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Libs should be tied to chairs and forced, to their shame, to watch this film about migrant workers

Tonight I watched The Last Train Home. UK link HERE Long-time readers here know that I keep an eye on Chinese films.  This is a documentary about the 130+ million migrant workers in China who strive to return home for the … Read More

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SOLAR FLARE ALERT! But don’t worry, because “Firedrake Keeps You Safe”! (Short Wave and Ham Radio Fun)

A convergence of events drives me yet again to post, on this bloggily-productive day. First, a TEOTWAWKI Solar Flare, Coronal Mass Ejection and resulting grid killing EMP may be coming…. From SpaceWeather: ACTIVE SUNSPOT: One of the biggest sunspots of … Read More

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Mispeled Forchun Cooky Alert

On an overcast day, hot and sour soup can brighten things up. A good basic measure for a Chinese restaurant. If they can’t get this right then just fugetaboutit and never go back. And then… not only a platitude, but … Read More

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Whew! Pork dumplings in hot soup! That red is indeed suggestive of the flavors. The green is cilantro. Excellent. Whew! The Jasmine tea is very good. There is something in this soup I can’t put my finger on (lest it … Read More

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“Where willows harmonize the wind”

A biretta tip o{]:¬)   to the Laudator with my additions:  韋 應 物  Wei Ying-wu (c. 737–791), East of the Town (tr. Witter Bynner, ellipses in original): From office confinement all year long,I have come out of town to … Read More

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Vancouver – Chinese Food

The weather cleared today just enough so that I could see that there might be mountains around Vancouver.   I did have a chance to view the city from the heights. In the evening I had the pleasure of going out … Read More

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