@Pontifex Tuesday Project: Week 1

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I suggested a project using Twitter HERE.  Let’s create a “stack” of tweets during the day.  Concentrate your effort on a day and single theme instead of various scatterings over days when they might not be noticed.

Here is the first collective tweet for TUESDAY, 1 January 2013.  Copy. Paste. Tweet after 00:00 GMT.  Repost. Retweet.

@Pontifex Holy Father, I prayed for you today. Happy New Year of the Lord 2013!

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  1. benedetta says:

    Happy to be a part of this effort and especially on Tuesday, an important solemnity.

  2. Jenelle says:

    I am so excited to do this – thank you Father!

  3. everett says:

    Sent, and I see numerous others have as well. Wonderful project, Father.

  4. Jeannie_C says:

    Done, and Done Well Indeed!
    Thanks Fr.Z, for getting this rolling!

  5. Petros 92 says:

    Great idea, Father!

  6. dawneden says:

    Likewise, done and done! Thank you indeed for getting the ball rolling, Father, and happy New Year. I prayed for YOU today too! Please pray for me!

  7. benedetta says:

    I think this is a worthwhile endeavor, but looking over the other sorts of tweets it is depressing how much invective people are willing to invest on the person of the Pope (or on any one person no matter who he may be) in our technologically sophisticated world. Praying for the twitter-universe.

  8. majuscule says:

    I believe I did it.

    I am a twitter dummy (and that may not be a Bad Thing).

    I am (probably fortunate in that I am) not able to find anyone else’s tweets.

    Remember, I said I’m a twitter dummy!

  9. Margaret says:

    Done! Thanks, Fr. Z!

  10. Maria says:

    Just did … In the grace of our Blessed Lord, a joyful, peaceful, properous new year to everyone!!! May His abundant love fills you with joy! … thanks, Fr Z.

  11. anthtan says:

    Perhaps to facilitate searching for these similar tweets, we could add a hashtag at the end of the tweets. For example, #WeLoveBXVI or #HappyNewYearPope

  12. Lynne says:

    Done. Anthtan, great idea about the hashtag…

  13. pberginjr says:

    Done, but I forgot a hashtag. Thanks for this project Fr. Z! Yet another great idea.

  14. Bev says:

    What would be even cooler is if we can get a hashtag trending, maybe something like #Prayed4Benedict2Day!

  15. msproule says:

    I took care of it early this morning, Fr. Then I recruited others.

  16. Patti Day says:

    I sent mine. Couldn’t see anyone else’s. What is a hashtag for? Newbie

  17. joeclark77 says:

    I posted the tweet and I see several others have done so, too.

    For those who want to see what others have tweeted, type @pontifex into the search box at the top of the Twitter site. Then where it says “Tweets: Top / All / People You Know” click “All” (if you really, really want to see them).

    A hashtag is just another thing that people can search by, but unlike a twitter name, it doesn’t refer to a personal account. So if a bunch of people add #WeLoveBXVI to their comments, you can see all of their posts by searching for that hashtag, even if you don’t know the people or they don’t know one another. Nobody controls the hashtag.

  18. May I propose the hashtag #VivatPontifex ?

  19. benedetta says:

    RomeontheRange, I like that hashtag!

  20. Great project Fr.! I have also sent my tweet. Please say the decisive word re. the hashtag.

  21. KAS says:

    I tweeted right after I saw Fr. Z’s tweet! I used my own words somewhat, but it was pretty cool to join in! I’ve only been on twitter a couple of days, and joined just so I could encourage Pope Benedict XVI.

  22. Stu says:


    I would submit a consistent hashtag would be of benefit and help measure progress. There are some ideas here, but perhaps you could pick one just to have some consistency.

  23. Dennis says:

    It was my second tweet ever :-) Love the idea, and am praying for those poor souls who are spewing hate at our Holy Father.

  24. kelmom says:

    Great idea, Father Z! Done. :)

  25. Okay…. thanks for participating. That was a TUESDAY project. Now that this is Wednesday, we will gear up for next TUESDAY!

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