Tulsa Day 4 G’Bye

We had a presentation this morning, and some truly useful Q&A, followed by lunch.

Now I’m happily homebound for a few days in the SPTDV.


I warmly recommend this particular conference on exorcism to all priests and only those few others a bishop may ask to be involved.

Bishops, Fathers, you really need to know about this stuff. The number of cases seems to be in the rise.

Also, remember that you deal huge defeats to the forces of hell when you hear confessions.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Father Z., I am sure you will join me in prayer for an increase in exorcists. There are very few priests in Great Britain who are appointed and trained exorcists, and there is a great shortage in the face of terrible activity here. I found this out almost two years ago trying to help find one for a situation. The one I found was too busy and overworked to help in an area where I was living at the time. Sadly, some lay people and even priests not appointed by bishops have made the matter worse by trying to take matters into their own hands. This is so dangerous and out of order.

    Some bishops here and in the US did not appoint new ones when the old ones died. We must pray for bishops to do this, hoping they come to believe in evil as a presence and not merely an absence of good.

  2. GregH says:

    How do you get to hear confessions Father Z? [I get into the box, switch on the light, put on a purple stole and open the slide.]

  3. Philangelus says:

    In his book, Father Gabriel Amorth opined that Confession is more powerful than Exorcism. No wonder the devil hates it.

  4. racjax says:

    Thanks for your updates on the conference, Father Z. Sometime would you discuss the advisability of a “general” confession (St. Ignatius style). Do you advise that a general confession is necessary at least once in our lives? I perused a sample worksheet I found online and it was rather overwhelming to the point I felt it was on the verge of scrupulosity. Thank you for your insight.

  5. Okay Father, let’s have it . . . what’s the Tom Clancy book you’ve been reading?

  6. nola catholic says:

    Absit invidia,

    Based on the cover, it appears to be the penultimate book in the Jack Ryan series – “Dead or Alive” (at least until Clancy releases another one). I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen the cover of every Clancy novel and that looks identical to Dead or Alive, in addition to being about the right size for that particular novel.

  7. StJude says:

    “The number of cases seems to be in the rise.”
    that gives me the chills. Thank you God for Your priests.

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