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Merenda Time

It’s mid-afternoon coffee time. How is your supply? You know what to do.  

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A suggested Twitter project for @Pontifex

Now that the initial furor around the Holy Father’s Twitter account has died down a little, I want to pass along a suggestion made by a reader who left me a constructive voicemail. We could designate a day to post … Read More

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New CatholicsComeHome.org commercial

A few weeks ago I attended a talk given by Tom Peterson who created VirtueMedia.org and CatholicsComeHome.org Perhaps you have seen some of his commercials. Here is the latest, with Coach Lou Holtz. [wp_youtube]xcMGJmB5D84[/wp_youtube] Here, in case you haven’t seen … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Friday penance in the Octave of Christmas revisited

Yesterday I facetiously posted about Friday penance during the Octave of Christmas. Days (other than Sunday) within the Octave of Christmas are not “heavy enough” (as a “solemnity” would be) to “outweigh” the Friday obligation to do some sort of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Recorded music during Mass

From a reader: Father, is it possible to play recorded mp3s of Gregorian chants during Mass? This scenario is based on the following assumptions: there is no choir available, the existing choir was newly formed and had little time to … Read More

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