The 3 days of darkness – underway

The Religious Ed Conference is being perpetrated in Los Angeles.

Watch LIVE…. it’s a hoot.  Right now they are dancing with bowls of burning stuff while singing about themselves.

I haven’t heard any mention of Jesus yet.

It’s a real blast from the past.


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  1. devthakur says:

    Could not watch more than 30 seconds …

  2. dans0622 says:

    I’ve just heard several mentions of our Lord but still…some wild stuff going on out there. It’s kind of embarrassing. I don’t see the appeal of these skits…or whatever they are called.

  3. KosmoKarlos says:

    I was there for the Youth Day yesterday.
    The archbishop will be receiving a very disappointed letter from me sometime soon…

  4. tonyfernandez says:

    Not all of us in Los Angeles are like this. Please don’t generalize us! In fact, please pray for us! Souls are in danger from the nonsense that breeds here like rabbits!

    And wow, right away they start editing comments. I guess they can’t stand any pleas for a right liturgical attitude.

  5. Stu says:

    This clearly is not happening. I have been reminded repeatedly in certain corners of the Catholic blogosphere that these sorts of things don’t happen. They may have happened many years ago, but not now and any mention of them happening now is just alarmist.

    This clearly is not happening…

  6. Sonshine135 says:

    I’m so tired of people being treated like they need bread and circuses. How many people are there right now in that audience that feel like something here is horribly wrong? We are not 5 year olds, and Jesus isn’t Barney the Dinosaur (all credit for the Barney comment goes to Father Larry Richards).

  7. rbbadger says:

    I never went to the Three Days of Darkness during my time at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo. I figured that if my diocese really wanted me to go, they would pay for it. I certainly wasn’t going to pay for it out of my own money.

    @tonyfernandez: I realise that there are a lot of wonderful Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Some of them have even gotten ordained as priests in recent years. Unfortunately, the terrible damage that was done during the Mahony years is going to take years to recover from. I wish that Archbishop Gomez would do more to end the terrible liturgical abuses, though.

  8. Fr. Erik Richtsteig says:

    Where is Tonya Harding when we need her?

  9. tonyfernandez says:

    The speaker was talking about how we should look up to Nelson Mandela. I guess that mentioning his policies on abortion get you banned around those parts.

  10. Magpie says:

    My life is now complete. I just love this magic three days of darkness.

    *turns on live video feed*

    Actually, I now want to scratch my eyes out…. and my ears are feeling… bad.

    I now feel hopeless.

  11. Patti Day says:

    I couldn’t post what I wanted to say on their website as it is being moderated, so I’ll say it here:

  12. tonyfernandez says:

    Anything other than unabashed enthusiasm and wonder will not be tolerated for comment.

  13. MF says:

    So my question is, why does Archbishop Gomez allow this? I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was new, but he’s not anymore. If our clergy won’t rein this in, who will?

  14. rtjl says:

    Does anybody know what church or denomination this is?

  15. ClavesCoelorum says:

    His Holiness sends a blessing, I see. Nobody seems to have told him what goes on there. :(

  16. tonyfernandez says:

    And Cardinal Mahoney is back this year, and even leading a talk and concelebrating. I am deeply troubled by this. I don’t know what else to say about it.

  17. wmeyer says:

    Appears to have been choreographed by Call to Action.

    For us, only prayers and penance. It’s an appalling display.

  18. Joseph-Mary says:

    I watched about a minute of (Fr.) Ron Rohlheiser and that was painful enough. I am disappointed that A. Gomez has not put a stop to this soul-damaging event. (Fr. Ron)…I remember looking at his stuff some years ago when my parish wanted to promote some of his writings. I remember him writing about the sexual fantasies of St. Therese as she lay lonely on her narrow bed. That was about all I needed to read; he has no concept of the purity of that Saint. And he has long taught seminarians in San Antonio. God help us!

  19. mburn16 says:

    Clownery. Buffoonery. General Silliness.

    That said, if its not happening in the context of a liturgy, we may well have to be….what is the word…ah….tolerant. Providing a more suitable venue for those who wish to shake their thang for Jesus might be the best route to keeping it away from the Mass.

  20. tcreek says:

    Where is Tonya Harding when we need her?

    Sorry, I just had to repeat hilarious post this from Fr. Erik Richtsteig at 11:01.

  21. APX says:

    “Where is Tonya Harding when we need her?”


    3:47 of the “Opening Rite” video. My ears! They bleed!!

  22. BLB Oregon says:

    “Where is Tonya Harding when we need her?”

    Father, why would we want to inflict this thing on Tonya Harding? She’s paid her debt to society!

  23. I could only watch so much of it – did they get to the giant paper mache puppets?

  24. Supertradmum says:

    This is not my Church….is it Jesus’ Church?

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  26. Supertradmum says:

    Someone on the live feed comments of this conference asked why this conference was not being highlighted on EWTN? ROFL.

  27. wmeyer says:

    And the Druid women at the table….

  28. Bob B. says:

    Many of the teachers are required to attend the Congress on Fridays and it is often a mess – you are to be “nice” and not stir the pot, as it were.
    I remember a staff meeting the week after in which we were asked our thoughts about the Congress. As many administrators attended Loyola Marymount University, the wrong answers could include anything that were patently absurd (as in liturgical dance) to a priest giving more of a revival meeting than a Catholic-type lecture (the fact that I walked out after he belittled some in the audience didn’t set well with the administrator either).
    Many have written or phoned the LA Archdiocese and the Orange Diocese (where the Congress is actually held). Nothing ever happens.

  29. DanielKane says:

    The preponderance of the singers seem disconnected or distracted. They are poorly rehearsed, still reading from notes a simple song with a simple tune. The dancers are a disgrace – poorly choreographed and executed. So much so that the commentator needs to interpret the English, Spanish and the dance. It is a disgrace on many levels – it is contrary to Catholic thought, sentiment and practice PLUS they can neither sing nor play not act at a worthy level.

  30. Bressani56 says:

    I’m very sad to see this happening. I’m really surprised Archbishop Gomez allowed this.

    Somebody commented (above):

    This clearly is not happening. I have been reminded repeatedly in certain corners of the Catholic blogosphere that these sorts of things don’t happen. They may have happened many years ago, but not now and any mention of them happening now is just alarmist.

    Yes, I agree! Certain people react violently when things like this are brought up, and they scream, “No, that happened in the 1970s but not anymore.”

  31. BLB Oregon says:

    “Appears to have been choreographed by Call to Action.”

    You think they choreographed and practiced that? Hmmm. Interesting theory.

    I would have said it had the marks of something more, um, spontaneous than that.

  32. Laura says:

    (BIG SIGH)
    Out of curiosity I just clicked on the live stream link where (fr) Ronald Rolheiser is lecturing how the church has taught us how to be afraid of fully experiencing the delights of the flesh whereas God says ‘don’t be afraid’. Just prior to that he said the people at the table were uncomfortable when Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’ feet with her hair. He said they were uncomfortable because of the “raw” sensuality of the moment and how Jesus said he could die now because he had fully experienced human affection. I am disgusted how he twists the Gospel for his own purposes.

  33. Supertradmum says:


    Father Rolheiser, whose comments are in our diocesan paper here, is not a representative of Catholic teaching. I went to a conference in Canada where he spoke years and years ago and he was a heretic then.

  34. LarryW2LJ says:

    Sorry Fr. Z, but I have to decline your invite. It may be a hoot, but I can tell just from the still that watching this would be derogatory to my BP.

  35. CatholicMD says:

    Neo-gnostic B as in B, S as in S…

  36. Darren says:

    Many prayers for you tonyfernandez and all right-minded Catholics in California!

    I was just sitting here with my jaw dropped… as I jumped around the videos looking for anything that resembled Catholicism in word or action.

    It makes me feel so fortunate to be where I am, not that things are perfect, but seemingly moving in the right direction.

  37. PA mom says:

    So… incense is good at the conference, just not at the altar?

  38. Unwilling says:

    New altar rails.
    No, I am not on the wrong thread.
    Would the “people” in this “audience” be glad of altar rails?
    How much preparation for how long would be needed for these “people” to rejoice in altar rails?
    If they can stand being exposed like this hour on end to this farcical parody of [Catholic] worship…

    Gravity makes falling down effortless and getting back up very hard.
    In an Aristotelian mode: Is our natural place Hell?

  39. BLB Oregon says:

    “Many of the teachers are required to attend the Congress on Fridays…”

    Whoever said that forced penances were dead?

  40. Rose in NE says:

    As a woman listening to the opening remarks of the conference (my penance for the day), I couldn’t help but wonder if the men in attendance were cringing as much as I was at this syrupy sweet sentimental speech.

  41. peggyo says:

    I worry that I am beyond outrage and am becoming numb to horrors like this. At this point I look at the video and all I can think is that I am paying for this. The money I put in the collection every week goes to pay for these atrocities. I get it that we live in a diverse society and even the Catholic Church is, well, catholic. But it just galls me that I am forced to subsidize other people’s insanity. I just wish that the pathetic, deluded lost souls would do their liturgical dancing and get their abortions and whatever else on their own dime.

  42. BLB Oregon says:

    “…because of the ‘raw’ sensuality of the moment and how Jesus said he could die now because he had fully experienced human affection…”

    He said WHAT? Oy vey, oy gevalt….sigh.

    Yeah, I know. This is one of those venues where truth goes where no fiction dares tread. Who could make this stuff up?

  43. NBW says:

    Pretty sad. It looked like a pagan ritual. And Mahoney was there.

  44. gretta says:

    Are those folks in the “audience” fellow …ahem…performers? Or did the conference rooms get mixed up with the “60’s retro day” conference being held down the hall? Those outfits must be vintage – though they really didn’t work then either.

  45. sw85 says:

    Reminds me of an old joke at Fr. Blake’s blog about how the 6:00 AM Mass in some parishes is called the music lover’s Mass because it’s the only one without music.

    Do they have a 6:00 AM music lover’s religious ed conference?

  46. amenamen says:

    (see 0:41 seconds)

    SPOCK: I find it mildly interesting and somewhat nostalgic, if I understand the use of that word.
    GARTH: Nostalgic?
    SPOCK: Yes. It is somewhat reminiscent of the dances that Vulcan children do in nursery school. Of course, the children are not so well co-ordinated.

  47. peggyo says: I worry that I am beyond outrage and am becoming numb to horrors like this. At this point I look at the video and all I can think is that I am paying for this. The money I put in the collection every week goes to pay for these atrocities.

    I always make my donations by check and earmark them. For example, I write something in the memo line like “for perpetual adoration chapel” or “for retired priests fund.” I think the parish (or the diocese) then has a duty to use my money only for that purpose, and if they don’t, that’s on them. Meanwhile, I am fulfilling my obligation to support the Church.

  48. Now I’m back in the archdiocese (I’m going to the protest tomorrow) On the parish level, I have seen cleaning up of some of the major liturgical abuses that the archdiocese was known for. (The local Roman parish by my house has cleaned up its act big time)…It’s a disappointment to see the abuses still here at WRECK (3 days of darkness)…Kyrie eleison

  49. CrimsonCatholic says:

    It is interesting that there are some orthodox speakers there as well, like John Allen, Fr. Barron, and Mark Hart.

    Not surprised to see Haas, Haugen, and Fr. Reese there.

  50. Servant of the Liturgy says:

    I hate to critique Bishops without having some sort of personal experience with them, I really do, but…weren’t things supposed to get better out there? Who’s running the show? I’d like to see a hard stance on something, even if it’s just the banishing of those awful smoking pots.

  51. KylieP says:

    Funny title!
    It was taped and replayed so I got to watch it even after it was over.
    All I can say is – WOW.
    I was having a lovely conversation with some others on the sidebar until they stopped the broadcast. I guess they didn’t like our traditional view on the dancing… :/
    Thanks for sharing this gem, Fr!

  52. Geoffrey says:

    I really thought Archbishop Gomez was going to rein in this sort of nonsense…

  53. Will499 says:

    Reason # 3,125,421 for Summorum Pontificum.

  54. RandomHouze Productions: This chat room will be moderated heavily. Welcome Fr. Z’s blog. Mind your manners, and God Bless You!
    Followed by the banning of commenters such as “OK Fr. T. You are banned. Have a blessed day. “

  55. Elizabeth M says:

    The Lord is wise and good for not allowing me attend these things. I would have no trouble running up to the Bishop and shouting Vaya lio! and begging for him to stop this craziness.
    Where are our Warriors of Common Sense and Decency?

  56. Scott W. says:

    How timely! Recently some bloggers have been suggesting that clown masses are a myth created by right-wingers. Ok, fine, no actual clowns, but it certainly is a circus.

  57. Imrahil says:

    I did not watch (maybe later). But I saw a bishop in a cassock on the picture. I did not see stole, alb, chasuble and the like. It does not seem to be Mass; nor, apparently, something ordered by rubrics.

  58. Dutchman says:

    What IS that?!!!??
    How can I be a Catholic and find almost nothing recognizable in this hootenanny as Catholic? It makes Pastor Sandy look like a hard line conservative. Dreck

  59. OrthodoxChick says:

    Tina in Ashburn,

    “This chat room will be moderated heavily. Welcome Fr. Z’s blog. Mind your manners, and God Bless You!”

    ROFL!! I thought you were joking about this, but no! The “RandomHouze Productions” moderator actually posted this to the livechat. Protestants-R-Us catholics – bless their hearts.

  60. Michael_Thoma says:

    This must be the California Pagan Conference that Arcbp Gomez accidently walked into, oops. It looks like the other pagan conference abroad:

  61. OrthodoxChick says:

    To borrow an expression used by president Obama…
    Cardinal Mahoney???? Your Eminence, the 80’s called. They’d like their liturgy back!

  62. wmeyer says:

    To borrow an expression used by president Obama…

    Please remember to wash your hands, after.

  63. Seriously, how in the world do you catechize these people represented at this conference?

    The Archbishop’s homily at the Mass emphasized prayer of an interior style. Certainly conversion starts with teaching prayer as it softens and opens the heart to receive teaching.

    @OrthodoxChick ;-) LOL. “Forever accepted” … except for marginalized Catholics who want to preserve the traditions and disciplines of the Church.

  64. CPT TOM says:

    I am so sorry I looked over there. They have Jim Wallis on right now. There is some one named Michael Hichborn providing commentary in the Chat room about this guy…Surprised he hasn’t been banned yet…going a mile a minute! A sample below:

    adam They still preaching heresy? 2 minutes ago Follow
    Michael Hichborn Yup
    Michael Hichborn Jim Wallis is a spiritual adviser to Barack Obama. 3 minutes ago Follow
    Michael Hichborn Jim Wallis is a protestant and an unapologetic socialist … why is he allowed to speak to a Catholic audience? 7 minutes ago Follow
    Michael Hichborn This is the biggest damn heretical thing I have ever witnessed! 9 minutes ago Follow

  65. romanrevert says:

    The more I see things such as this, the more I retreat into my Traditionalist cocoon. I am convinced more than ever that my soul is safer because of the Traditional Mass, Traditional doctrine, and Traditional devotions – not because of anything that I have done, but because Tradition points to Christ, not to man. That video is obviously a party with a slight religious theme. Sad. Pray for them. The New Evangelization needs to start from within.

  66. romanrevert says:

    It’s like a movie trailer to The Great Apostasy.

  67. Scott W. says:

    I posted the pic at Catholic Answers. I think it got deleted.

    The more I see things such as this, the more I retreat into my Traditionalist cocoon.

    I’ve read a few people saying they weren’t traditionalist, but took their kids to the EF because the local OF was offensively trite nonsense. My local OF is not that bad, and the fact that I also go to the EF regularly means, to my discovery, the minor silliness that goes on at the OF is more tolerable. I don’t know what to tell someone who doesn’t have an EF nearby when the OF is terrible like the LA conference.

  68. Robbie says:

    Wow! I’m not usually speechless, but this leaves me searching for words. I just don’t understand any of this.

  69. Salvelinus says:

    Well, geez…. Thanks Fr. Z. I almost just lost my one meal of the day….
    Am I Canonically allowed to eat again if Jim Wallis pops in my head again and projectile occurs?

  70. Salvelinus says:

    Good luck commenting over there (charitably) – The Nazis are reviewing every post full force

  71. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Each year they stage the out-of-town try-out in LA. They haven’t made it to Broadway yet. But these crazy kids won’t give up their dream!

  72. kpoterack says:

    “Good luck commenting over there (charitably) – The Nazis are reviewing every post full force”

    Which gives people some idea of what Archbishop Gomez has to contend with. I asked a very doctrinally (and liturgically) solid priest about what chances Archbp. Gomez will have in reforming the LA Archdiocese. He had very good things to say about the archbishop, but then said, “he will be like a one-legged man in an a**- kicking contest. Pray for him.”

  73. Robbie says:

    Archbishop Gomez shouldn’t have attended this event. I’ve looked at bits of each session they’ve had so far and it’s really disturbing.

  74. wmeyer says:

    Robbie, I think technically Abp. Gomez is the host.

    I looked at a few minutes of the opening. That was enough to let me know it’s business as (Modernist) usual.

  75. LeslieL says:

    *note to self* do NOT click on a Fr. Z. link without putting cup of tea far, far away……(however, between Deacon Sandy and this, my computer screen is sparkling…)

    Now Jim Wallis is speaking. Yes, that Jim Wallis – the one who is friends with George Soros and is such a big Obama supporter. I believe he is a spiritual advisor to the President. And married to an Episcopal minister. And right under that live feed is a clip of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser. Egads.
    But apparently, Mark Hart is also going to speak. So maybe there is some hope??????? Cause Mark Hart isn’t all off, is he?

  76. yatzer says:

    I’m trying not to just retreat to my cocoon, but from my point of view there seems little option.

  77. CPT TOM says:

    Wow. Just wow. For all the shades of heresy we have in my diocese, this is so much worse. And a MAJOR see at that. Archbishop Gomez is from Opus Dei? Either he is internally combusting or he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Is there such a thing as an Episcopal “Delta Force” for rescuing Bishops who have been taken hostage by Liturgists? If not there should be…It could be led by Chuck Norris with a Motto of “St Michael Defend us in Battle” and the St Michael Icon as their Unit Crest.

    Question: is this the first one of these that he’s attended? Maybe next year will be different??? Right?

  78. CPT TOM says:

    Interesting…the comments that are still up for the Jim Wallis talk don’t seem like they’ve been moderated, yet anyway: If so, I don’t think this exchange would be up there:

    Rebecca Ooooh, I like the idea about Bishop Fellay.
    20 minutes ago
    Kristian Freel If Jim Wallis can give a talk at this then why not Bishop Richard Williamson? 27 minutes ago
    Kristian Freel How about inviting Bishop Fellay to give a talk on the restoration of the Liturgy and effect on personal holiness?
    28 minutes ago

  79. louder says:

    And bishops wonder why men don’t come to church…. I would have left the hall the second I saw dancing.

  80. tonyfernandez says:

    Archbishop Gomez has looked worn-out this year compared to previous years. I wonder how things are going behind the scenes in the archdiocese. I had heard news that he cleaned up the seminaries, but that’s about all that I’ve heard. I’m sure satan is doing everything in his power to make sure nothing changes around here, so please pray for our bishop!

  81. majuscule says:

    Ooooh! The Urban Fusion Mass is about to begin!

    But I’m going to Stations of the Cross at my church so I’ll be happy to have to give it a pass…

  82. JKnott says:

    Makes me think of that Golden Calf shindig that Moses saw when he came down from the mountain.

  83. ckdexterhaven says:

    I just tuned in to the “Urban Fusion Mass” the emcee ( yes really) said this Mass has a ‘theme’ and helpfully reminded everyone of the commemorative bookmark. I guess it’s crazy to hope they would hand out Holy Cards?

    Father Erich will have a new song to add to his forbidden songs, Sung In God’s Voice. Before the Urban Fusion Mass, they practiced “Bread of Life, Wine of Peace, Body, Soul and Divinity. Consume Me,….”

    I just can’t even.

  84. ckdexterhaven says:

    Still watching Urban Fusion Mass. Even though we were told there has never been a clown Mass, have we also been told there are no liturgical dancers? Because I just saw some bringing in the bread and wine. But it seems the camera operators may have been told to not broadcast *all* of the craziness. Everytime one of the dancers seems about to do something crass, the screen cuts away to mosaic tiles, or pictures of urban landscapes.

    The priest didn’t seem to know that we say a new Confiteor. He said the old one.

  85. TNP says:

    Are you sure this isn’t a clip from Shindig or Hullaballoo?

  86. Athelstan says:

    Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  87. mburn16 says:

    Tried to start watching the replay of the 5:15 mass. What grade do you get for effort?

    “As we being, I’m going to invite you to turn to someone, and in confidence, pray together in prayer”


  88. Norah says:

    Why is Archbishop Gomez permitting this scandal making event to continue? I shudder to think of the number of teachers who will return to their classrooms and instruct the souls they teach that this is Catholicicm. Is it any wonder that people are leaving the Church in droves.

  89. Long-Skirts says:


    Who dem ladies
    Dressed in blue
    Standin ‘neath
    That Prelate’s view –

    Dancin’ round
    From east to west
    They one up-man-ship

    Did I say man?
    I be a mess –
    They says they each
    A blue-goddess

    And all approved
    ‘Cause they know how
    To rock Her dome.

    Them cassocked boys
    They frown and glare
    At them there ladies
    Feets all bare.

    Then bishop smacks
    Upside they heads,
    “You cassocked boys
    Yo’ time is deads.

    Them bluey gals –
    They sure can sell
    Approved hand-baskets
    Made for…

    …just DO like they
    Is much behooved
    To shake yo booty
    And be approved!”

  90. Darrin says:

    We drive you from us,
    whoever you may be,
    unclean spirits,
    all satanic powers,
    all infernal invaders,
    all wicked legions,
    assemblies and sects

  91. BLB Oregon says:

    If you think this is bad, go to 2013 Opening “Rite” and scroll in about two minutes. Those poor young fellows. That stage bit would be embarrassing if your 8th grade music teacher made you do it for a spring “program”.

    Scroll beyond that, and you’ll see the degree to which dancing in with the book and the fire bowl and the blue dresses is “choreographed.” It is roughly the same thing for 2012, 2013, and 2014.

    Two more years, and it will be “traditional”.

  92. cmom says:

    OK I watched bits of it, I couldn’t decide it if was Broadway or a bar. Is this even a valid Mass, because that was NOT any of the 4 Eucharistic Prayers. There were lots of extra bits stuffed in it.

  93. lsclerkin says:

    Fr. Erik

    Where is Tonya Harding when we need her?

    That cracked (so to speak) me the heck up.

  94. chonak says:

    The Twitter tag for the event is #RECongress , and Twitter is uncensored, so that’s one communications medium at your disposal. Have fun!

  95. rbbadger says:

    @tonyfernandez: I hope he’s cleaned out the seminaries. However, I am not optimistic. Some of my tormentors who were there when I was in the seminary are still there. The priest in charge of spiritual formation, who is heavily into Jungian psychology and who is working on a Ph.D. in mythology, used to work for Sister Edith Prendergast. Sister Edith runs the office in charge of the RE Congress. So many questionable people are still there. I doubt the seminary has really been cleaned up. I’d love to be proven wrong, but given the people that are still there, years later, I doubt much needed has change has happened there.

  96. Bea says:

    No words suffice.
    I felt sinful just watching the snips and pieces.
    Couldn’t stomach to watch the whole thing.
    On a Friday? During Lent?
    It’s to cry for.

  97. rosaryarmy says:

    “An enemy has done this.”

  98. Bea says:

    “LarryW2LJ says:
    14 March 2014 at 12:57 pm
    Sorry Fr. Z, but I have to decline your invite.”

    I wish I had declined it too.

  99. Gratias says:

    I have been told that the meeting this year it is better than in the past. Also that there were many confessions.

    The problem with these Charismatics is that they make people lose their faith. Archbishop Gomez, please allow the TLM in West, East, or Central Los Angeles. At present only two TLMs are available, Alhambra and Camarillo, both in the northern fringes of this immense city with 4,000,000 baptized Catholics.

  100. Dave N. says:

    Going down the speakers’ roster (and seeing the “liturgy”), I don’t see how anyone could possibly claim “It is better than in the past.” I also don’t see how people can post Abp. Gomez apologetics year after year; he’s not some helpless ragdoll–he’s the host of the event.

  101. CPT TOM, he has been our archbishop since 2011 (co adjutor in 2010)…so this is not his first one. He’s in a den of vipers, he needs our prayers, On the parish level A LOT of parishes have stopped with the cool aid pitchers which WREC is known for. But I have a suspicion that the Archbishop does not do much of the planning, and leaves it in the hands of the crew left over from the days of Mahony.

  102. Colette says:

    @JKnott That’s exactly what I thought! I was hoping that Moses would reappear and set them straight! How does this happen? But most importantly Fr. Z how can we stop this? Whom do we write to so that we can voice our objections? I’m from Kansas, but I’ll do whatever I can to help those poor souls in California!

  103. Kerry says:

    (Imagine the spoken with a Russian accent), “What! No Jeee-sus. Jesus would roll over in grave if was in grave!”

  104. Lin says:

    This is not just happening in California! It happens when priests are permitted to make up the MASS according to their own whims. We have a pastor now who feels entitled to add and subtract as he sees fit. According to him, rubrics are only guidelines. Due to lack of catechesis, many are not aware of the modifications to the MASS. And many welcome them! Much prayer and fasting is required.

  105. I appreciate the comments here of Joe of St Therese and Tony Fernandez, and others here offering examples of the struggles in the LA diocese. It is encouraging to hear that confessions were increased as these are more powerful than exorcisms.

    How can most of us comprehend the positive aspects of Archbishop Gomez’s efforts when we don’t grasp the depth of evil in that diocese? The years of destruction, the breadth and number of people and spirits there working against him? While Archbp. Mahony is still a huge influence there! I watched Archbp Gomez carefully. In the midst of the chaos, he himself was reverent. Study his face for the mix of emotions. How would you fare if you gave orders that were ignored? How would your heart break or be tempted to anger at the depth of the betrayal of the sheep that he sees?

    I tossed and turned all night, thinking of Archbp. Gomez and the misled sheep of that diocese. This is diabolical interference at a huge scale. Are the people being taught the rosary first and foremost? Can they be taught Psalm 67 “Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered” and the “Visit this dwelling” prayer? Not only is this a to-the-death spiritual battle but also a bureaucratic nightmare about liturgical abuse and abject ignorance of the Faith.

    The Archbishop is right to preach prayer in the homily and increase confessions. I see why he wants to host this scandalous conference – bypass the wolves and save the people.

  106. PA mom says:

    I hear you about the silent prayer and fasting, but I think what is more needed is more to the idea of Long Skirts. A sizable group of coordinated people willing to go there and begin an audible prayer of the Rosary over top this opening nonsense. To then go into the worst of the speakers’ meetings and stand up, publicly correcting their heresy.
    On live feed properly done, might just start creating the lio that Pope Francis is looking for.

  107. SimonR says:

    I have watched part of the Urban Fusion (????) Mass and watched it open-mouthed and speechless!

    Sadly, I keep saying speechless these days in relation to Church events.

    Appartently, Fr. Barron is giving a talk there later today, some orthodoxy then in the midst of mmmm, the other stuff.

  108. majuscule says:

    Last night I checked back to view the Mass after it was over and for some reason I could not get any sound. That made for interesting watching…

    I will refrain from commenting on some things because I was left speechless. But during communion I think I saw two people receive on the tongue! It was a little difficult to tell because the camera kept cutting back to the singers.

    I’ve watched quite a few Masses in St. Peter’s Square. They demonstrate that Mass for a huge crowd can be reverent.

  109. Rick DeLano says:

    Certainly puts the whole Fisher More issue in perspective.

  110. Charlotte Allen says:

    It looks pretty hilarious–but at least Fr. Robert Barron is speaking. So it can’t be all bad. What I can’t believe are the amateur-hour “liturgical” dancers. They look as though they saw “Black Swan” and got ideas.

  111. Priam1184 says:

    Despite the sad horror of what is on display here I will still say this: there are exponentially more churches today that are installing Communion rails than there are churches that are ripping out kneelers, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Thank you Benedict XVI for having the courage to issue Summorum Pontificum. As for the rest, we will just have to wait it out and do what we can.

  112. benedetta says:

    Watching Fr. Robert Barron give the keynote is quite a hopeful chord found in all of this, acknowledging a confused past. It’s posted on the link and it’s well worth a listen. It’s reassuring to know that these catechists have solid opportunities to hear the truth at this huge gathering.

  113. zama202 says:

    So why am I not supposed to associate with the Society of St. Pius X? To Catholic for my local bishop who may or may not be Catholic himself anymore?

  114. RobW says:

    Disgraceful but not surprising. At all.

  115. Jerry says:

    re: zama202 – “So why am I not supposed to associate with the Society of St. Pius X? To Catholic for my local bishop who may or may not be Catholic himself anymore?”

    As the saying goes, “the wheels can run off either side of the road.”

  116. CPT TOM says:

    Joe of St Thérèse

    Well I will pray that the Archbishop wakes up and realizes the impact of this “event” and that it is undermining what he may be trying to accomplish. It would be better to abolish the Congress altogether, which would require no planning, rather than to have the scandal of having this freakish mix of liturgical abuse, bad taste, and heresy.

    I will pray for you too Joe and the other orthodox Catholics of Los Angeles who have to suffer this darkness. May God give you strength and grace!

  117. KylieP says:

    Oh hey, it seems that we’re not the only ones with commentary! our good friend Michael Voris posted this yesterday…
    Also, CatholicMemes on FaceBook posted your picture, Fr. Z, with the lovely caption, “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!”
    The conversation that ensued in the comments is just too good.

  118. KylieP says:

    Just kidding the caption was “Everybody was Hans Kung fighting.” I actually read it wrong the first time LOL

  119. NBW says:

    I watched some of these “Masses” today. Very upsetting. Why are deacons and priests that speak God’s truth continually silenced and the abomination called REC is allowed to continue?? Cardinal Mahoney and those like him will be judged and much will be expected of them.

  120. NickD says:

    I live in the archdiocese of San Antonio. I, all thanks be to God, will begin postulancy this summer with a holy, orthodox religious order with, God willing, ordination to holy orders as the goal of that formation. Early in my discernment, I was fairly sure I was called to the holy priesthood, and yet I wasn’t sure where (regular or secular). Through the grace of God, I somehow knew being a priest for the San Antonio Archdiocese was not an option. Now I know that our Lord was guiding me the whole way: it seems Father Ronald Rolheiser is PRESIDENT of the school at which ALL OF THE SEMINARIANS FOR THE ARCHDIOCESE ARE EDUCATED. He’s also syndicated in the diocesan newspaper, where he spews his errors across all of South Texas.

    I only learned about this today. I will be praying for everybody enduring the three days of darkness and this man’s dreck, as well as for the conversion of Fr. Rolheiser’s heart.

  121. Lrabbitt says:

    After reverting to the Holy Catholic Church a few years ago, I attended RECongress, hoping to reacquaint with solid catechesis and left… scandalized. And horrified at the pagan display. “Lectors” dancing with the Lectionary, tearing out pages and tossing them? For shame.

  122. SimonDodd says:

    rbbadger says:”I wish that Archbishop Gomez would do more to end the terrible liturgical abuses, though.” MF says: “So my question is, why does Archbishop Gomez allow this? I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was new, but he’s not anymore. If our clergy won’t rein this in, who will?” Bressani56 says: “I’m really surprised Archbishop Gomez allowed this.” Geoffrey says: “I really thought Archbishop Gomez was going to rein in this sort of nonsense.” Norah says: “Why is Archbishop Gomez permitting this scandal making event to continue?”

    What did you think he was going to do, tell the organizers that, for the good of their own souls, celebration of Mass in the ordinary form will not be permitted at the conference, and they’ll have to use the extraordinary form?

    He has the power to shut it down at a whim. Instead, he is attending the conference. When someone with the power to stop something instead acts as though he fully supports it, what would you normally infer?

    Actions speak louder than words.

    And his excellency is speaking plenty loud enough for all who have ears to hear.

    Consider googling “revealed preference” if you can’t hear him.

  123. bernadette says:

    There is also a weekly TLM at SS. Peter and Paul in Wilmington and one a month at Holy Innocents in Long Beach. I hear that the FSSP will be coming! Hope that this is true.

    I am wondering if concerned Catholics should take the envelope for “Together In Mission” – the collection that goes to the archdiocese- and write inside that we will not support the fund until REC is cleaned up, especially since the collection goes toward Catholic schools whose teachers go to REC. Only problem with this is that the parish is assessed for a certain amount for “Together in Mission.” If it doesn’t meet the goal from the generosity of the parishioners the Archdiocese takes it’s pound of flesh out of the parishes budget. Since my parish is one of the rare traditional parishes in L.A. I feel torn.

  124. JimGB says:

    Each year, I am truly disturbed by what I see at this conference. This is a circus and I think it is fair to say that Archbishop Gomez will never have the fortitude required to reign it in. He could do a couple of things IMHO: first, not attend and direct his auxiliaries not to attend. Let the senior cleric be the head of the local deanery or the head of the RE Office for the Archdiocese. I think this is unlikely. Alternatively, he could insist that the Mass he celebrates by 100% “by the book” in every respect. No ridiculous buffoon of a dancing deacon, no “vestal virgins” with smoking bowls of incense; only male servers; Eucharistic Prayer I and Credo in Latin. He could even go all out and demand the “Benedictine” altar arrangement and chalices and ciboria made of precious metals instead of earthenware. He could teach an important lesson by his example in doing these things, without uttering a single word of condemnation of the freak shows that masquerade as liturgical celebrations at this event. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening either. I think that +Gomez was appointed solely because he is a Latino and he will do nothing to rein in the abuses right under his nose. Sadly, this circus will continue.

  125. Stephen McMullen says:

    OMG, How ULTRAMUNDANE. Any time there is a Catholic Educators Meeting like this one can expect this tripe. Has ANYONE ever been converted to the faith after seeing this? A liturgical wasteland. Isn’t Gomez Opus Dei?

  126. magister63 says:

    The Native American Liturgy was very puzzling to me. I am a Native American. My ancestors came from Germany 100 years ago, but I was born and raised here. Please, readers, if you have not watched, follow this link….

  127. magister63 says:

    The Native American Mass was a combo of pagan ritual and Novus Ordo nonsense!
    Good grief!

  128. magister63 says:

    Blessing from the four directions???

  129. magister63 says:

    Father Z, I have to stop commenting, but many, many good screen shots from this “Native American Liturgy”!

  130. magister63 says:

    That sure weren’t St. Kateri doing the first reading!

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