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Lutherans call for Latin Liturgy as an aid to identity and unity

I saw a post at a Lutheran blog calling for  – wait for it – more Latin in their liturgy. As a convert to Holy Mother Church from Lutheranism, I found this pretty interesting.  I am aware that there exists … Read More

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SCOTUS DECISIONS: strikes down “buffer zones” at abortion clinics

I just heard that the Supreme Court of the United States, in a unanimous decision, struck down “buffer zones” around the clinical profit centers of big-business abortion. I also heard that SCOTUS found that Pres. Obama’s so-called recess appointments to … Read More

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Card. Collins: “receiving communion is not obligatory at Mass”

The Archbishop of Toronto, His Eminence Thomas Card. Collins has said something that I have been hammering at for years.  HERE It is NOT obligatory to receive Communion at Mass. Also, people who may not receive Communion are STILL OBLIGED … Read More

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Seeking Jesus outside Church? Pope Francis says: “Dangerous and harmful”

His Holiness Pope Francis said during his last Wednesday audience before the summer break that those who believe that they can have a relationship with Jesus outside the Church are on a harmful and dangerous path. From AsiaNews, which has … Read More

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