Lego “Habemus Papam”

For your Lego by Lego file.

At the blog Shower of Roses there are fun pictures of a Lego “Habemus Papam” scene made by kids.  Fun!

Go see the others there.


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  1. kurtmasur says:

    Nice, very nice…. but where is the red mozetta and stole??

  2. Lepidus says:

    HA! Saw the headline in my RSS feed and was trying to figure out what the Lating word “Lego” was supposed to mean in this case!

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  6. ScholaLady says:

    My son is already trying to build his own.

  7. The Masked Chicken says:

    Legomus Papam.

    The Chicken

  8. Vox Laudis says:

    The biological solution at work–joyfully faithful parents, joyfully faithful and trusting kids, (do you want to bet the EF is normative?), religious and married vocations abound, bishops apply the appropriate sacraments, repeat.

    While the rest of the world was fussing and fretting, these sweet guys were welcoming our new Holy Father with ‘gladness and singleness of heart’ as said in the Anglican Use.

    For another joyful view of welcoming the new Holy Father, watch the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist reacting to the white smoke:

    How wonderful that this was ‘serendipitously’ able to be filmed. No coincidences with the Holy Spirit. (And that’s a former member of my schola ringing the bell!)

  9. ReginaMarie says:

    Love it! Our middle boys built nearly the same Lego configuration earlier this week! :) They were lamenting that none of the Lego figurines had striped torsos for the Swiss guards!

  10. Lori Pieper says:

    Is that an actual Lego microphone? Cool!

  11. Mandy P. says:

    This is adorable!

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