Pro-abortion catholics, proponents of same-sex unions have odd company: satanists

Pro-abortion catholics and proponents of same-sex unions have odd company.

From Life News:

Satanists seek religious exemption to pro-life laws, call gay unions their ‘sacrament’

DETROIT, MI, June 10, 2014 ( – Whenever the American people try to curtail abortion or maintain marriage laws, the followers of Satan will be there to fight back, promises the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple.

“Lucien Greaves” told Detroit’s Metro Times that he would like to help women avoid complying with pro-life laws by saying abortion restrictions violate their Satanic religious beliefs. He added that gay “marriage” is a Satanic “sacrament.”

He said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican from the party’s moderate business wing, “has been trying to make it untenable for women to terminate a pregnancy.” A bill that Snyder signed – which requires the state’s abortion facilities to upgrade their health and safety standards, properly dispose of aborted babies, and assure that women were not coerced into abortion – took effect last Easter. Another, requiring people to specifically opt into plans covering abortion, became law in March.

He had previously signed a law requiring that doctors allow women the opportunity to see an image of their children during ultrasounds administered before an abortion.

“We feel we should protect women from superfluous procedures like the transvaginal ultrasound, with [a] religious exemption,” Greaves said. The bill in question did not mandate that doctors perform transvaginal ultrasounds, although abortionists regularly perform transvaginal ultrasounds during the abortion process.

Greaves told the website, far from anti-social teenage hoodlums, his Luciferian followers are “civic-minded, socially responsible Satanists.”

“One of the things we felt strongly about is gay rights,” Greaves said.

Snyder, whom he dubbed an “idiot governor,” has allowed “his loathing of homosexuals to trump his adhesion [sic] to the Constitution,” he said. “To us, marriage is a sacrament. We recognize it, and we think the state would have to recognize the marriage on religious liberty grounds.”


Pro-abortion catholics and proponents of same-sex unions have odd company.

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  1. Rachel K says:

    ” socially responsible Satanists” ??!! Hahahahah.

  2. Kensington says:

    Lucien Greaves was also the spokesman for the recent Black Mass debacle at Harvard.

  3. JustaSinner says:

    I’m sure the satanists also support the following:
    Dirty abortion clinics; the better to get a life ending infection and meet lucifer SOON!
    Conscious Evolution
    Nuns on the Bus; and nuns under the bus, the quicker to die and meet lucifer SOON!
    Pedophile priests and the MSM that paints ALL priests as such
    National Fishwrap
    Wombyn ‘priests’
    Communion for divorced Catholics
    And Egoists Everywhere!!!

  4. James C says:

    Oh, yes, Lucien greaves is sooo socially responsible. The same guy who last year put on some devil’s horns and celebrated “Pink Masses” over Fred Phelps’ mother’s grave (she died in the 1930s). These “masses” involved homosexual couples slobbering all over each other on the headstone, followed by Greaves himself taking out his genitals and rubbing the stone with it.

    Oh, yes so socially responsible. Why does the media even bother with this pathetic group of adolescent pigs?

  5. chantgirl says:

    Wait- this isn’t satire? I’m picturing a Jon Lovitz skit here. Who’s driving this handbasket anyway?

  6. NoraLee9 says:

    Between this and the Fr. Wylie debacle, I just want to hide under the couch with the cat.

  7. ghp95134 says:

    “…“Lucien Greaves” told Detroit’s Metro Times that he would like to help women avoid complying with pro-life laws by saying abortion restrictions violate their Satanic religious beliefs. …”

    An alternate headline could have been:

    Who woulda guessed!??


  8. jaykay says:

    “Why does the media even bother with this pathetic group of adolescent pigs?!”

    I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head there, James C. These people are no more true satanists than, oh I dunno… let’s say… than the vast majority of mohican-haired, ripped-jeans punks circa 1977 were genuine anarchists. It’s all just a pose, attention-seeking. I read somewhere that the man himself admitted that in the beginning of this movement (and I use that word advisedly) none of them actually believed in Satan as a real being. In fact, here’s the quote: “While the original thinking was that the Satanic Temple needed to hold to some belief in a supernatural entity known as ‘Satan,’ none of us truly believed that…” He further admits that he studied “conspiracy theory” at Harvard. Overprivileged bunch of infantile posers.

    The real satanists, of course, are quite happy to have bozos like this deflect attention from them while they quietly get on with their agenda.

  9. Muv says:

    Father, not odd at all, perfectly logical. The very notion of pro abortion and same sex marriage catholicism is in itself so odd that it can have only have come from the Father of Lies.

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  11. Legisperitus says:

    It has been justly said that Satan can’t create anything, so he just parodies God’s creation. The grotesque parodies of “marriage” we’re experiencing lately are one more example.

  12. Anthony Zarrella says:

    This… … isn’t even how freedom of religion works!

    We (Catholics) hold Baptism and Confirmation as Sacraments (obviously), but that doesn’t give us a legal right to demand that the government give official sanction and benefits to baptized or confirmed Catholics.

    As to gay “marriage” as a Satanic “sacrament”, all the First Amendment guarantees is that the government cannot act to prevent Satanists from undertaking whatever action they think “sanctifies” a gay union (provided that such action is not otherwise illegal for religiously neutral reasons). It does not guarantee a right to legal recognition of such “marriages” (no more than it guarantees old-school Mormons the right to legally marry multiple wives).

    As far as the other claim (that abortion restrictions are against the Satanic “religion”), it is more legally complicated, but still absurd. First, it is doubtful that a woman seeking an abortion would even have legal standing to challenge the mentioned regulations on religious liberty grounds – the regulations coerce and restrict the clinics and so-called doctors, not the women who patronize them.

    Second, even if the Satanists decided to actually open a Satanic abortion clinic (as if there’s any other kind) and then claim that the regulations infringe their religion as applied to them as clinic operators, they’d have standing but no legal merit. Employment Division v. Smith clearly established that religious freedom does not create exemptions to religiously neutral laws of general applicability. [I don’t agree 100% with the Smith case, but my disagreements would not alter the outcome here.] Since the laws in question (health & safety standards, proper bio-waste disposal,** and informed consent regulations) are certainly religiously neutral and generally applicable, the laws pass the Smith test. The RFRA changed that standard a bit, but only with regard to the federal government, so it will not affect this state law.

    [**NOTE: I am well aware that aborted babies are so very much more than “bio-waste,” but they are also “bio-waste” (as is all dead tissue, in a medical context), and it is in that context that the disposal of aborted babies can be most easily regulated in a religiously-neutral context. Were it up to me, every one of them would receive a full funeral and proper burial.]

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