Pio twice (2005 and 2010). Such a marvelous street! You can get almost anything there. I yearn for another visit. Being retired and on a fixed income, that may take a while… Meantime, I live vicariously through Fr. Z.

  2. TNCath says:

    Thanks for the virtual trip! I so miss the Borgo!

  3. Denis Crnkovic says:

    I don’t imagine you have a kitchen where you are staying… too bad. You’re so near the Trionfale. You could score some very nice squid and Roman broccoli and funghi and cook yourself a proper dinner. Enjoy your stay and have a safe trip home. (P.S. It’s not snowing here…yet).

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Ahhh!! I want to visit Rome again!

  5. Jacques-Antoine Fierz says:

    Latteria!!! I spent so many hours there!!!! As a Swiss Guard we could sit an have the same price as standing :o) sadly for me, they are close on Sunday! Mozzicone!!!!! The Poggi brothers :o) lazio’s tifosi :o) thank you Father

  6. Xmenno says:

    I only lived in Rome for 8 days of my life, but seeing your pictures makes me incredibly homesick.

  7. Catholictothecore says:

    I wish I was in Rome right now!

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