March For Life VIDEO! Obama for the … Unborn?!?

Some people are getting it.  Liberals, even – to their eternal shame liberal catholics – are hijacking pro-life language as a way of promoting strict gun-control as if it were a pro-life issue.  What they are really trying to do is silence pro-lifers.  Liberals see those who defend the right to be born as the foundational pro-life issue  in the same way that they view those who uphold the 2nd Amendment: stupid, knuckle-dragging throwbacks who cling to their guns and religion.  Thus, their fusion of the gun-control debate with their hijacking of pro-life language is a tactic to silence those who believe that we have a right to be born in the first place.  Mark my words.  This is what they are doing.

See this:

What the National Catholic Reporter is really doing by calling for an “assault weapons” ban. (Hint: It ain’t about guns!)


NCR, hardly pro-life, hijacks pro-life language

I was very pleased to see this video, which turns the sock inside out on the hijackers.


REQUEST FROM FR. Z: I want everyone who participates in the March For Life to take photos of the pro-unborn banners carried by the contingents from the National Catholic Reporter… from the LCWR… from the Catholic Health Association… from the Nuns on the Bus….

Let me help them with their banner slogan, since they are not used to this concept:


  • Pro-Woman, Pro-Life
  • Abortion Hurts Women
  • Equal rights for unborn women
  • ?


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  1. rodin says:

    The video is very well done, indeed, and exposes the disordered thinking (if you can call it that) prevalent in this administration.

  2. Agellius says:

    A bumper sticker I saw on a big white van (you know, the kind that families with 13 kids buy):

    “Equal Rights for Unborn Liberals”

  3. majuscule says:

    The video was well done, showing the peaceful families and young people.

    However, having taken part in the West Coast Walk for Life and seen the lack of media coverage, I’d say the one thing missing in the video was the scale of the crowd of participants. I know that wasn’t the message of this video, but the world should be aware of the number of people participating.

    Otherwise, I applaud their use of those words to narrate, even if I hardly have good feelings about the person uttering them.

  4. EXCHIEF says:

    Father’s request to film the NCR et al pro life banners will require absolutely no expense for film

  5. Gail F says:

    It’s a very well-done and powerful film, but I don’t plan to watch it again or forward it. I find it distasteful to use the President’s speech about the dead children at Newtown for any other purpose. I know people will say, “THEY do it all the time! They are exploiting those poor dead children to get the gun ban they’ve wanted for decades! The speech is just propaganda!” True, true, and (IMHO) true. But “they do it” is not a good reason to do it too. They don’t respect the dead, I do. My 2 cents.

  6. benedetta says:

    Can’t wait to see the fish wrap/NCR, the nuns on the bus, the LCWR leadership, all coming out in support of ProLife! Maybe the NCR will lead the March this year! I’ll be looking for them!

  7. Ben Yanke says:

    Father, I will be there, and can promise you I will take pictures of all the liberals supporting the unborn.

    In other news, I will not be bringing a camera.

  8. acardnal says:

    I have attended this march before. I felt the solidarity of all the pro-lifers. It fortifies one to continue the good fight against this abomination. I especially love hearing the pro-life politicians (too few) and even more so the Orthodox Jewish rabbis and Orthodox Christian clerics speak from the podium not to mention the thousands and thousands of young people. Godspeed to the marchers.

  9. eulogos says:

    Once when I took a bus to the March, there was a Unitarian on the bus. He said he didn’t understand why his fellow Unitarians, who had marched for civil rights, and to end the killing in the Vietnam way, would not march to stop the killing of the unborn. But he was going to stand for them even if, in his own circles, he stood all alone. I was very moved. (Before I became a Catholic, in jr high and high school I was a Unitarian and was helped along by many of the adults there. So I knew how strange it must have felt for him to be traveling with a busload of Catholics. ) So there are some who probably consider themselves liberals, who consider the unborn within their sphere of protection of the weakest among us.
    Susan Peterson

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