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Europe: Abortion to be a “human right”?

We lacked only this last confirmation of how wickedly obtuse people have become. This is perverse. From CNS: EU May Declare Abortion a ‘Human Right’ (CNSNews.com) – European lawmakers this month will vote on a measure that promotes abortion as … Read More

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How many people are going to Hell… and why?

Here is an interesting video from Michael Voris. I suggest listening to the end. This concerns whether many or few or none go to Hell. I, and others, addressed this not long ago and a kerfuffle arose.  HERE I wrote: … Read More

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A German Diocese gets wacky: Ed Peters comments

Ed Peters has an important post at his place. A German bishop essentially declared himself the Church’s lawgiver (read: Pope) and dispensed with the universal law. From In The Light Of The Law: This is why we have Canon 428 October … Read More

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Error in Latin on a medal struck by the Vatican

You have got to be kidding me. Read and weep. This speaks of the degradation of our time. From the Beeb: The Vatican has withdrawn from sale 6,000 copies of a new papal medal on which the name of Jesus … Read More

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ROME: Day 4 – Peter and Paul underground

We are today visiting Major Basilicas. First St Paul’s outside-the-walls. We are going to have a visit to the excavation where St Paul’s tomb was recently authenticated by the architect/archeologist who conducted it. UPDATE John XXIII’s manuscript for his first … Read More

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