SAUDI ARABIA: Woman professes Christ. Eyes and mouth SEWN SHUT

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From Weasle Zippers:

Report: Christian Woman Has Mouth, Eye Sewn Shut In Saudi Arabia For Professing Jesus As Her Savior…

Via ErsPress (Google translation from Arabic):

This young girl was employed in Palmelkh Saudi Arabia had the audacity to say that Jesus Christ is her Savior.

This angered much of its official work, and who ordered his men to carry out the process was to sew the mouth of the girl in order to stop the expression and permission for their love for Christ Jesus, as they are ignorant of the Magi Bedouin herders of camels in the desert, barren, sewed her left eye as well as punishment , has been sewing her mouth and the same thread.

This underlines the strange and dangerous, but endorsing the reports issued by human rights organizations in the world, and women in particular, of what it considers a flagrant violation occurs in the deadly Saudi human rights system.

The picture of the woman is graphic so I will put it below the fold:


No, I won’t post that photo.


It seems that the photo included in that article/post may have been from some other story, unrelated to the above.  Be advised.  However, I haven’t yet been send any evidence that what was reported, above, didn’t happen.

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  1. Lavrans says:

    She is a Confessor. God bless her.

  2. tonyfernandez says:

    Since the US allies with this despicable government, we will never hear about this in the mainstream media. However, the evil government of Russia tries to stop homosexual indoctrination of the youth and we never stop hearing about it.

  3. Mike says:

    Perhaps the Magisterium of Sophomores can weigh in on this matter.

  4. Simon_GNR says:

    Persecution of Christians is largely unreported by the MSM. Why?
    Stories like this are beginning to make me wonder if it’s time for another Crusade.

  5. benedetta says:

    Kyrie eleison.

  6. Thomas says:

    This now has an update on several conservative blogs that it’s a fake. Well, the photo isn’t a fake, but its association with Islamist violence is. Only too sad that it only too believable considering the gentle Religion of Peace…

  7. Magpie says:

    A wicked and depraved religion indeed.

  8. “Stories like this are beginning to make me wonder if it’s time for another Crusade.” i’ve thought that for a long time but who would volunteer? Which secular country? IMHO it’s time to turn some areas into a walmart parking lot.A huge one.Don’t know what it would take,do you?

  9. Geoffrey says:

    “Which secular country?”


  10. Liz says:

    I can’t barely stomach reading about this…she had to live it.

  11. pannw says:


    I am confused. If the photo is not a fake, who do those contesting the authenticity of the story suppose are responsible, if not Islamist radicals?

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    What is not fake but well documented is the recent “attempted murder” charge brought by Pakistani police….against a 9 MONTH old baby! I don’t know the details, since it’s so ridiculous and blood pressure escalating I can’t read about it, but, it’s true, they did. The baby sat in court and drank his bottle of milk. They have apparently dropped the “charges”, but, if this doesn’t demonstrate to any rational person that Islam is anything but weird and diabolical, what will.

  13. Kathleen10 says:

    Sorry, I’m operating on few hours of sleep right now. I intended to say that Islam is to me, weird and diabolical for lots of reasons, including this one.

  14. Geoffrey88 says:

    Dear Fr. Z,

    In this case, the news story is a fraud. The picture was taken in 2008 in Japan as part of performance art by Ryoichi Meada. [Photo, perhaps. The story? And I didn’t post the photo here. I looked around and found comments about the photo, but not about the veracity of the story. Provide those and I will remove this.]


    Nevertheless, those who would so disfigure the temple of their bodies are spiritually sick, and need our prayers. It just goes to show that Islam is the least of our worries in this brave new world.


  15. Sonshine135 says:

    I was stationed in Dhahran for three rotations after the Gulf War to support the Southern No-Fly Zone (Remember Kohbar Towers? Yep, I lived there.). We were always told we could have no outward sign of Christianity on our person. There are religious police that are known as the Mutaween that exist specifically to enforce the Sharia Law. Beheadings and stonings are still regular occurrences in strict Muslim countries. Restaurants and shops closed for prayer 6 times per day. I have often thought that some of our “bus-riding” Nuns would change their tune if they could witness how women are treated in Islamic countries. It is one thing to hear it on the news, and quite another to see it in real life.

  16. dcs says:

    At the very least the fact that the photo is a fake cast doubt on the veracity of the story. I have no doubt that the Saudi religious authorities are responsible for many acts of persecution but if so, let’s report on those actual acts rather than those that can’t be verified.

  17. cajuncath says:


    Beheadings occur on a regular basis in strict Muslims countries? I don’t think so, not from the governments, anyway. Apart, possibly, from Saudi Arabia, what other Islamic countries’ governments are beheading people left and right? Even Iran does not.

    Closing businesses 6 times a day for prayer? Sounds like Saudi Arabia. Where else does that occur? And, apart from the fact that this is in relation to the false religion of Islam, is commerce being subordinated to religious values and worship so terrible?

  18. Sonshine135 says:


    Surely you have seen the loss of a large degree of the Christian populations. Are these stories not enough for you to see that beheadings take place, and crimes against Christians are rampent. Certainly Saudia Arabia, but also Somalia, Syria, and Pakistan have been newsworthy of late. Whether this is governmentalor not is debateable. I don’t see these governments going out of their way to stop this from happening, nor do we see them actively pursuing these people for justice for the victim.

    The point about stores closing 6 times a day was more to illustrate that there is no tolerance for anything that isn’t Islamic. Even non-Muslims are required to follow the religious law.

  19. Gerard Plourde says:

    It does seem that this story is untrue. The only source is ErsPress which includes the discredited photograph. That said, the particular from of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, is extreme in its fundamentalism and its legal practices reflect that extremism.

  20. SKAY says:

    Muslim father kills daughter. She converted to Christianity so he had to do it you understand.

    We don’t know the half of what is done to women and children in Muslim countries. Our media does not cover it.

  21. cajuncath says:

    Sonshine135, the point of such exchanges should be that they are directly pertinent, in some meaningfully arguable way, to Islam itself. What irregular criminal groups may do that does not have the sanction of maintstream 21st century jurisprudence, is rather besides the point. Governments in Islamic countries are not beheading folks on a steady, daily basis. Nor do their lapses necessarily signify anything. Syria and Pakistan do not have what can seriously be considered to be Islamic theocratic regimes by any reasonable definition. Somalia? When’s the last time Somalia had any actual full, territorial national government, period?

    And who’s running around beheading Christians or Zoroastrians incessantly in Iran, a country that can be considered basically theocratic?

    Closing businesses for prayers is in KSA; I don’t think it exists anywhere else, to be best of my knowledge. And Arabian soil has a special significance in Islamic law that does not apply to the rest of the planet, so any claim based solely or primarly on Arabian territory cannot not be a meaningfully accurate assessment of Islamic law and theology as a whole.

    If you want to assess so-called ‘tolerance’ as a keystone measurement among Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and how each interacts with the other two, the ironic part is that normative classical Islam can potentially make a stronger case for co-existence with the other two than either Christianity or Judaism can in their normative classical forms.

    Discussion about other religions, however false and evil they are, should be based on careful study. Not simply an exercise in throwing all that happens to be at hand onto a wall to hope that something will stick.

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