Secret Shadow Government Latin Space War Patch!

I don’t get to write titles like that very often.

From a reader:

I don’t know that the story about the Secret Shadow Government and the Secret Space War (with ETs) has any logical home on WDTPRS (although I did recently see a late-night show titled something like “Secrets Revealed” that spent 30 minutes exposing the “truth” that the Vatican has been in communication with ETs for at least 500 years, if not a millennium — what a hoot!), but I figured you’d especially appreciate the patch with Latin motto:


Okay… there are better ways to get that idea across in Latin.  For one thing, I think that similis needs a genitive or a dative, here probably dative.  Aside from the need to attach an adjective to pullus, which is pretty generic, thus pullus gallinaceus, I would make that a plural and rearrange it a little.  Perhaps GUSTATUS PULLIS SIMILIS.  Variations abound.   What we are trying to say doesn’t go directly from English: “Tastes like chicken” into Latin words.  We are saying “The taste/flavor of this flesh reminds me of the taste of the flesh of a chicken”, or even “Their taste/flavor is like to that of chickens” or, briefly, “The taste is chicken-y”

I think we might be able to get away with the simple GUSTATUS GALLINACEUS.


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  1. An American Mother says:

    Please . . . . think of the chickens!
    Especially our own Masked Chicken!

  2. Phil_NL says:

    There’s more to it.

    I thought I’d recognized a B2 bomber on that badge, and indeed, the 509th Operations Group is the one flying all 20 B2 spirit stealth bombers. And this patch is apparently an unoffical emblem.


  3. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Tastes like chicken”

    No one ever say, “Tastes like aardvark.” I don’t know whether to feel proud or insulted.

    For those non-geeks in the crowd, the reference is from a short story by Damon Knight (1950) that was made into an infamous Twilight Zone episode:

    The (dare I say it) Tasty Chicken

  4. ghp95134 says:

    For those not in “the know” …
    The Kanamit visitor is Richard “Jaws” Kiel.

  5. The Masked Chicken says:

    Apparently, the Latin in the inscription is, “Dog Latin.”

    Ha, no Chicken Latin!

    The Chicken

  6. ghp95134 says:

    Ahhh …. “Chickennnnn Maaaaan” (he’s everywhere! he’s everywhere!)

    He beat me to the punch!

  7. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Quare non dicatur facilius, ‘Gallinam sapit’ ?

  8. Docte supra suasit Gregorius. Etiam liceat SAPOR EIUS GALLINACEUS.

  9. Scott W. says:

    Well my favorite game is an alien fighter X-COM. The motto is “Vigilo Confido” :

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  11. lucy says:

    The other day a friend and I were discussing what all those weird concentration camps places seem to be for. This person told me that she heard the Pope was in on the concentration camps and it was his idea to have them. I had a good laugh over that.

  12. James Joseph says:

    Bok Buck.

    Is this why they changed the name of Gaul to France? So that nobody might make the connection that the French lately have been very gallic, surrendering to anybody and everybody?

  13. James Joseph says:

    No… that would make them rooster like. And, prone to fighting in South East Asia. There! I nailed it. They are gallic.

  14. Bea says:

    Since we don’t serve man in our home, but we do eat a lot of chicken, I have no idea if we taste like chicken.

    Homo Frigo? anyone?

  15. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Fr. Z.,

    Was this selection a deliberate though unexpressed preparation for St. Nicholas? The thought only struck me today as I was reading about the history of the 12th-c. Blois plays about him – in one of which he begins to solve the murder, and prepare for the restoration to life, of the three ‘clerici’ by disguising himself as a beggar and asking the murderous innkeeper if he has any fresh meat!

    The Vatican being long in contact with ETs is a lovely thought in many ways! It reminds me of St. Augustine’s attention in The City of God XVI.8 as to who among curious reported beings (if they exist) might be human – “homo, id est animal rationale mortale”.

  16. Supertradmum says:

    Venerator Sti Lot, I grew up on Six O’Clock Saints and More SOS and the horrible story and miracle of The Three Pickled Boys is in the first. My son had the book as well and read it at four. Kids love St. Nicholas and he is their special patron. Benjamin Britten also re-casts this miracle of St. Nicholas in his Cantata St. Nicolas. Here is a taste, no pun intended, of the music:

  17. Supertradmum says:

    The Pickled Boys part is on youtube…B. Britten: Saint Nicolas Cantata, Mvt. VII: Nicolas and the Pickled Boys

  18. Supertradmum says:

    Venerator Sti Lot, pour vous, some nice old artwork of the Church on same subject……..

  19. chris1 says:

    Quick, somebody call Art Bell out of retirement again.

  20. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    Belated thanks for the enrichments!

    I ran into this striking one in travelling back and forth between different language Wikipedia articles about St. Nicholas:

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