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Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession

Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession o{]:¬) We should… 1) …examine our consciences regularly and thoroughly; 2) …wait our turn in line patiently; 3) …come at the time confessions are scheduled, not a few minutes before they … Read More

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The Holy Father’s message after the Connecticut murders

From News.va: The following Telegram was sent to the Diocese of Bridgeport on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI when he was informed of the horrific shooting attack in Connecticut in which a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children. “The … Read More

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An interesting claim about the followers of @pontifex

From Vatican Insider comes this …. color me skeptical. Benedict XVI has almost 2 million followers on Twitter. “The Pope has grasped the full potential of this social network. Facebook’s too personal” VATICAN INSIDER STAFF ROME “Someone had to show … Read More

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Fr. Z asks a favor. It’ll take 3 seconds to help with a single click. (shhhhh…. it’s about “deaconesses”…)

Will you do me a favor? There is a book which I think should be on Kindle and isn’t. Please click this link HERE to send a message to Ignatius Press that we want this book on Kindle. Flood them … Read More

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Congregation for Saints issued decree on the “heroic virtues” of Pope Paul VI

Apparently on 10 Dec, last, the Congregation for Saints issued the decree concerning the heroic virtues of Servant of God Pope Paul VI. The decree must be promulgated by His Holiness of Our Lord, Pope Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning, … Read More

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Some recent posts, since they scroll along quickly. First… YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS And… I am making 5 minute podcasts everyday during Advent.  HERE. Now… Benedictine nuns’ Advent music CD: the back story REVIEW: St. Thomas Aquinas – Commentaries on … Read More

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Benedictine nuns’ Advent music CD: the back story

The new album for Advent by the Benedictine Nuns in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, is at the top of the charts. I have mentioned them before HERE.  I did a review of their Christmas … Read More

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REVIEW: St. Thomas Aquinas – Commentaries on St. Paul in Latin and English (not to mention the Summa Theologiae)

The 1983 Code of Canon Law doesn’t mention many saints apart from their feast days.  As you can imagine, the greats such as the Mary the Mother of God, Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Joseph, come up.  Apart from them, … Read More

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Protecting The Unborn: A ‘Pro-Life Position?

I checked the NCR this morning to see which of their writers would be the first out of the gate to instrumentalize the heinous killing of children in Connecticut to argue for tougher gun control laws. Would it be Michael … Read More

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