A few images from the Canonization

It is a “four Pope” day.


The Prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints asks the Pope three times in urgent terms to inscribe the names of blesseds in the “album” of the saints.


There are prayers between the petitions and eventually the Pope does his part.



Relics of the saints are placed on display and venerated.


Benedict during the Gloria.


And here is a shot of His Mightiness, the Extraordinary Ordinary, Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison.


How odd this seems to me, though it is great to see Benedict.


His Mightiness with more air time.


One friend calls these “judgmental umbrellas”.


What to say?


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  1. Geoffrey says:

    Are you not there in St Peter’s Square, Father?

  2. Suburbanbanshee says:

    This has been really nice.

    One funny bit: despite having Weigel and Barron and the other lady, NBC reported that they had a translation of the Mass from Italian but not from Latin. It’d be funnier, but of course that affects those who use the closed captions and anybody not in the know.

  3. Mike says:

    Talking of veneration, there will be a relic of Pope St. John Paul II displayed for veneration through this afternoon at St. Benedict Church in Charles County, Maryland. I’m looking forward to making the journey from Montgomery County shortly for 11:00 a.m. TLM and Eucharistic adoration.

  4. Athelstan says:

    It is very moving to see Pope Benedict present for this – he does look a bit better, perhaps due to the removal of the burden of the papacy. One wonders what thoughts were going through his head yesterday.

    As a side note, those are some rather ugly white chasubles that St. Peters keeps on hand for the bishops. On the other hand, it’s always nice to see the umbrellas bearing the Holy See’s colors.

  5. Mike says:

    Correction: Not St. Benedict Church, but St. Francis de Sales Church, in Benedict, Maryland, is where today’s veneration of the relic of St. John Paul II is being held. Evidently I have Benedict on the brain. I apologize for the error.

  6. StJude says:

    Great pictures.

  7. Raymond says:

    Such a festive ocassion and Francis wears a plain white chasuble.

  8. Gregorius says:

    For what it’s worth, the picture of Benedict sitting with the other bishops reminds me of the photo of Francis riding in the bus with the other cardinals. Those two pictures I think are genuine gestures of humility of the two pontiffs. And yes, always good to see Benedict XVI. I miss him, not because of Francis or anything like that, but because he really was a good pope.

  9. mr_anthony says:

    Random question: Is there a canonization cause for Pope Leo XIII?

    It seems strange to me that there wouldn’t be, given both the length of his papacy and his impact on modern Catholic thought.

    As a side note, whenever I see Benedict XVI, I think that I’m looking at a “future” Doctor of the Church, someone who’ll rank alongside St. Augustine and Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman.

  10. Joe in Canada says:

    Great pictures!
    I’m glad to see the Bishops wearing their pectoral Cross under the Chasuble.

  11. “As a side note, whenever I see Benedict XVI, I think that I’m looking at a “future” Doctor of the Church,” hoping to see 2 again.Two doctors. Saint John Paul II AND Benedict the XVI.

  12. i hope i live long enough to witness the canonization of Fulton J.Sheen too. Life would be complete. :)

  13. jservorum says:

    Truly marvelous. The day of four popes – two who have now been canonized and two – one sitting and one emeritus – who will someday be canonized.
    We have been greatly blessed by these saintly men.

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  16. Bea says:

    Curious color choice for the decor of flowers in the last picture.
    Instead of a rainbow array of colors, I would have preferred to see the traditional yellow and white,
    especially since 4 popes are involved here; the 2 canonized and the 2 present.
    Noticed the picture above that , that somebody had red and white balloons in the background.
    nice way to remember Divine Mercy Sunday.
    Thanks for the pics , father.

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  18. yatzer says:

    I am mystified how the umbrellas are “judgmental”. Nice pics.

  19. seattle_cdn says:

    A very solid papal liturgy. I was just outside Vatican City on the main street and I was struck by the reverence, especially the silence during Consecration…you could just hear a few birds chirp.

    Also, did you notice the return of the Paul VI Crozier?

  20. i’m sorry but don’t think Pope Emeritus Benedict looks that well. Believe he retired because his health was not up to the responsibilities (physically) the Papacy places on a man now. To me he looks a little infirm.Has for some time.

  21. CarpeNoctem says:

    I thought Francis didn’t look good at all… they are saying on the news services “somber and tired” and I agree totally, even adding the word, ‘grim’. I know he’s an old man, and there is any number of things that could be weighing on him, but in the footage coming from the Mass, he was completely lacking his usual ‘fuzzy’, ‘media-darling’ persona… none of the smiling charm that we have come to know … and this on what should be reckoned for years to come as one of the key highlight days of his pontificate. Indeed, if he were any other pope (in the estimation of what he might mean to the media-driven ‘hope’ of how the church might change/liberalize herself), I would not be surprised if there would arise questions about his health and ability to carry on in the Petrine Office based on today’s appearance. I was shocked at how grim he looked and came across. Did anyone else notice or think this?

  22. tcreek says:

    I have this perplexing thought that the focus of our Popes’ calling should be more in the line of making saints of the Faithful than of themselves.

  23. I’m intrigued that the metal of both reliquaries looks to be shaped as twined olive branches.

  24. anna 6 says:

    Carpe noctem:
    I think that Pope Francis often appears very somber during liturgies. I don’t know if it is because he finds these massive events to be draining or if it is just his way of being solemn.

    It is amazing how his disposition changes when he is on the pope mobile or greeting the crowds.

  25. Genna says:

    Seeing one of the rare public appearances of the Pope Emeritus reminds me once again of one of the qualities I miss most about Benedict – his stillness.

  26. ocleirbj says:

    Carpe noctem and anna 6: Some people’s “ordinary non-smiling” face does come across as a bit sombre, grim or grouchy. Queen Elizabeth is sometimes described this way, as her face just doesn’t look smiley in repose. I’m the same way too, and maybe so is Pope Francis. I will have to take a closer look.

  27. Patrick-K says:

    Bea, I think the flowers were representing a flame rather than a rainbow. There’s a better view here: http://www.scmp.com/sites/default/files/styles/980w/public/2014/04/27/1ec7f42c0de4dca4b32202a55dd43eec.jpg?itok=JS0S0ptQ

    Red to white rather than the full color spectrum. Somewhat modern and stylized, but tasteful, imo.

    I thought this might have been a reference to Jesus sending the Holy Spirit in the Gospel readings.

  28. Bea says:

    Great picture, Patrick-K, Thanks.
    Representing the Holy Spirit, that makes more sense.

  29. MikeM says:

    For all that many people make of the differences between Benedict and Francis, on the rare occasions that we’ve seen them together publicly, Pope Benedict’s expressions seem to me to suggest that he kind of enjoys watching someone else be Pope. He gives the kind of smile that fathers give their sons when their sons are following their footsteps through something exciting yet challenging/miserable. That look that says “Yup… I remember days like this. They’re both awesome and awful for you. Way to rise to the occasion!”

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