MEDJUGORJE: A miraculous healing from ALS?

I limit my writing on Medjugorje to almost nothing. However, I hadn’t seen this in the Anglophone press.

My translation from Affari Italiani:

Medjugorje, nuovo miracolo: guarisce malato di Sla
Medjugorje, new miracle: a healing from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Christian Felice, 37 years from Piante Crati (Cosenza), after visiting the sanctuary put in the spotlight a few weeks ago, was healed from ALS. The man recounted that he arrived with his wife and children in Bosnia to pay a visit to the Madonna and, while he was standing and looking at the sanctuary from afar, he heard a clear voice in his ear, asking him to go to the hill. With enormous effort he went and the Virgin Mary appeared for an instant before his eyes. After a great cry, Christian, moved, got up from his wheelchair and even within a few hours no longer had need for his respirator. In the next days he also got rid of his feeding tube.


That is the core of the article. Maybe you have seen it elsewhere.

Remember: miracles have to be authenticated. Before they are authenticated, they must be shown to be inexplicable by modern medicine, sudden, complete and lasting.

I will leave you with only one thought.

God grants miracles. We should ask for them.

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