I wonder if this is how Catholics who voted for Obama will feel in a couple months.

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  1. VexillaRegis says:

    Poor kitten! I think this is a Chincilla Persian, and persian cats are sort of famous for not being very smart…

  2. dep says:

    Sadly, no. because no Catholics voted for Obama. Only catholics, in large numbers.

    One wonders if it is better to be a small community of the faithful than a large group of the lukewarm or, as George Weigel calls them, “baptized pagans.”

  3. Southern Catholic says:

    Sadly, no. because no Catholics voted for Obama. Only catholics, in large numbers.

    Actually a lot of Catholics voted for Obama, at least 40 something percent of weekly attending Catholics voted for Obama, including a priest on this site…

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    …but if kitty happens to be a Sacred Birman, I appologise profoundly – then it was lured into the jar by an evil force. :-)

  5. ljc says:

    Maybe its how the Bishops are starting to feel after having abandoned meatless Fridays

  6. Choirmaster says:

    No. Those that voted for Obama will be like that, but I guarantee that they won’t feel like that.

    I’ve known some very intelligent, yet nevertheless entrenched liberals who happen to be baptized Catholics. Liberalism (or Communism, Socialism, Democrat-ism, Marxism, State-ism, etc.) is, to them, a religion; a faith to be afforded every emotional and intellectual assent. It comes before their families, before their professed religion, and before their reason. They are so invested that even to entertain the thought that The State could err would threaten their world-view and their cultivated sanity.

    Many of these people could easily be lost to the ideology and to the system in mind, body, and soul. They cannot be convinced by arguments, debates, facts, or even consequences. Only by charity and prayer can they be converted because nothing is impossible for God.

  7. Brad says:

    No, they won’t feel thus. 50% of us voted for O this time, down a stellar 3%. These peopleagree with O. He does not make them uncomfortable and frankly I don’t think even he can push them within four more years to their limits.

    What is this thing that the Catholics who voted for O did so while holding their noses? Yeah right! They love him! And this is the hardest part to reconcile: they are part of his larger base, which is annoyed with him for not being more powerfully progressive. They expected more from him by now and expect more from him from now on.

  8. Jim of Bowie says:

    In two years, when Obamacare is fully implemented and the country is in a deep financial crisis, everyone who voted for him will feel like that.

  9. wmeyer says:

    Jim of Bowie, am I to infer that you believe we are not already in a deep financial crisis? I am appalled at the percentage of our fellow Catholics you do not understand–and remember that the study of economics was invented by the Church–that a) government cannot spend what it does not first take from us, and b) spending money you do not have works no better for a country than for a citizen. Eventually, all debts must be paid, one way or another.

  10. Jim of Bowie says:

    wmeyer, We are in a deep financial crisis, but I think it will get much worse so that even the uninformed voters will realize it.

  11. rcg says:

    No, they won’t. You can see through glass. They have their heads stuck up something far more opaque.

    Yes, I know that sounds bad, but sometimes it is Charitable to tell someone the dress DOES make their butt look big.

  12. dspecht says:

    Well, isn´t it what the bishops, cardinals and popes should have felt and said after Vat. II and the NOM?!! (Whilst they are still celebrating: “Oh, we got the cookies…”!)

  13. Jim of Bowie,

    Further to what wmeyer stated, it will not be two years before the first likely precipitating event. Premium payments for PPACA will being in 2014, which occurs, allow me to point out, in just 13-1/2 short months. Secondarily, as also implied by wmeyer, there is a very good likelihood that we will not make it through that 13-1/2 months without encountering a crisis that will, when coupled with the existing national debt and Obama’s intended increase in taxation, trigger a second and even larger economic downturn than the already serious one we seem not to be emerging from. But even if that does not occur, the estimated increase in the cost to employers of providing healthcare for their full-time employees is expected to be roughly 150% greater than the current employer-paid premiums for the year just ending. For one example, this employer, a restaurant fanchisor, has been informed that the employer-paid portion of the premiums, which cost $12 million last year will be $30 million under the PPACA mandated coverages. That employer spent only $8.8 million last year on building new resaturants. There will not only be no new businesses created, there may well be layoffs because PPACA is only mandated for full-time employees. The cheapest solution for the franchise owner is, therefore obvious, hire only part-time help. How does that help the poor workers? If no other event triggers an economic depression, that alone likely will.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  14. Jim of Bowie,

    Your faith in the insight and intellectual capabilities of our fellow voters is endearlingly touching. Woefully wrong, but touching nonetheless. If they can’t see what has transpired during the past four years well enough to see where we are headed, they won’t be able to counter the lies that will be told by the incumbent party in four more years. Some of them might, but I would not take a bet that it would be even a significant plurality of them. They all live in a world populated by feelings and devoid of ratiocination. The sort of folks who think that intentions effect positive external results, so if the candidate is sincere, he is the perfect person for the job—don’t trouble yourself that the candidate is clueless as to the nature of reality.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  15. wmeyer says:

    For what it may be worth, Jim of Bowie, I agree with the subsequent comments of others. I do not believe that Obama voters will get it–instead, after the crash, it will somehow have been Bush’s fault, or the Republican House, or anything but their champion.

    Also, at some point, China is going to notice that they really can’t boost their economy by lending us money to buy their products. Europe is already swirling in the bowl, and one reason Germany has been of some help is the amount of money they get from selling things to us. Canada is tied so tightly to us that their own crash may lag ours by as much as 5 minutes.

    The politicrats–in both flavors–are determined that the FedGov can “fix” everything. They spent 50 years breaking health care with excess regulations and lack of tort reform, or even a cap on awards. Now, with 2,000+ pages of law, and I have given up trying to keep track of how many new bureaus and Federal employees, they will make health care “affordable”. We’ve already seen increases in insurance premiums which reflect the effectiveness of that idiocy, but there will be more.

    They will continue to print more money, and in so doing, will continue to drive down the value of the dollar, and simultaneously force us to pay $8 a gallon for gas, and $5 dollars a pound for potatoes. The last time I saw oxtail, it was almost the same price as Costco charges for rib-eye.

    Hyperinflation is in our future. But it won’t last, because DC will provoke a crash in the world economy. System reset, the hard way.

  16. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    ljc wrote: “Maybe its how the Bishops are starting to feel after having abandoned meatless Fridays”

    What bishops might you have in mind? None of the bishops who voted to make abstinence optional in 1966 is still in office today (I doubt many even still alive!), and for that matter, none of those who voted to carry on with the optional observance in 1983 is still in office today. So which bishops have you in mind? The ones who simply inherited this mess, among many others, and are moving to do something about it?

  17. frjim4321 says:

    (1) You must really dislike me.
    (2) You must know how much I despise cats.

    Cats are proof that even God can have an off day.

  18. benedetta says:

    As Obama presses on with HHS, we will feel profound sorrow for the myriad Catholic and catholic institutions he is attacking.

  19. NoraLee9 says:

    Hubby keeps asking me, “to where can we flee?” There are only 2 Catholic Monarchies left, correct? And it’s not like Jews fleeing to Israel; we don’t get automatic citizenship just because we can’t stand it where we are anymore.
    I have been thinking about 1930’s Germany lately. What if Hitler, who really did get the Germans back on their feet after a fiscal crisis, ran for re-election against someone who promised to value the life of everyone, even the mentally ill, the disabled and the Jewish populace…. Would the wish to save lives have won out against the anxiety about gelt?

  20. LisaP. says:

    If you blame X, Y, and Z for a problem and so vote in A, B, and C, when the problem gets worse you will blame X, Y, and Z more and give more power to A, B, and C. It’s what just happened and it will happen again.

    When the Obama “reforms” went into effect I saw a lot of choice being dropped from health care for kids like mine and costs go up. The moms who supported the reforms saw it too. They complained wholeheartedly about it. But they never made the connection, they just blamed the insurance companies again and pushed even harder for the government to supplant them. When we have socialized medicine, it will take one generation before people will forget that they could ever do things like, I don’t know, pick their own doctor.

  21. An American Mother says:

    Not a Chinchilla Persian because the standard calls for green eyes. Also, it doesn’t have the “cat chased parked car” mushed face of a Persian.
    Not a Birman either, because the head type is not Siamese. Or not Siamese enough, anyhow.
    Looks like a Himalayan to me – Blue Point. They are dumb as a bag of hammers. My parents used to have one, a stray that took up with them, and their Lilac Point Siamese lorded it over him. His name was Freddy the Freeloader. He met his untimely end because he would sneak out of the house and nap on the center line of the highway, when he had a perfectly nice cat bed.
    I would expect one to think that a jar would be a good place to explore.

  22. Bea says:

    frjim4321 says:
    14 November 2012 at 5:15 pm
    “Cats are proof that even God can have an off day.”

    Excuse me?
    Maybe God created cats so you could learn to love his creatures.
    It’s not God that has an “off day” It’s US that have had an “off 4-years” Stay tuned for more to come.

    I liked that expression “Freddie the Freeloader” I was thinking along those lines precisely.
    Bishops are like that cat, that was lured to “Freeload” in the wrong places.
    Now they are caught with themselves in the “cookie jar”Because they looked for hand-outs in the wrong places.

    When I was growing up, Catholic Schools, et al, refused Government Aid because then they would dictate to us what to do, what books to study, what to teach etc.
    It seems they’re as dumb as that cat as we’re now told what kind of insurance we must buy.

    Pray for our Bishops that they will not lead us into the jars of hell but to holiness.

  23. Gratias says:

    I went to Rome to the Cum Papa Nostro TLM at St. Peter’s, same one that Fr. Z attended. The Wednesday after the election I sat at the General Audience of the Pope next to a Polish pilgrim. “Obama non bono per Polski”, he said. I said that he was good for Russia. “Si, Obama bono per Putin”, he answered.

    An important Bishop, thinking I would be glad about the result congratulated me. I made a face and he responded: “Well, Obama is good for Europe”. A prominent Catholic told me Obama was good for Italy because he was willing to share the riches of the USA with them.

    Thank you Fr. Z for pointing our future. Bankruptcy with Euthanasia.

  24. catholicmidwest says:

    Ironic, that’s what the short-term future is going to be. Everyone is pulling everyone else’s bluff.

    The left-wingers in the Church think that the bishops will crumble when the HHS mandate hits. But they have the most to lose if the bishops don’t.

    The bishops think that they can out-politic the politicians. But the bishops are going to be roughed up by those very politicians if they can’t. (And I’m not holding my breath on this one. They can’t.)

    The people in the pews are oblivious, but they’re going to be the most upset if the HHS mandate really causes a lot of troubles. (Which it will. Hell has no fury like laypeople seeing their pet religious things close down.)

    And on top of it all, all the whining and gnashing of teeth going on in the Catholic world over the election is contingent on definitions of the term “catholic voter” that are not even close to reality. According to CARA, about 80% of self-identified Catholics don’t even darken the Church’s doors on a weekly basis. So who did they exit poll? Bet you can’t guess. Stop gnashing and whining. Go drink some coffee and get a grip.

  25. VexillaRegis says:

    @An American Mother: You are probably right about the Chinchilla-Burman thing. Had forgotten about the green eyes. I’m more familiar withe the European standards for Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest Cat and Eur. Shorthair(?). The Himalayan Kitty looks pretty, but I like intelligent cats who can open doors on command ;-).

    Freddy the Freeloader had a relative in Europe; I knew a cross breed, who sat in the street every day, so people could admire his looks. Lethal vanity…

  26. pmullane says:

    Thank you Dr Peters, fantastic comment!

  27. AvantiBev says:

    Choirmaster: Read Dennis Prager’s latest book STILL THE BEST HOPE. You are spot on and he explains why to the other 99%.

    wmeyer and Martial Artist: Since you appear to be of my generation can we start referring to the Affordable Health Care Act but its more truthful name: THE BABY BOOMER BUMP-OFF ACT. God bless the child that has got his own and can afford to be a medical “tourist” flying off to Asian hospitals happy to service you, cuz if you don’t those IPABS will be happy to deem everything from insulin to chemo to hip surgery “uncovered and unapproved” for us so-called unproductives. All our Catholic bishops talk about are the provisions for abortions in the bill. It is the aging populace who will feel the rationing most keenly.

    O-man has ALWAYS spoken – from his time here in Chi town – of single payer being the ultimate goal because of the concentration of POWER in the hands of those who deem themselves our betters. Right now they will move to dump as many into the fed system as they can and drive as many private insurance companies out of business as they can.

    Thank you FDR for this damn job-related health insurance! And thank you 1994 Republican Congressmen who promised you would put forth free market reforms such as Health Savings Accounts and buying insurance across state lines!

  28. LisaP. says:

    No cats involved, but I just got my state high risk pool insurance info for the next year.

    They remark that a whole list of new services are now considered preventative therefore there is no copay, no deductible, etc. for them.

    Of course, this was contraception, but of note also on the list were vascetomies and tubal ligations.

    So, was this part of the deal, too?

    I doubt folks who voted Obama will regret a thing in the coming days, but maybe a few middle grounders might notice that their insurance expects them to pay their “share” for a broken bone, hospitalization after a car accident, or chemotherapy — but any woman who wants tubal ligation surgery can get it totally free of cost. Maybe.


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