FOLLOW UP -March for Life: Where was NCR? LCWR? Nuns on Bus? CHA?

I am looking for March for Life photos of the banners and contingents from the Fishwrap (National catholic Reporter), the Catholic Health Association, the Nuns on the Bus, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Anyone? Photos?

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  1. persyn says:

    With the Local Ordinary re-emphasizing that the Fishwrap is NOT Catholic, and reminding them that they were long ago ordered by his predecessor to cease using the word “Catholic”, which they have refused to do, I would think that a grassroots campaign to shame them into changing their name is in order. Certainly, any time anyone quotes that rag to me, I’m going to reply by saying they’ve been canonically ordered to quit using the word “Catholic” in their name.

    [But where were they in the March for Life? Were they there?]

  2. mike cliffson says:

    Others can do this more perceptively,but Ive been doing google news searches on the march for life for the last three days , and from the enemedia , you would hardly know anyone was there or that it took place at all, let alone public backsliders, soupers, the busborne, and their ilk. Bit of snide sniping in Huffpo, Britain’s Guardian comment mach frei section….You can fill Madrid with hundreds of thousands every holy family weekend, it doesn’t happen, 800 thousand in three streams flooded Paris in favour of Trad marriage, a few days ago, that didn’t happen.Nothing is happening in NorthAfrica, turkey, etc either.
    Anything for a quiet life, evidently. 1939?

  3. Maynardus says:

    Oh Father, don’t be so hard on those poor old folks… they’re probably still nursing their hangovers from the immmaculation – er, I mean inauguration – festivities! Betcha they’ll be recovered in time for the next peace and justice rally…

  4. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Did you contact the local democratic party, Father?

    Just askin’. I’m sure they’ll know.


  5. Supertradmum says:

    They were all hiding from the Four Men in Black-Fr.Z., Fr.Pavone, Fr. Nicholson and Mr. Voris.

  6. TomG says:

    Mike cliffs0n: said well; succinctly. Macht frei, indeed.

  7. poohbear says:

    CHA was too busy trying to come up with a new name for abortion so they could (they think) fool the Bishops into not knowing what they are doing.

  8. JonPatrick says:

    mike cliffson, I checked the WaPo online edition and they seem to have a front page picture plus an article that wasn’t too slanted by MSM standards. Pretty hard to ignore an event of this size in your home city though.

    I checked Screwtape’s Bible (Boston Globe) [Good one.] and I did finally find a story under national news / Washington, buried along with limits on pain killers and aid to Syria. Not surprising.

  9. mammamia says:

    500+ awesome Notre Dame, St. Mary’s & Holy Cross students there (plus fac n staff). Just watched the local news and they showed as much of the “opposition” yelling “abortion doesn’t kill” as the 1/2 million people that were there. Then there’s this article in the local news (let that last paragraph really sink in–you’ll see where this whole mandate thing is going, this is among their talking points that they are subtly having the media insert so it infects the common psyche), “”I think what is really disturbing is to see how much politicians are using women and women’s healthcare as a political football,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. “We’ve seen a record number of restrictions put on women, really eliminating women’s ability to make their own personal medical decisions.” [See? This is what I have been talking about. They have successfully divorced abortion/right-to-be-born from human rights and made it a women’s rights issue. We have to reconnect the abortion issue to civil rights, social justice at it’s most basic level, human rights. Don’t let them define where the issues liel]–188427531.html:
    “…More than 600 students, faculty and staff from the university attended.

    Many others making the trip from all over the county. Politicians taking to the podium to share their own pro-life stances.

    “We feel it is important to both come to the march and stand up for the rights of the unborn on a human dignity standpoint,” Wandor said.

    But, there were also pro-choice voices in the crowd saying that government leaders shouldn’t politicize this personal issue.

    “I think what is really disturbing is to see how much politicians are using women and women’s healthcare as a political football,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. “We’ve seen a record number of restrictions put on women, really eliminating women’s ability to make their own personal medical decisions.” end of article.

    What disturbs me the most is that even from a secular view, women are being used and lied to. Abortion does kill- too often both the mother and the baby. Stats are being manipulated to deceive women on the link between abortion and breast cancer and other long-term side effects. It is just degrading that they treat women as not smart enough to make an informed “choice” based on the truth. Why? The only answer I can come up with is that they really still have ethnic cleansing and population control as their goal. They mock the people there, whom included groups from Gay & Pro Life (see, great site!) & “Atheist & Pro Life” among others, and if you peruse the comments on the NPR webpage, many are calling the marchers skinheads, racist etc., — really? What, were all those kids out there marching saying “eliminate black babies” or were they saying please don’t? The kids there know that the largest % of aborted children are black-they are advocating that the dignity and life of the mom and baby matter, and yet they are called racist.
    So confusing.

  10. yatzer says:

    I searched around and found a few pics on Yahoo, which I think gets its news from AP. There was also a video. Of course they were “balanced”, which seems to mean giving no sense of the vast numbers in the March, and giving sound time to the “pro choice” crowd but not to the actual marchers. No surprise there. I should think they would be embarrassed by the unprofessional non-news reporting.

  11. Denise says:

    While the Catholic Health Association did not show up, the Catholic Medical Association did. We need to promote those who faithfully proclaim their Catholic principles as well as call out those who betray their use of the name “Catholic”.

  12. I want photos! Give me photos!

    Where was NCR? LCWR? CHA? Nuns on Buses?

  13. mammamia says:

    Denise, thank for at the link re CMA. Great article, especially this, which is too-oft lost in the messaging: “Yes we were marching for the unborn. But we were also marching for the elderly, the disabled, and the infirmed. We were marching for everyone that our culture deems is disposable.”

  14. Dr. K says:

    The extent of NcR’s coverage:

    “Yet Roe’s reversal would hardly represent a decisive victory for the pro-life movement. In fact, it would almost certainly revitalize a genuine movement for abortion rights. Pro-lifers need not make peace with Roe to recognize it has brought certain benefits.”

  15. mike cliffson says:

    You want photos at March for life 25th Jan 2013, Washington, DC of NCR? LCWR? Nuns on Bus? CHA? You insist , you reiterate.
    Given the the proven record of ingenuity and energy of your commentators to come up with anything comuppable-with , I ‘d assume the default position:
    nobody got no photos of these good folk following no banners
    ‘coz they weren’t there

  16. Jackie L says:

    I doubt they were there, and since they are not interested in the pro-life movement I’m glad they weren’t there, the only reason they would attend is to attempt to divide and hijack.

  17. Laura98 says:

    But Father! they’ve moved beyond Jesus… they don’t need to worry about minor issues like abortion (or other sins for that matter). I would hazard to guess they were off on some retreat communing with their belly buttons or finding their inner guru’s.

    Seriously, I would put good money on not finding one of them at the March for Life. The MSM coverage of the whole event was atrocious (similar to the recent march in France against homosexual “rights.”). I looked through the CNN website, couldn’t find a thing. However, on the main page (and again front and center on the US page) is the story about the “catholic” hospital and the wrongful death lawsuit where it claims a fetus is not human (a baby). Shameful.

  18. Montenegro says:

    Fr. Z and all – re. The other side turning this into a “womens issue.”. I am on the board of Feminists for Life. FFL has taken a women-centric approach to this since our inception. We have focused on how abortion hurts women, and how to provide practical support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. FFL has anticipated this turn by the pro-choice side, so our messages truly resonate and anticipate this turn in tactics. Please go to to learn more or find us on Facebook. God bless.

    [We have to reconnect this issue to fundamental human rights.]

  19. dwfinke says:

    Father Z,
    I was there. I listened to the speeches during the pre-march rally. I was delighted to see the video from long time pro-life democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski from my home state of Illinois. His point was clear: this should not be a partisan issue.
    I didn’t see any banners from the LCWR, nuns on the bus, or the fishwrap. But I did see our future. The current nuns on the bus will eventually retire and be replaced with those awesome young women from the march. When they drive the bus, they will bring sinners into communion with Jesus Christ. The NCR will retire one day and their replacements will admonish liturgical abuse and praise good works. I saw the pro-life “signs” of the future. We are winning the war.

  20. Gaetano says:

    I wasn’t able to attend the march this year, but last year there were a number of Jesuit scholastics present with a “Jesuits for Life” banner. Bravo, men!

  21. Montenegro says:

    Fr Z – perhaps. however the pro-aborts will claim / do claim abortion as a fundamental human right. Pro-lifers will/do claim rights for the innocent unborn as a fundamental human right. it becomes a stalemate. the tactic to help women understand how abortion _hurts them_ is a path that is relatively uncharted and has converted many a hardened pr0-abort. it works. Even ask Fr. Pavone, who started to include “abortion hurts women” tones to the PfL messaging several years ago.

    here is an op-ed by FFL president in the Washington Examiner talking about how the Roe attorney argued for relief from pregnancy, not relief from the injustices associated with pregnancy.

    God bless

  22. JKnott says:

    Where was NCR? LCWR? CHA? Nuns on Buses?

    Well, they could have been dancing at an invalid Mass, non-celebrated by a fake female priest, draped in the colors of the rainbow, worshiping themselves and a piece of bread, in honor of the utterly non-human rights issue of celebrating militant homosexual lifestyle and it’s demands for fake marriages, followed by coffee and reiki at the local Occupy headquarters.

    @dwfinke: Inspiring comment.

  23. Teresamerica says:

    Where was NCR? LCWR? CHA? Nuns on Bus?

    They were probably out calling for equality, fair taxation, and social justice but forgot to include the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn. The unborn are low on their totem pole. They probably went to the progressive conference instead. Poor priorities….

  24. Vox Laudis says:

    They were not there because they got confused about which cathedral, and when they arrived they espied a familiar route, so they ‘marched for life’ in the sheltering environment of the wrong cathedral:

    The route is too narrow for the banners. Oh! They thought they were entering by the narrow gate so the banners were unnecessary:

    Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat.

    Have to pray a Rosary for the midguided ones.

  25. Tantum Ergo says:

    The Nuns on the Bus never got there because had a problem with the vehicle. Their left turn signal got stuck, and they kept going around the block.

  26. majuscule says:

    I hope those nuns weren’t the people (here out West in San Francisco) at the Walk for Life. That may be why they weren’t in D. C. These gals were holding signs that read “Abortion on demand without apology”and shrilling “catholics for choice”.

    Since they weren’t dressed as nuns I have no way of knowing that they were NOT of nuns on a bus ilk, except for the few that were males. But maybe since the nuns are demanding ordination of women they are also allowing men to take vows and become “brides of…” oh I can’t type it.

    Walk for Life in SF was a resounding peaceful, well organized success, with lots of young people in attendance. Also real nuns and priests. My only available mainstream media is the radio, and their coverage seems to be of some anti gun thing in Washington D.C. not the March or the Walk for Life.

  27. j says:

    They issued a statement decrying the March, and declaring that without gun control, the abortion issue is moot.

  28. lydia says:

    J, I think the support of the Holy Father for the March for Life is more significant than a statement issued by the looney left .

  29. fvhale says:

    J, thanks for the link to the statement.
    The list of signatories was most fascinating, a veritable Rogues Gallery.
    I was fascinated at the way they structured their argument.

    They begin, “All Americans share responsibility for public safety. ” Well, there is a thesis for discussion of abortion if I ever saw one.

    It is all about gun control, because “Our faith and our Church call us to remember, as we reflect on our most recent massacres, that the defense of human dignity extends beyond protecting life in the womb. Gun violence demeans human life and tears communities apart.”
    Abortion, on the other hand, demeans communities and tears human beings apart.

    And then comes the national crime statistic: “More than 900 people have been killed with guns since the Newtown tragedy.” That is about 22 people a day killed with guns. (900 victims over 40 days.)
    That is tragic, and I even know family and friends of two recent victims of gun violence in my area, 2 of those 900.

    But what about abortion? There have been about 55,000,000 abortions in the US in the last 40 years. Doing the math yields….over 3,700 people killed with abortion each day, on the average, or about 150,000 “since the Newtown tragedy.”

    These “Catholic theologians, priests, sisters and social justice advocates” are worried about the 900 who died in gun violence in the last 40 days, many clearly killed in criminal actions which will produce arrests, prosecutions and/or plea deals, and prison to follow.

    But they are not so concerned about the the 150,000 in the same period who died in perfectly legal, partially government-funded killing of people through abortion. No crime. No prosecution.

    Were any of these signatories at the March?

    I also wanted to mention the current Zagano column at Fishwrap. She actually wrote against abortion and the UN pushing RU-486 on women of the world, and this is well funded by the US Government.
    Her column only got 12 comments in 10 days (really a low number of comments for her), and many were hostile toward her perspective.

  30. cyejbv says:

    No pictures, anywhere, that I can find. And I looked. And looked, and asked some of my social media pals who were there if they took any pics showing the presence of the Death Culture. No one saw them. Importantly, it’s worth reiterating this comment from you Father. I hope people will internalize this b/c it is exactly, completely and totally RIGHT. PP tries to redefine what’s at stake:

    […This is what I have been talking about. They have successfully divorced abortion/right-to-be-born from human rights and made it a women’s rights issue. We have to reconnect the abortion issue to civil rights, social justice at it’s most basic level, human rights. Don’t let them define where the issues lie] !!!!!!!!!! Exclamation points mine.
    This is important.

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