Z-Swag: in the wild

One of you readers sent me this photo of Z-Swag, in the wild!  It was posted on Twitter as well.

After washing, my @fatherz travel mug makes a worthy beer glass (pictured with libation, breviary, etc., on the road)

A beer in your insulated coffee device.  The other breakfast drink.

Do you have some Z-Swag?

Click HERE

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  1. Netmilsmom says:

    Why is there two travel mugs on your “Self-Absorbed Promethean…” page?
    I want one but if one holds more, I’d rather have that than the one with bigger letters.

  2. The letters ought to be the same size on either of the mugs, large or small.

  3. Volanges says:

    At least it was a good beer even if it couldn’t be consumed from an official Leffe glass. Any other beers you’d like to recommend?

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