It’s all out WAR

Anyone who isn’t insane or wicked recognizes that the insane and the wicked have been waging a war on boy and men for decades. The battle has widened into a war on gender identity. The aims are entirely evil.

Thanks to Pewsitter I saw this at Eagle Forum:

Yes, There’s a War on Boys

Many people don’t realize the peculiar ideology of the feminists. They are not promoting equality of male and female; they are for interchangeability of the genders. The feminists are at war with Mother Nature, and Mother Nature keeps winning, so the feminists are constantly angry at what they call criticize as patriarchy.
The feminists oppose competitive games where somebody wins and somebody else loses, and they manifest this peculiar ideology starting in elementary schools. The feminists don’t like games that boys like such as the game of tag. Some feminists suggest a game called “Circle of Friends,” a non-competitive version of tag, and that silliness has been implemented in a few schools. Taking winners and losers out of the game of tag and non-competitive versions of other games are supposed to make rambunctious boys in grades K-through-3rd grade less competitive and less aggressive. [How stupid is that?  Rather, how evil is that?]

The scholar Christina Hoff Sommers has written extensively on the barriers that boys face in school and college. She points out that a powerful network of feminists is working to promote training for girls to enter boys fields, and they have co-opted large sums of our tax dollars to spend lavishly to guide girls into fields dominated by boys. Here is one of one of Christina Hoff Sommers’ helpful pieces of advice: “Instead of spending millions of dollars attempting to transform aspiring cosmetologists into welders, education officials should concentrate on helping young people, male and female, to enter careers that interest them.” Right now, boys are the under-served population requiring attention. When you reflect on how boys are treated in public schools, it’s no wonder that they dislike school and have less interest in attending college. In many colleges, boys are now only about 40% of the student population.

Related to this is something from The Truth:

In Russia, Boys Learn To Use Military Equipment – In America, Boys Learn To Play Video Games And Ogle Women

The way that boys are raised in Russia is very different from how boys are raised in the United States. In Russia, boys as young as five years old are taught survival skills, learn how to use military equipment and are trained in hand to hand combat.  [Problem: Are these all boys in Russia? Is this organized now? Is this being organized?  If so…] Boys as young as twelve are taught to fire assault rifles and some of them even get to experience real paratrooper training. In the United States, on the other hand, we tend to baby our boys. They become experts in skills such as ordering fast food, playing video games and ogling women. In many cases, American boys never even learn how to act like men, and that becomes glaringly apparent once they grow up. So in the long run, which nation do you think will be better off – Russia or America?

By nature, men are hunters. We are not meant to be cooped up indoors all day long. We were created with an inner desire for adventure and activity.

The Russians understand this. In Russia, boys are raised to be strong, physical and active. There are “military sports clubs” that train young boys in the skills that I mentioned in the opening paragraph. The Daily Mail recently posted an article that examined one of these clubs known as Berkut (Golden Eagle)…

Children as young a five are sent on forced marches, given battlefield training, taught hand to hand combat, and how to use military equipment. 12 year olds are also taught how to fire Kalashnikov assault rifles and other small arms.

During the clubs regular camps, some children are given the opportunity to parachute jump during their paratrooper training.

When you were young, wouldn’t you have liked to have had the chance to do a parachute jump? [Ohhhh yes!]

I know that it would have forced me to grow up a lot faster.


Read the rest there.

The war on proper human identity is going to have deadly results.

I fear, greatly, that we are going to tear our society to pieces. The trend, as it is going now, will reduce us to sniveling, solipsistic candy-asses, defenseless whining victims, and eventually piles of corpses.

Go ahead.  Say I’m wrong.

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  1. JPManning says:

    I grew up in the UK and my school had a Combined Cadet Force Unit attached. By the time I was 14-15 I was well practiced in leading a platoon on section attacks firing blank rounds. We got to fire rifles on our own range, I drove a tank and went on a week long course run by the SAS TA unit. Great memories.

  2. AngelGuarded says:

    “I fear, greatly, that we are going to tear our society to pieces. The trend, as it is going now, will reduce us to sniveling, solipsistic candy-asses, defenseless whining victims, and eventually piles of corpses.

    Go ahead. Say I’m wrong.”

    No only can I NOT say you’re wrong – I say your sentence could be in the past tense, at least part of it. We may have already torn our society to pieces. And as it is going now, it has reduced us to sniveling, solipsistic candy-asses, and defenseless whining victims. I believe this began with the elimination of the father as an essential family member. [Thanks, “No-Fault” Divorce!] Generations of sons raised by well-meaning women cannot replace learning to be a man from a father. Combine that with the societal feminization of boys and the false sex identity crises and we have a perfect storm to rob us of the true role of men. We can only trust Jesus to change this trend and heal our society. [I am afraid the medicine will be terrible indeed.]

  3. NoTambourines says:

    What better way to create a culture of compliance and dependency than waging war on innate, basic survival instincts?

    I recently saw an article that observed that the higher-order the creature, the more the young of that species play. And they play to learn and refine mental, physical, and social skills. Stifle that, and you have a cat/wolf/child/etc. that doesn’t know how to fight back or take care of itself.

  4. KevinSymonds says:

    I am not sure if one can disagree with you, Father, but in the same vein, to what cause shall these well-trained men be beholden?

    If it is anything like this, then I have grave reservations:

    Or this from Damian Thompson:

    [This is a rabbit hole. What Russia is doing geo-politically is not at issue here. Rabbit hole closed.]

  5. Priam1184 says:

    “Going to tear our society to pieces” Father? This stuff has been going on for decades and it ALREADY HAS TORN OUR SOCIETY TO PIECES!!

    [Invoke Rule VII of the Fat Man’s Rules of the House of God.]

  6. Priam1184 says:

    Many people theorize and fantasize over what a post-apocalyptic world would look like but what has dawned on me recently is that we already live in a post-apocalyptic world: in a moral sense at least and that is the only sense that really matters. It strikes me more and more every day that a comet crashing into the earth or a zombie invasion might actually improve things.

  7. anilwang says:

    Banning “tag” as being a “boys game” is ridiculous. Not only is it unjust discrimination, it’s not even true. Girls like tag as much as boys do. My son (4.5) and daughter (2.5) are opposites and don’t play together much, but they both have a passion for a good game of tag and hide and seek.

    As for pinning this nuttiness entirely on feminists, I’d disagree….at least if you look at the global perspective. Take Japan as an extreme example. Feminism isn’t strong there, yet there seems to be an entire generation of Herbivore Men ( ) being raised. They don’t want marriage or even to have girl friends or boy friends….and often not even to pursue illicit sex….all these are just “too complicated”. They’d rather spend their days working, playing video games, and being entertained (video games, anime, maid cafes, and pornography). The phenomenon of Herbivore Women also exists, but it’s less prevalent since women tend to want to relate face to face….of course services like facebook (and the Japanese equivalent) are changing that. So even if contraception and abortions were banned in Japan, the population would rapidly decline because few want to get married, much less have children.

    We are building a culture that’s entertaining itself to death, as in Brave New World. Boys see no need to grow up….an girls are following in their wake.

  8. acbprop says:

    I was trying to keep this in all week, but this post makes me burst: At Mass last weekend, the responsorial Psalm, “If today you hear His voice” was changed to “God’s voice.” In the last verse, “fathers tempted me” was replaced by “parents tempted me.” At that I laughed out loud, and whispered to my wife, “get ready for the person at the well.” I really wanted to talk to our deacon (who runs the parish), our pastor (who defers to the deacon) or the choir director (an obviously swishy fellow who does excellent traditional music at this particular Mass), but what do I say? I don’t like that you’re so inclusive? Words make me mad? Feels kind of petty to me. Who am I to judge? But then this . . . I feel like if I complain I’m the bad guy. How to fight such insidiousness?

  9. incredulous says:

    The real war is a war on men. The problem is that they think that 50 years of social engineering changes the fundamental warrior nature of men. They will find out otherwise.

    On a side note, here’s the current strain of anti male bigotry… [Be warned. Horrible.]

    It’s pretty nasty, but it’s what the feminist left (diabolical) will do to the population if they ever get control.

  10. Magpie says:

    I see this in my own profession – forestry, in Britain. Traditionally a man’s industry, now we have strong ‘equality/diversity’ efforts to bring more and more women into the forests. And the offices. They have taken so many jobs from men, myself included. Now it seems if one is a one-armed islamic lesbian, one will get the job over any man. I am a sad victim of the gender equality agenda, which, in its pursuit of ‘equality’ for women, has created a new unemployed underclass: men. I notice that many, even otherwise faithful Catholics, are thoroughly imbibed with this anti-Christian spirit. Remember that God willed the man to till the earth and the woman to bear children. We’ve really turned all that on its head. It was the agenda of the communists to get the women out of the home and into the workplace to destroy the family. Offering abortion and contraception assists this evil work. But the world is a mess and it is the devil’s arena so what do we expect? Come, Lord Jesus!

  11. APX says:

    She points out that a powerful network of feminists is working to promote training for girls to enter boys fields,

    Can someone please explain to me what they mean by “boys fields”? I have yet to find a field of work that was a “boys fields” and that which was a “girls field”. I suspect they’re referring to women in non-traditional work fields, to which I respond get over it. There is nothing wrong with promoting women working in non-traditional work fields. Women need to be able to earn a living as well, and the majority of money right now is going to these career fields, mostly trades.

  12. gracie says:


    For the past three years, the girls in the CCD classes I’ve taught ask me why girls can’t become priests. I tell them the short answer is because God is male. Feminists try to strip away that male identity because females can’t re-present a masculine God (the Son).

  13. Johnno says:

    anilwang –

    With regards to Japan, there are some other factors at play that are causing widespread depression and anxiety. It is a very demanding culture with social pressure requiring heavy examinations etc. upon students, and higher expectations from women as to what man they will marry, or not marry at all. The nation is a worker-driven climate with a very chain and ball attitude that doesn’t have the kind of freedom that is offered to Westerners in terms of job advancement etc. You do not ever question your superiors, you do not ever attempt to be pro-active, this is frowned upon (though something more international-minded Japanese firms and corporations are actually trying to change to adopt Western habits). Combine this with idiotic population control policies that encouraged abortion and contraceptives to keep the population of their little island nation down, and this and much more has led to the current state of affairs. Also with recent disasters and even the aging population concerns, the Japanese people by and large lose hope for the future of their nation and this vicious circle in turn makes men and women less desirable to contribute to the nation via having families.

    I can relate, with everything I read and see around me in Western culture I too see no purpose to ever get married or have children. Not when I can’t raise them Catholic, and when we are continuously vultures all around us in the schools and public eager to prey on them. Perhaps I might have more courage if I saw the Catholic Church fighting mightily against this, but I don’t believe we’ll see that. Increasingly the Church is a house divided, traditionalists, liberals, conservatives etc. etc. This will not stand, the Church is headed for disaster at this rate and I don’t believe that will reverse anytime during my lifetime. Who can? When we have scandals like this:

    The Church will triumph ultimately, but I do not believe I will live to see it, I expect only more rampant persecution and the rise of Communism worldwide. I would not be able to responsibly marry nor bring children into this world. I will remain single and put my efforts into educating and warning as many people in the faith as possible, for what I hope to do, being single is a benefit, and precisely one of the reasons why priests themselves are celibate. It’s entirely practical if you wish to be an effective missionary who must even put ones life on the line to challenge the world.

    In any case, one cannot ignore the fact that the feminist ideology has had its hand to play, being part of the overall Satanic scheme that is perverting the natural order of things. It’s all the same goal. I was once part of the Air Cadet corp, but can’t help but feel it would’ve been much better off as a youth organization if it were segregated boys and girls so we could really do some actual military stuff. But the culture here is so anti-gun that we were not even able to publicly march in parades with fake wooden rifles. Outside of that I did very much enjoy the rifle drill routines for competitions.

  14. APX says:


    God is a spiritual being, thus he is neither male nor female. That’s not the feminists; that’s theology. You should tell they what the Church actually teaches on the matter of the male-only priesthood.

  15. Magpie says:

    APX: God the FATHER is a creator God Who is an initiator, a male quality as far as we can see. God the Son became incarnate as a Man. Whilst God is pure spirit, since the Incarnation the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity, the God-head, is a God-man.

  16. Magpie says:

    APX: said:
    ”Can someone please explain to me what they mean by “boys fields”? I have yet to find a field of work that was a “boys fields” and that which was a “girls field”. I suspect they’re referring to women in non-traditional work fields, to which I respond get over it. There is nothing wrong with promoting women working in non-traditional work fields. Women need to be able to earn a living as well, and the majority of money right now is going to these career fields, mostly trades.”

    There are natural roles for men which don’t suit women: e.g. lumberjacks, builders, army etc… Women just don’t suit these roles. To put them there is unfair on women and an injustice to men who need work. Men who are now more and more in my own country turning to suicide in their despair. This is fuelled by a crisis of identity and purpose, shafted as they have been from their traditional roles no longer open to them. There’s also the issue of modesty, and of what each sex needs. Women are wonderful carers, nurturers, and even teachers as appropriate, but forcing their way into male roles is an injustice to men. I’ve seen no Catholic (apart from myself and some traditionalists) face this dragon in the corner of the room, filled as they are with fear of being judged bigoted…. but if we are, then so is God.

  17. av8er says:

    “When you were young wouldn’t you have liked to have had the chance to have parachute jumped?”

    I would have loved it! My mom would have freaked and my dad would have pushed me out the aircraft door.

  18. Jack Hughes says:

    Speaking as a victim of this sort of upbringing, can I please ask what the medicine is and where can I find it ? I want to be a man, but nobody it seems is capable of telling me what that entails , teaching me or supporting / encouraging me in doing so.

    Also whilst I clearly support making clear distinctions between winners and losers and don’t endorse a ‘all must have prizes’ culture. I think serious effort should not go unrecognized.

    When I was 13 we did the 1000 meter run at school (the first and only time during actual lessons) , now I lead for roughly between 400 – 600 meters but eventually I couldn’t maintain it and I ended up in fourth place. Afterwords before the end of lesson the P.E. Teacher (this guy was an unreconstructed drill sergeant type who would use the word pansy on a regular basis ) told me to come to the front of the group and face my classmates. I was worried that he was going to give me a dressing down, but instead he held me up as an example of perseverance, he said that he had seen me give my absolute all to try and win back that lead even when I was plainly exhausted and close to collapse. Mr Townsend’s praise meant a lot to me as I was the weedy geek who preferred Shakespeare to the sports field and it spurred me on to actually try and be good at sports (I would later find my niche in Taekwondo) than just trying to get away with doing as little as possible.

  19. APX says:


    Not all men and women fit into the cookie-cutter nurturer/protector that these “traditional roles” supposedly are. As far as I can tell, all of these “traditional male fields” are still male dominated. Some women are more naturally gifted in these “traditional male fields” than “traditional female fields”. If men are committing suicide because they can’t get a job in their “traditional male field”, it’s not the fault of the women. They have just as much right to have that job as men. Perhaps more men need to upgrade their trade skills, polish their interviewing skills. Maybe some men just need to come to terms with the fact that some women are better at some things than them than they originally thought.

  20. gracie says:


    When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, He answered, “When you pray, say: ‘Father, hallowed be Thy Name . . .'”. Likewise, Jesus said, “Pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything will reward you.” Our Lord could have said, “Our Mother” or “Our Parent” or “Our Being” but He didn’t. Jesus gave His parent a sex and that sex is male.

    God the Father also declared the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity as male. At Jesus’ Baptism: “This is my beloved Son”, as well as at the Transfiguration: “This is my Son, whom I love.”

    And then we have Jesus identifying the Holy Spirit (you know, like the totally genderless “invisible spirit”) as male: “I will send to you from the Father the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness about me”. Also: “But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what yet is to come.”

    God has revealed each Person of the Blessed Trinity to be a He (not a “she” nor a genderless “it”). If you don’t like that then I suggest you take it up with *Him*.

  21. Johnno says:

    APX –

    Regarding God as male, it is true that God doesn’t possess ‘sex’ being a spiritual being, but God is male in relation to the Creation which is female. All civilizations recognized male/female yin/yang aspects int he created order. What are called ‘divine cosmic principles.’ This is even evident in the Book of Genesis, light/darkness, sea/land, birds/fish etc. It is by design and emphasizes a natural relationship between things, a separation, a distinction, a role.

    To emphasize these differences, and reinforce roles is therefore to teach and imprint upon men and women a greater truth about our relationship to the Creator. The Creator is dominant. The Creation is submissive and depends upon the Creator. Contrary to this being some kind of ‘pro-masculine’ attitude, it is actually the opposite, for it suggests that all men are by relation to the Creation, in the role of the ‘feminine.’ Which is probably also why women have a greater inclination to religion than men, and likewise why a male priesthood and missionary Church militant is important to appeal to men who also stand in place of the masculine God; likewise also why Islam which is a very male-centered militant religion attracts men.

    So the preservation of cultural female and male roles and dress and emphasis that sex is a distinct thing all have merit and importance in the grand scheme of things, which is not to say men and women are not ‘equals’ as human beings and children of God. All these things are being eroded deliberately in order to rid us of the acknowledgment of male/female roles and subsequently to a rejection of the true and distinct God as ruler.

    Finally, while you are not incorrect in what you say with regards to women working in male roles, you must also take into account that there really do exist feminist forces which are arbitrary in logic and totally centered on hatred of men who are not after equality, but after domination and are likewise also abusing women by forcing them to adopt lifestyles not suited for them and that they do not even want, and forcing companies that rely on the natural strength of men to forgo reason to hire women who are unsuited for it for the sake of arbitrary distribution to the point of not even hiring more men when there aren’t any women applying for the job to maintain a 50/50 ratio, which is stupidity. I’m all for qualified women getting the job. What we shouldn’t be for is turning away qualified men for unqualified women for the sake of maintaining gender balance because it will assuage the paranoia of militant feminists.

  22. Kathleen10 says:

    I wanted a jet pack. I still do.
    @Johnno, it’s a tough decision, whether or not to get married, have children. But one can still marry and raise children as Catholics. You would just probably want to home-school. Marrying and raising beautiful Catholic children is part of the solution to our crummy culture and decaying world. Yes it’s hard to imagine bringing children into this world, but children make our world brighter, sweeter, and much more joyous. If we had more children, filling our churches, children who were taught the truths of the faith, how much better our world would really be. Imagine our churches brimming with children! Noisier, yes, but there is our future.
    Working in public schools there is no doubt about the intent to neutralize the sexes and instill lack of traditional sexual identity in our children. Competition? It’s pretty much gone. When students play games, teachers discourage “winners” and “losers”. Scores are often not kept. “What does it matter?” I have heard teachers say if a child inquires a score. Children care greatly about the score. But schools are eliminating the very idea of competition. I have children who fall apart emotionally because they lose a simple game. I have children who fall apart because they have the last turn! Avoiding a “loss” for children ensures they don’t know how to handle failure of any kind. I see it all the time.
    Teachers today are too often the glassy-eyed drones, who lap up every lame-brained progressive idea that comes down the intellectual elite pike (from universities). They don’t think, they implement. Job protection, that’s what it’s about. Teachers are under attack, and they want to continue to work. Salute that flag, or, you may be out. There is no room for dissension. Your opinion is not required, nor asked for, nor wanted. Do as you are told.

  23. APX says:

    I still stand by what I posted regarding God not being male, and St. Thomas Aquinas said the same thing. We use male nouns and pronouns when referring to him because we were instructed to, but it is incorrect to infer that God, the first person of the Trinity as a being male because he is a spiritual being, such as the angels, and as such does not have a sex.

  24. robtbrown says:

    APX says:
    I still stand by what I posted regarding God not being male, and St. Thomas Aquinas said the same thing. We use male nouns and pronouns when referring to him because we were instructed to, but it is incorrect to infer that God, the first person of the Trinity as a being male because he is a spiritual being, such as the angels, and as such does not have a sex.

    It is correct that God is not a male, but you are seriously wrong that the only reason we use male nouns and pronouns is because we were instructed to do so. God is reflected in His Creation. God is referred to as a Father or He in Scripture because the attributes of the authority of the man within a human family are applied to God the Creator. It must be noted, however, that it is the mother who generates offspring, and there are texts within the Psalms that refer to God’s maternal attributes.

    One other point (which is not necessarily addressed to you): The only reason that women cannot be ordained priests is that we know from Scripture that Christ chose men. When Sacramental matter has been specified by Christ, it cannot be changed. The same is true for Water in Baptism and Bread & Wine for the Eucharist. It might be appropriate (argumentum ex convenientia) that they be the respective matters of those Sacraments, but that would not be sufficient as a dogmatic principle.

    As much as I like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Bailey’s, they are invalid Eucharistic matter.

  25. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    What if we add monasticism to this discussion? Not only The Monks of War (see Desmond Seward’s fascinating book on Military Religious Orders), but all sorts of orthodox monks and nuns, hermits and solitaries (and mendicants) of both sexes, the striving for perfection which is not per se competitive, even the ideals which were not unusual when they were expressed in St. Paulinus of Nola’s Epithalamium which commends what is often called ‘white’ marriage and, failing that, the begetting and bringing up of a generation of monks and nuns, for which a world which ended in a last generation of dedicated virgins was no odd or horrible prospect?

    Whether “the dry” (St. Luke 23:31) to come will contain many deserts beyond the reach of the martyrers-to-death and (worse yet) Orwellian ‘re-educators’, is another question.

  26. av8er says:

    Jack Hughes,
    I’ve been in the Military since I was 17, turned 18 in bootcamp, and am almost eligible for retirement. I’ve been around type A personalities a majority of my life. My opinion based which I recently discovered that what makes a man truly masculine is the ability to stand for truth and live a life based on what God wants us to be and not what we want to be. This goes for women being truly feminine as well. It also has nothing to do with Type A/B personalities because we all are faced with having the courage to live the faith we claim to profess.

  27. AvantiBev says:

    Your comment really hit home with me. I was raised by a strong, loving Dad who expected me to act like a lady but BE a strong, intellectually curious, independent woman. When I entered the dating scene I went out with men that had been raised by divorced women who were nice but they just weren’t……..manly. There was one guy I dated that everyone thought was so right for me but I always felt like I was the MAN in the relationship. I felt like I was dating an Oprah book club member all the time I was with him. ;-)
    I would love to see the Holy Father declare The Year of the Father under the patronage of St. Joseph. With 40% or more of our USA kids growing up in fatherless homes, Father Z’s prediction of a nation of whiny hot house orchids is already here.

  28. Scherzophrenic says:

    Life imitates parody, nowadays:

    Feminist’s struggle isn’t against oppression. It is their struggle against reality. Everywhere is the war on reality.

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