Rush Limbaugh on the ending of the Left’s honeymoon with Pope Francis

I have been harping on this for a while: the Left will turn on Francis one day.

From Rush Limbaugh’s stack of stuff. He was on the air yesterday. Here is the transcript.  My legendary emphases and comments.

End of Left’s Honeymoon with Pope Francis?


RUSH:  Well, folks, the left’s honeymoon with Pope Francis may be coming to an end.  Remember the pope went out there and released an economic encyclical or document in which I analyzed it as being almost Marxist. And this caused just… There were eruptions in voluminous amounts. In fact, there were volcanic eruptions in the media.  And all of a sudden the left, which hates the Catholic Church, fell in love with the pope!

Remember that?  Oh, if I come out criticize him, the pope’s gotta be a good guy. So they fell in love with pope. “The pope is a great guy!” But now the Vatican’s chief justice feels that President Obama’s policies have been hostile toward Christians.  “Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’ — The Vatican’s chief justice feels that President Barack Obama’s policies have been hostile toward Christians.”

Now, this is the Vatican. This is an official. It doesn’t have to be coming from the pope in order for it to be official. [Wellllll…. Rush… you need some tutoring here….] “In an interview with Polonia Christiana magazine [HERE] — and transcribed by Life Site News — Cardinal Raymond Burke said that Obama ‘promotes anti-life and anti-family policies.'” So the Vatican is out defending Christianity, defending itself, and this is gonna cause a fissure between the media, which was falling in love with the pope. [Not to mention fissures in the catholic Left.  Wait until the feminists start demanding that their tame males turn on Francis because Francis will never support the ordination of women.]

They weren’t falling in love with the Catholic Church, don’t misunderstand.  They were falling in love with the pope.  They thought, they really thought… Here, again, is another classic illustration of total ignorance.  They really think that they can make the Catholic Church moderate its tone.  They think they can bring the Catholic Church into what they call the Twenty-First Century.  They think that this pope might actually legalize gay marriage, sanction it in the church.

They think this pope might actually allow women to be priests.  They think this pope might actually lighten up on its pro-life position.  They really believe that. They really think the Catholic Church is just another political organization.  [Which is why the catholic Left talks about the Church’s “policies”.] If they exert enough pressure, and if they get the right pope in there, they can work on him to bring the church forward into the Twenty-First Century.  And this from the Vatican chief justice is just a major, major slapdown.

The left is not going to be happy about this.


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  1. KRD says:

    Not the big fan on Limbaugh, but he has a point on mainstream Church-watchers thinking it’s just another political organization. They see nothing transcendent about it, just another instrument to sway over to the “left” or the “right”.

  2. Sonshine135 says:

    The church is made of bedrock! Many have attacked it for centuries, and they find themselves on the outside looking in. The enemy has stepped up his boldness in attacking the church from within. I will not shed a single tear the day these subversives are declared anathema. The church will be smaller at first, but I believe that the numbers will soon flourish beyond imagination. People thirst for authenticity like the woman at the well. Until that day, I will pray fervently for the conversion of as many souls as possible, and the destruction of foolish selfish pride that causes people to attempt to mold God into their own likeness and image. Much fasting and praying is needed.

  3. Jim of Bowie says:

    Except as you noted, he pretty much nailed it. Surprising how much more he understands the Church then does the mainstream media.

  4. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    There is a website, Pope Francis/The First 365 Days, that is e a good source of information for those who want to see how the left is trying to hijack Pope Francis to push their agenda. The site also contains an open letter to Pope Francis, signed by a Who’s Who of the left:

  5. SimonDodd says:

    The left will turn on Francis some day—but not today, and not because of anything said by any man dressed in black. Do any of us think that the National Schismatic Reporter crowd believes that Card. Burke speaks for Francis? (For that matter, do any of us believe that Card. Burke speaks for Francis?) When the left turns on “their” pope, it will be for something he says or does—a person who changes their mind about Francis based on what Burke says makes as much sense as someone who changes their mind about President Obama based on what Chief Justice Roberts says.

  6. Fr AJ says:

    Rush would make a great convert to the faith. I think he was pretty close to coming in a number of years ago when he was close to Cardinal John O’Connor and I hear him say occasionally how he has spent time studying the faith in depth.

  7. JARay says:

    The Left don’t know or believe that Jesus said to His Church “Behold. I am with you all days, even to the end of the world”.

  8. McCall1981 says:

    I have to agree with SimonDodd here, I don’t think the left cares about what Card. Burke has to say.

    As much as I hope the left does eventually turn on Francis, I don’t think it will happen. It would take strong statements and actions on the part of Francis to turn them, and I just don’t think he’s capable of that.

  9. Jackie L says:

    The Honeymoon will continue, Cardinal Burke is hated by the left, he is seen as a man promoted by each of the last two Popes, and demoted by Francis, [He wasn’t demoted by Francis.] this will do nothing to impact Francis. Furthermore I’m not sure the honeymoon will ever end, much like “the spirit of Vatican II” what is actually said is of little consequence, they have their vehicle and they’re not going to let go easily.

    The left doesn’t love Francis, they only love how they have been able to use him.

  10. Lori Pieper says:

    Wait a minute here. Rush Limbaugh things the left “fell in love with Francis” because of something HE said? Wow, doesn’t think much of himself, does he?

    Of course, the honeymoon had been going on for some time, but Mr. Limbaugh evidently hadn’t noticed, I guess, because it didn’t involve him.

    (Ewwh, now I have a really bad image in my head. Strike that).

  11. majuscule says:

    There is something very community organizer-ish about the Pope Francis 365 website (no surprise).

    On this website you will find:
    A template for holding a gathering
    A prayer service to use at the gathering, if you wish
    Short, two-page downloadable “resources” on a variety of topics which will help you lead discussions. These topics are:

    More here:

  12. Del says:

    majuscule says:
    More here:

    You made me look at that website. It is full of ick.

    Now I need a stiff drink, a shower, and something to seer my eyeballs.

  13. Absit invidia says:

    A Pew Research study found that there has been no measurable Francis Effect in percent of U.S. adults identifying themselves as Catholic:

    The study found that 2 results:

    1. A new analysis of pooled Pew Research surveys conducted between Francis’ election in March and the end of October this year finds that the percentage of Americans who identify as Catholics has remained the same – 22% — as it was during the corresponding seven-month period in 2012. In fact, our polls going back to 2007 show Catholic identification in the U.S. has held stable, fluctuating only between 22% and 23%.

    2. that self-reported levels of Mass attendance have remained virtually unchanged since the new pope was elected. Since April of this year, 39% of U.S. Catholics report attending Mass at least weekly, similar to the 40% attendance figure last year.

    This just shows that the left only wants Catholicism to conform to their agenda, and they have no intention whatsoever to conform to Catholicism. NONE WHATSOEVER.

  14. BLB Oregon says:

    I agree with Lori Pieper. Nobody decided to love Pope Francis because of Rush Limbaugh, including the left. To think otherwise would require and almost comical level of narcissism.

    Mr. Limbaugh is capable of making left-wingers scream at the radio, he is capable of making their blood pressure rise and their ulcers burn, but the appeal of Pope Francis for people who imagine themselves to be the great friends of the poor started the minute Our Holy Father’s regnal name was announced.

  15. bookworm says:

    “Rush Limbaugh thinks the left “fell in love with Francis” because of something HE said?”

    No, Rush doesn’t really believe that; statements like that are part of his act — “demonstrating absurdity by being absurd,” or at least that’s what he called it back in the 1990s when I still listened to him regularly. Remember, Rush Limbaugh’s primary duty as a radio host is to get people to listen to his show; advancing a conservative political or cultural agenda is, ultimately, secondary.

    That said, I detect a strong admiration for the Catholic Church in many of his public statements, and it was from him that I learned of the election of Pope Benedict in 2005 (I had briefly tuned in to his show when the announcement was made). I would not be surprised to see Rush jump the Tiber someday, if his multiple marriages and divorces do not prove to be an insuperable obstacle (they weren’t for Newt Gingrich).

  16. SimonDodd says:

    Father said: “[Card. Burke] wasn’t demoted by Francis.” Is removal from the Congregation for Bishops a promotion? [You are trying to be tendentious. Cardinals serve on Congregations for defined terms. Card. Burke’s term on that Congregation was over. This isn’t hard.]

  17. Does anyone see here how this has been derailed? I deleted a few comments to make my point.

    The real point here is that the Left will turn on Francis.

  18. Supertradmum says:

    The Left and the leftist media tried to make Pope Francis into their image and likeness. Surprise, surprise. He is not only his own man, but he is our duly elected Pope, in a long line of popes, none of which has ever taught heresy from the Chair of Peter.

    The Left just does not get this infallibility stuff. They think anyone can change the direction of any institution, like some good CEO.

    Sorry, as the Holy Spirit runs the Church, not men, or women, for that matter.

    Poor leftists. They shall have to find someone else to grab onto for “hope and change”.

  19. SKAY says:

    It will be interesting to see how the “catholic left” tries to spin Obama’s visit with Pope Francis.
    Along with that, it will be interesting how Obama will spin his private discussion with the Pope.
    We in the US know he does not always tell the truth–to say the least. I am sure Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo and the rest had a lot of input into how Obama should phrase things in order to achieve
    certain goals. I am sure we will hear a lot about the few things they seem to agree on — without much mention of the really important issues they disagree on. Obviously Cardinal Burke understands who Obama is and what his goals are. I am so thankful that he publically pointed them out.
    I really liked how Pope-emeritus Benedict dealt with the Pelosi visit.
    I agree with your comment FrAJ.

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