Roman Sunday Supper

For lunch I was at the college refectory of a friend. We spent the afternoon talking about today’s heretics.

Tonight I am out alone at a great pizza place. I’ll graze and read on my Kindle.

For a starter:

Tonight’s water is brought to you by …

… Acqua di Nepi!

I like the older labels like Claudia and other standards. Nihil innovetur.

As you get into these waters for a while you might find they have diuretic effects, which is good – for the food is salty.

On the Nepi label – Sulla was I think from Nepi… or was it Pontius Pilate? … there is a nice Latin motto, which endeared it to me lo those many years, nay rather, decades ago.

Work it out.

In the meantime:


The wine was a nice surprise. Instead of the usual Lazio stuff, this is from Emilia Romagna and is a touch effervescent. Refreshing!

My fun waiter. Good sport in a hot room on a busy humid night.

Say hi to him.



Alessandro just brought me (after the photo and a chat about what it was for) a bowl of hot chestnuts!


Chestnut follow up:

We just had a discussion about the merits of chestnuts from Segni (in my diocese) versus those from Amatrice (where Alessandro’s brother cultivates them). I must say, these are small but really flavorful, far better than most insipid interloper nuts.

I think that when you are in Rome you should stop at Isola della Pizza off the Via Ottaviano on the Via degli Scipioni, and have a pizza and say ‘hi’ to Alessandro! The place is close to the Vatican, and pretty big but it can get busy (because it’s good). They do a lot more than pizza. Their beef is great.

They are open Sunday evening, which is a strong point!

Drop in, say Hi to Alessandro from Fr Z (or don John). Roman residents…make him famous.


Perhaps surprise Alessandro by dropping an email.

“Salve, Sor Alessandro!

Don John ci ha invitato a mandarLe un saluto!”

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    If ya want water w/o the bubbles in Roma, ya ask for “naturale”. So, I see the label with the word “naturale” on it, and pour it, only to get mouthful of bubbles. See, I didn’t notice that it read,in Italian, “Naturally effervescent.”

    Go figure.

  2. acardnal says:

    thus far, I have never met a chestnut I enjoyed eating.

  3. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Thank you for mention the name and location of the pizza restaurant.

  4. acardnal: In the USA neither have I. But here…

  5. Dr Peters: Come to Rome with me next time.

  6. Hieronymus Illinensis says:

    The bottle label is blurred just enough. “Nepe civitas nobilis atque potens in cuius fertilissimis agris balnea scaturiunt salutifera.”

  7. Therese says:

    Thanks, Hieronymus of Illinois; I couldn’t make out that last bit on the label: The city Nepe, noble and powerful–is there any other kind?–in whose most fertile fields the healing baths bubble over.

    (Would Nepe have given its name to the city of Naples?)

  8. Clinton R. says:

    “For lunch I was at the college refectory of a friend. We spent the afternoon talking about today’s heretics.”

    Talking about today’s heretics would sure make for a long afternoon! Food looks great and I am glad you are doing well in Rome, Father. God Bless. +JMJ+

  9. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    “Dr Peters: Come to Rome with me next time.”

    I can scarcely imagine how fun that would be! :) edp. Auguri.

  10. NoraLee9 says:

    Talking about heretics just gives me indigestion and an overwhelming desire to build a big Bon fire.

  11. Mariana says:

    The progession of pics of your dinner had me weak at the knees; and then the chestnuts! Lovely roasted, fragrant Italian chestnuts!

  12. Mariana says:

    “Would Nepe have given its name to the city of Naples?”

    Surely Naples is Nea Polis….

  13. inara says:

    “insipid interloper nuts” LOL! I can think of a few people to apply that label to…

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