A note about registering to comment here

First, let me post a smile with my signature icon, so that you know that, even as I mean business, I am in a pleasant mood.


Once again, I am getting lots of registrations from spammers.  I eliminated dozens of the damn thing today.  Wicked fiends!

In the process of cleaning up the sewage these vile dogs leave, I may have I deleted legitimate and well-meaning registrations.

You may have to register again if you registered recently and nothing happened.

Take seriously that field where I ask for something about yourself.  No. Really.  Something generic like “I am a retired accountant”… no… just no.  I WILL NOT approve a registration like that.  You do NOT need to give me your life’s story, but give me something that will show me you are not an vile spammer.

Elements such as usernames you choose and that ABOUT field are really important.  I don’t have a lot of time to spend on registration thing, so if I see something I am even a little suspicious about, I may just delete the registration.  I hope you understand.


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