Where is Sr. Joan?

Tahrir Square Triumph

The Triumph of Tahir

Sr. Joan Chittister must be conflicted.

On the one hand she is a Dorothy Day Wannabe.  She’s a global community organizer!  She’s a defender of the oppressed!  On the other hand, Dorothy Day was dead set against the ordination of women.

What to do?

Sr. Joan should re-trace her steps and head back to Egypt.

Remember how, a while ago, Sr. Joan went to Egypt?  YES!  She triumphed in Tahir Square.

She honed her talents in Egypt.  She sharpened her skills in New York with the Occupiers. Who can forget the photos of her helping to organize the “Organizing Committee of the Council of Elders“? Sister must now head back to Egypt to help the protests against the budding Islamist dictator and inevitable oppressor of women Mohammed Morsi.  You can bet that HE would be against the ordination of women!

Did you know that in Egypt 7 Christians were sentenced to death for an anti-Islam film?  I don’t think that’s fair at all.  She is all for the born, after all.  Remember her distinctions about being pro-birth or pro-life?

Who better than Sr. Joan, who knows the terrain there now, to intervene?


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  1. Finarfin says:

    I wish she was a Dorothy Day wannabe. Then she would be a distributist instead of a socialist. But you’re right, Father: her “justice for the oppressed” mentality could be used in a proper manner over in Egypt.

  2. anilwang says:

    “Remember her distinctions about being pro-birth or pro-life?”[link omitted]

    Wow. Sr. Joan in a habit…. The only thing stranger would be seeing Hans Kung as a regular attendant at an SSPX parish.

  3. TMKent says:

    When I was 10 and my mother was 50, The Benedictines of Erie were my teachers. My mother called Sr. Joan a Witch.
    Now I’m 50 and all I can say is my mother was right.

  4. Chairman says:

    Speaking of Sister Joan in a habit, I love that photo from Tahir Square! Even in an Islamic country she cannot be bothered to cover her head!

  5. joeclark77 says:

    So she protested in Tahrir square FOR the Islamist takeover, and now she’s going to protest AGAINST it in the same place. You can’t parody this stuff.

  6. frahobbit says:

    I contrast the beautiful bell-like words of the article with the looney I saw jumping and whistling in a downpour, holding a OWS sign. I guess he really did not know what he was doing…

  7. Son of Trypho says:

    I’m curious to see what the Coptic Patriarch suggests about her views esp. women’s ordination.

  8. anna 6 says:

    Where IS Sr. Joan?!
    About a year ago I came across a youtube video of two despondent woman in St. Peter’s Square as the Habemus Papem/Benedetto XVI was announced. One of the women literally said “Oh S**T!” I could swear it was Sr. Joan. Has anyone else seen this…is it her? I can’t seem to find it now.

  9. stefangillies says:

    A piece of history we must all remember concerning Dorothy Day…
    On January 13, 1949, the Union established a sixteen-man picket line at the major entrance to the 400-acre Calvary Cemetery.As a result of the walkout, the cemetery could not proceed with the thirty-five burials scheduled that day.Coffins were placed in temporary graves under tarpaulins, awaiting permanent burial upon the conclusion of the strike…
    Predictably, Dorothy Day, along with Catholic Worker and ACTU, closely monitored and supported the strike. Because of Day’s insistence that the strike was justified, members of Catholic Worker even joined the picket lines at the cemetery.On March 4,1949, Dorothy Day wrote a very eloquent letter to Cardinal Spellman:
    “I am deeply grieved to see the reports .. .of your leading Dunwoodie seminarians into Calvary Cemetery, past picket lines, to “break the strike”…, of course you know that a group of our associates at The Catholic Worker office in New York have been helping the strikers, both in providing food for their families, and in picketing”


  10. Sr. Joan from Erie! Poor Erie!

  11. Cathy says:

    Sr. Joan’s sweeping analysis of the pro-life commitment to the right to life is about the most prejudicial, rash judgement I have ever heard.

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