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About that survey by The Tablet… does anything strike you as a little queer?

I wrote HERE about The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill aka RU-486 ) and their abortive attempts to get a survey right concerning acceptance of the new, corrected ICEL translation. It has been a tough few days for RU-486, I’m afraid.  They … Read More

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St. Jerome did not like St. Ambrose

In Book II of his Apology, Rufinus points out how Jerome had attacked Ambrose. He mentions Ambrose’ work De Spiritu Sancto. Thus, Rufinus about Jerome’s view of Ambrose. Rufinus relates more of Jerome’s disdain for his “rival” in Milan (Apology 2,23-25) as he digs into accusations … Read More

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Alfred Hitchcock – Catholic

Who can fathom the graces God offers as death draws near to us? Some people are given the great gift of courage not to wait too long to become a Catholic, sometimes after a long time thinking about it. John … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Museum Song Bird Edition

Here is an Allegory of Music by Laurent de la Hyre (+1656). The figure is playing a theorbo, or chitarrone, probably a symbol of musica “artificiale“. They had drone strings and produced a rather symphonic effect. On the other hand, … Read More

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Promoter of women “deacons” can’t speak in Archdiocese of Philadelphia

NB: The Deacon in question posted a comment, below.  Be sure to check it out. The Fishwrap is having a little nutty these days about the ordination of women. First, there is an editorial openly declaring that women should be … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT – The Tablet about the new tranzleshun

UPDATE 7 Dec: The Tablistas finally found the correct texts for their poll about the new translation. Go back and give it another try! NB: As a sweetener, there is a question about preference for the Ordinary or Extraordinary Forms. … Read More

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Earth at Night

At Astronomy Pic of the Day there is a great image of your planet at night. Explanation: This remarkably complete view of Earth at night is a composite of cloud-free, nighttime images. The images were collected during April and October … Read More

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NYC 7 December: 1st Friday @ Holy Innocents – all night vigil with Masses and devotions

Anyone in the New York City area should want to know that at the Church of the Holy Innocents an all night vigil is held on 1st Fridays. Holy Innocents is 128 West 37th Street (between Broadway and 7th).  It … Read More

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