What is your good news?

Tell us something nice about life and how grace, elbow grease, and good fortune are at work,

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  1. Benedict says:

    The Confraternity of the Angelic Warfare of St. Thomas Aquinas is booming. Many people are enrolling.  This Dominican confraternity helps people to grow in the virtue of chastity.  Recently 2/3 of the 300 FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionaries enrolled and are spreading the confraternity all over the US.

  2. KAS says:

    I go on a silent retreat in preparation for Advent today. And my still breastfeeding baby is up to five teeth now and seems to understand to be careful during meals. The weather here is pleasant today. I finished my modest Christmas shopping already so can focus on the religious aspects of Advent and Christmas. My first grandbaby will turn one year old and my son-in-law has a new job, my daughter’s college grades are excellent. And I already voted pro-life!

  3. Jacques-Antoine Fierz says:

    Had the chanche to go to Rom last week-end. Confessed and comunicated. Also had the chance to meet Father Z ;o)
    Great week-end :o)

  4. ByzCath08 says:

    We just finished a weekend at the Eastern Catholic Encounter 2012. This was a gathering of the Eastern Catholic Churches in the Western US to discuss our common mission and how to evangelize the world. It was a good time and most of the speakers hit a home run.

  5. lizaanne says:

    A dear friend in PA finally had his power restored on Friday after the impact of Sandy!!! He has his elderly and fragile parents at home with him, and they did not do well with only fireplace warmth and very simple meals, and darkness, for almost a week. Today they are cozy, and hopefully feeling better. Tons of prayers flying out in that direction – for all who still suffer.

  6. my kidz mom says:

    Father, my good news is threefold; two of which are thanks to you. First, you taught me about the Apostolic Blessing. I printed and gave it to a priest, who in turn bestowed the blessing – in Latin – after anointing my father two weeks ago. Second, you introduced me to the Trappist Monks, from whom we ordered dad’s beautiful walnut casket. It was a fitting tribute to my father Joseph, whose had aspecial devotion to his patron saint. And third, one of dad’s favorite prayers was the Divine Mercy chaplet. As we four daughters were praying the chaplet at dad’s bedside in the 3am hour, he opened his eyes; by the time we finished, he had entered eternal life.

  7. NoraLee9 says:

    Wow! A lot of beautiful stuff here.
    Well…. We moved from Queens to Northern NJ a little over a month ago in order to live near the FSSP Chapel in Pequannock. We got our lights back on Wednesday, much faster than the place in Queens did. Our patio roof flew away in just the perfect spot, so that I now have a living room drenched in sunlight. The panels will be replaced with something much more translucent…. And neither we nor the chapel were flooded.
    I attended Mass for All Saints on Thursday evening. The chapel was lit by candle light. It made me think of our ancestors attending Mass. At the consecration, when Father lifted the Host, the lights came on! Wow! Our Lord really is The Light of the World!

  8. AnAmericanMother says:

    Good news from all – so heartening to hear.
    Just general good news here – getting a handle on a horrendous load of assignments at work – was able to get to Mass for All Saints *and* First Friday – our young parochial vicar is a good and holy priest – our pastor gave a DYNAMITE homily Sunday on voting Real Catholic, he pulled no punches which is a little surprising since he is a hardened old realist – my husband is getting better every day, we went to a Cowboy Action match for the first time in a long time since he felt up to it – my parents are in good health and spirits – all the dogs are well – found a suitable mate for my youngest dog so cute little yellow puppies are on the horizon –
    – and getting ready to crawl over broken glass to vote tomorrow. :-)

  9. a catechist says:

    After some months of frustration not being able to get to Confession nearly as often as I’d like, a priest has agreed to become my regular confessor! With a schedule that’s actually possible! Wonderful good news.

  10. Angie Mcs says:

    Just a comment on someone’s post:

    NoraLee9: How wonderful that you were able to move near the FSSP chapel. It must make such a difference to feel physically close to a place that means so much to you. I often think of that myself but it’s not easy, between the market right now, selling our home and the type of neighborhood where our church is located. Despite a long drive, though, we keep it close to us in many ways. Congratulations. And best wishes to all of you out east as things start getting back to normal. Many prayers have gone your way.

  11. Southern Catholic says:

    I did Habitat for Humanity work this weekend with my youth ministry, and we were blessed with awesome weather. Also, they were all willing to work all day and really give it for the glory of God. I’m thankful the God chose to use me in the youth ministry.

  12. APX says:

    I just ate up 15 Mass intentions for two priests: an actual novena for my regular confessor (I’m ineffably joyous that I could get this done) who is leaving us to the other end of the earth with a new appointment as regional superior, and another 6 Masses for a priest whom needs much prayer to conversion.

  13. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    Just got the Best news all year. Our daughter, whose dorm is maybe 4 blocks from the school’s Newman center, told my wife last night that she’s able to go to daily Mass 3 or 4 times a week. Plus she’s been to confession several times (moved up there in August). Confession makes her feel so good, she said, that she’s going to do her best to go at least once a week. Thank you St Cecilia, patroness of musicians.

  14. Matt R says:

    Got a scholarship to Steubenville! Had an excellent visit to C-dom!
    And I agree, the AWC is awesome!

  15. JacobWall says:

    Our parish shares a priest with a nearby parish, in another village. Up until now, we’ve only had Sunday morning masses; the church is closed and locked for the rest of the week (including Feast Days.) The new priest has recently announced that he is going to start offering more masses at our parish on Feast Days; the first one was All Souls Day last Friday. Due to a relatively good turnout, he said he would continue the effort. I hope and pray that good things happen.

  16. Sissy says:

    Congratulations, MattR! Well done!

  17. demigh says:

    I just learned an hour ago that my son has gotten a much-needed new job which he begins tomorrow. This is the answer to our prayers, and I give all thanks and praise to God the Father, who always provides.

  18. ilovewool says:

    There’s Extraordinary Form Mass offered every Sunday in Steubenville at St. Peter’s at noon!

  19. Matt R says:

    Thanks Sissy! I can’t wait to visit Steubenville. I think then I will have a clearer picture of God’s will for me over the next four years will be. (C-dom was fantastic… Also just think of the view that the Rome semester kids from C-dom have, if Fr’s view from the library for a few hours is that cool.)

  20. Sissy says:

    MattR, I think you’ll find that Steubenville will offer more choices of study. But it’s hard to beat Christendom’s setting and locale (granted, as a Virginian born and bred, I’m a bit prejudiced!). I’m sure you’ll be a big success at either school. You can’t make a mistake.

  21. eiggam says:

    I enjoyed participating in a seminar on The Idea of a University here in Kalamazoo over the weekend. Many good insights from speakers coming from all walks of life, not all professional scholars.

    Also found out that my brother is OK. We hadn’t heard from him since the Superstorm Sandy hit. He was in Paris on vacation and is now with friends until power comes on in his corner of NJ.

    And, I have had full time work for 6 weeks now after a summer of unemployment.

  22. AnnAsher says:

    @My Kidz Mom, may your father rest in peace.
    Grace – my son finding some direction and recognizing God guiding him.
    Elbow Grease – a new chore schedule which seems to be working.
    Good Fortune – a job interview that went well. Awaiting a phone calm tomorrow – Gods will be done.

  23. Jane says:

    Tomorrow I pick up copies of my book on answers to prayer from the printer. Can’t wait. The cover has a beautiful picture of St. Rita, (the saint of the impossible on it).

  24. q7swallows says:

    Our family just arrived back from Los Angeles where our boys helped to serve a second EF in the East LA area for the priest who taught them how to serve. My girls and I sing the Ordinary parts of the Mass a cappella (we haven’t braved the Propers yet) and sing a Latin hymn at the beginning and end. About 50 people in attendance at the little chapel — an adjunct nearby Father’s big parish church.

    (Father has started out slowly: one EF every 1st Sunday of the month and plans to give his parish informational workshops.) For us, it is a 3.5-hour journey (152 miles/244 km one-way). The warm welcome we have received from the primarily Hispanic community has been unparalleled and so touching for us. Not only do they thank us profusely and ask us to keep coming back but they cooked us a great hot lunch each time so that we can make the journey home again without too much expense. And we visited together with great cheer. It has been the most fantastic high for us to do this as an investment in our former pastor’s new parish. God bless Bishop Gomez for welcoming this Mass. And Deo gratias for the good priest who braves a lot to do it.

    I was stunned and inspired to see that one young mother of 3 (age 35?) began her welcome of this Mass last month by arriving with a big basket of beautiful — quality — handmade veils she had made and asked Father to bless them so they could be given out for the Mass. (!)

    On my walk this morning, I was so overcome by the thought of the blessings and the beauty of Sunday and the people that I had to sit down near a tree and cry.

  25. UncleBlobb says:

    Thanks in part to prayers received here earlier, my brother has been completely freed from his legal problems!

  26. AnnAsher says:

    I just learned I got the job I interviewed for! Thanks for prayers and I offer this days prayers and fasting for all of you here at Fr Z and the Z man himself !

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