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“Ring them bells St. Peter…”

At Sensible Bond a commentator reminded me of a song I haven’t heard for a long time. “Ring them bells St. Peter Where the four winds blow Ring them bells with an iron hand So the people will know Oh … Read More

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Much needed funny cartoon

From HERE:

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Hijinx on Bill O’Reilly with a socialist prof from Notre Shame

Last night on Bill O’Reilly’s show we were treated to a nutty display by a … and I can’t believe I am about to type this … full professor at Notre Shame.  Prof. Candida Moss attacked O’Reilly for not mentioning in his … Read More

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What Did The Pope Really Say? 2 – Proselytism

For a while I have intended to write something on Pope Francis’ harsh comments in his informal chat related by the atheist newsie Eugenio Scalfari about proselytism. The Pope smiles and says: “Some of my colleagues who know you told … Read More

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SPAIN: Terrorist Bomb in Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza

I wonder if the MSM will have any coverage of this. From freerepublic.com Left-wing anarchists blamed for Zaragoza Basilica bombing [Spain] A small bomb consisting of a camping gas cylinder combined with gunpowder exploded in Zaragoza Basilica in Spain on … Read More

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