SOLAR FLARE ALERT! But don’t worry, because “Firedrake Keeps You Safe”! (Short Wave and Ham Radio Fun)

A convergence of events drives me yet again to post, on this bloggily-productive day.

First, a TEOTWAWKI Solar Flare, Coronal Mass Ejection and resulting grid killing EMP may be coming….

From SpaceWeather:

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: One of the biggest sunspots of the current solar cycle is now turning toward Earth. Named AR1654, the active region is crackling with medium-sized (M-class) flares and could be poised to break the recent spell of calm space weather around our planet.

I hope you are ready.

That said, and because I posted something earlier about Chinese literature….

A reader sent me a note about a recording of Chinese orchestral music which the Chinese government has used to jam foreign HF radio such as Voice Of America, BBC World Service, Radio France International, Radio Deutsche Welle, Radio Canada International, Radio Taiwan International, Radio Free Asia, etc.

I like it!

For your listening pleasure, here is “Firedrake Keeps You Safe”!

Get it? Firedrake?  Solar flares?  My resolution to get that Ham Radio license?  And some of you will know that I once played Chinese music over RADIO SABINA (now RADIO SPTDV).

The actual Firedrake jammer was/is exactly one hour long.

I think we need a Gregorian chant/Firedrake fusion.  And then can someone figure out how to use it to drown out liberal catholics?

For a YouTube video of Firedrake.


More about Firedrake…


There is no time to lose.   Right now… click this HERE

[CUE MUSIC… no… you are already listening to Firedrake…]

… and buy Mystic Monk Coffee!

When technology-killing EMPs kills the electrical grid, when the food and water run out and there are no more lights or heat or protection from looters by the police or military, all you’ll have left are the wonderful memories of this blog, your Rosary, your previously banned “assault weapon” and… yes… Mystic Monk Coffee.*

Mystic Monk Coffee (okay, and TEA) is more than just a great breakfast drink.  It is your best survival tool.

For example, by sending me a donation using the donation button on the side-bar I might eventually send you a 500 page book about how to create your own fortified bunker with water purification systems entirely from whole coffee beans from the Wyoming Carmelites!  You won’t even need glue!  Just string Mystic Monk Coffee beans on paracord (click HERE) and you too will be able to make escape vehicles, small generators, and even emergency surgical instruments!  The applications are nearly endless.

Can you really afford not to have several hundred 5 pound bags of Mystic Monk Coffee stashed away?  I didn’t think so.  You know and I know that you’ll need that Midnight Vigils Blend just to stay awake when you’re fighting off the raiders and North Korean troops under UN control.  And you’re going to need a hand mill to grind that coffee, too, wontcha?

Oooooo… dark days are coming, friends.  Dark dark days.

Thus, I recommend, right now, a couple pounds of EXTRA Dark Roast.

And when everyone is running out of their own coffee, you’ll be able to trade a few beans for antibiotics, winter boots, food for your children.

It’s all about the children, isn’t it?

Mystic Monk Coffee!

It’s survival!

*Unless you make it to where I’ll be hanging out.  Then you’ll have Mass, too.  But you might have to pack lightly, ’cause I suspect they’ll be hunting me down.

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  1. acardnal says:

    Father Z,
    I encourage you as a Ham operator myself, get your Technician Class license now while the material is still fresh in your memory. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Do not wait to take both the Technician and General Class simultaneously. You can get on-the-air now before TEOTWAWKI occurs if you pass that Tech exam.

    Regarding Mystic Monk coffee, I am waiting for them to refill their K-cups Mystic Monk and Breakfast Blend. Sold out now!

  2. Supertradmum says:

    How does MM Coffee taste made over a campfire?

  3. Better than any other coffee you will be able to have.

  4. Supertradmum says:

    Like ground up acorns, or beetles, or whatever is left after the solar flare? Fr. Z., I am sure you are correct…and maybe we can use MMC for “swopping”, as well.

  5. MichaelJ says:

    The picture of the suspot looks a lot like the eye of Sauron to me…

  6. HyacinthClare says:

    Almost wish I’d learned to like the taste of coffee… but it compares well with Jack Daniels, which is also plugged as a good “trade good” after THE COLLAPSE…
    Thanks for making me laugh. I love you all.

  7. EXCHIEF says:

    Get the ham license. Solar Flux is higher today than it has been in a L O N G time and radio conditions are excellent!

  8. Stumbler but trying says:

    I will get around to buying some coffee soon enough Fr. Z. Cafe con leche accompanied by Mexican sweet bread in the morning, are most welcomed indeed. Now, if I should survive the dark days that are coming, I very well may hitch a ride up north towards Wyoming and take refuge with the Carmelites or seek shelter nearby, in the mountains.
    May God help us all in those days yet to come…but hoping/praying He comes sooner. Amen

  9. NBW says:

    Would the Gregorian chant/ Firedrake fusion be enough to drown out the vuvuzelas?

  10. marajoy says:

    Fr. Z. –
    my husband wants me to tell you that you should hurry up and get your license so you can have a WDTPRS net!

  11. chonak says:

    Glad you liked the recording, Fr.! Incidentally, the “click this here” link just goes to a Mystic Monk logo instead of to Firedrake. Is that what you meant?

  12. Thanks. I fixed those links.

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