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QUAERITUR: Can bishops forbid people from going to SSPX chapels?

From a reader: A little over a year ago, the bishop of the Diocese of Calgary issued a statement banning Catholics in Calgary from attending the SSPX church stating that: “1. According to Canon 300 – No association may call itself catholic except … Read More

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23 OCT – Masses for Bl. Karl of Austria – WHERE and WHEN

I have noticed in some of the churches I have visited during our pilgrimage to Rome that Mass will be celebrated in honor of Bl. Karl of Austria My good friend Fr. Robert Pasley of Mater Ecclesiae in the Diocese … Read More

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My present reading list

Someone wrote to ask what I am reading these days.   A while back all my sidebar widgets mysteriously disappeared and I haven’t gotten around to rebuilding the widget that had links to a few books and movies I have … Read More

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SYRIA: Bombs in confessionals

I am catching up on the news.  To my horror I saw a story at Vatican Insider, to my knowledge only in Italian at this point, wherein the the Syrian Melkite Greek Catholic Patrairch, Gregorios III, revealed during a visit to … Read More

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What did the Pope really say in his short, non-magisterial fervorino about “ideology”?

Some people are getting worked up – again – about something Pope Francis said during his morning sermonette yesterday.  His Holiness, in his non-magisterial fervorino, spoke about “ideology”.   A news report in the fervorino – HERE. Here is something … Read More

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Bank robber falsely accused priests

This is so disturbing. What a nightmare. FOLLOW-UP: Convicted Bank Robber Found GUILTY of Falsely Accusing Four Different Catholic Priests of Abuse [w/ COURT DOCS] Convicted bank robber Shamont Sapp has admitted in U.S. federal court that he falsely accused … Read More

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