Plus ça change…

From the Martyrologium Romanum for today, 10 January, for the predecessor of Pope Sylvester:

1. Romae in coemeterio Callisti via Appia, santi Miltiadis, papae, qui, ex Africa oriundus, pacem Ecclesiae a Constantino imperatore redditam expertus est, sed a sectatoribus Donati acriter vexatus ad comparandam concordiam prudenter incubuit.

He died in 314.

How ’bout you giving us your perfect, yet smooth, renderings?


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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    It already reads beautifully. Let us leave it in peace. And you’re right: it’s exactly what vexes so today.

  2. asperges says:

    “At Rome in the Catacombs of Callixtus on the Appian Way, Pope Saint Miltiades from Africa. He enjoyed the peace brought to the Church by the emperor Constantine, but was sorely troubled by the Donatist faction to forge an agreement which he achieved most prudently.”

  3. kyle says:

    What’s the best place to get a copy of the Martyrologium Romanum?

  4. kyle: The best place? I think the best place to get it would be at a table on the edge of a nice piazza in a town like Todi or Orvieto in the 3rd week of May.

    Other than that, try the Vatican Bookstore. Paxbooks might have it. But then you wouldn’t be buying it through one of my links! Darn.

  5. acardnal says:

    Angelus Press sells them. [No. They don’t.]

  6. acardnal says:

    And so does the FSSP:

    [No. They don’t sell the 2005.]

  7. fvhale says:

    For Kyle: I ordered copies of Martyrologium Romanum from, “the exclusive and authorized Internet distributor for publications of the Vatican Publishing House and many other Catholic institutes.” Both the current Editio Altera MMIV, and the Editio Princeps MDLXXXIIII.

    Actually, I have probably ordered several thousands of US dollars of books from paxbooks over the past twelve years, including gifts for others. Out of many orders, only one got lost by UPS (within the US, after clearing customs). As a mere “recipient” of an international shipment I was out of luck as far as having any way to encourage them to try to find the lost package. But other than that one box of books, everything went very smoothly over the years. I am a very happy customer, even if just a little disappointed with UPS.

    But Fr. Z is right. The better alternative is to go to Rome and the Vatican, enjoy several great meals, take in some sights, and go to one of the wonderful bookstores (e.g. Vatican Bookstore on Piazza San Pietro; Pauline Bookstore near Vatican, etc.) I love the bookstores in Italy because (1) they carry many books hard to find in the US, (2) they carry books in many languages, and (3) I do not have to pay state sales tax on any books I carry back from Italy myself for personal use. I generally donate all my clothes to the poor and fill my suitcase with books for the return trip.

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