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Two interesting facts about the late Maya Angelou.

At Fishwrap, Michael Sean Winters has reminded us that the late writer Maya Angelou once recounted to Family Circle Magazine that, as a pregnant teen, she chose to keep her baby instead of opting for abortion. HERE  Kudos to MSW … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Still time to sign up for women’s ordination MOOS!

Some folks who are Catholics for the Ordination of Women (C.O.W.s) are now offering their MOOS to the general public. Not tweets… MOOS! Exciting! I saw at, where else, the National Schismatic Reporter (aka The Fishwrap) that MOOS are yours … Read More

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TEOTWAWKI! Well… maybe not…

All of a sudden BAM! Power goes off. After all this stuff I’ve been reading, I started thinking about my BOB. Then I heard my UPS beeping and saw that my phone is still functional. Thus, not the EMP. Today … Read More

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A Novena of Prayer to the Holy Spirit: Day 7 (Audio)

Let us, upon our knees, pray in a special way to God the Holy Spirit during this time between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost. This is one way to pray.  I invite the readership to join in. MANNER OF PRAYING THE … Read More

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