Archbp. Sample consecrated Portland to Our Lady

What did I write the other day?

With the rapid degradation of morals, the overturning of common sense and natural law, and the dissolution of civil rule of law in these USA we are seeing – and this is not a surprise – a rise of open invocation of the Enemy of the Soul.

The spiritual war is becoming more open war. The dupes of the Enemy sense that their time is coming and they are emboldened.

It is time for bishops and priests to get out the older, traditional copies of the Rituale Romanum and consider using its powerful and effective rites, including and especially Title XI, ch. 3. Let’s have processions and public recitation of litanies.

My old friend Archbp. Alex Sample, has consecrated the Archdiocese of Portland to Mary, Or Lady of Fatima.  From the NCRegister:

Portland Archdiocese Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

PORTLAND, Ore. — Faithful from Portland and the surrounding area filled St. Mary’s Cathedral to overflowing on June 28 for Archbishop Alexander Sample’s Mass consecrating the archdiocese to Our Lady of Fatima.
The Mass and consecration, celebrated on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, were offered particularly for the strengthening of marriage and family life.
“Marriage and family life are in a real crisis. We make this consecration to her to watch over our families and marriages. Families need Our Lady’s love and protection,” the archbishop said during the homily, according to the Catholic Sentinel.
Todd Cooper, special assistant to Archbishop Sample, told CNA that Pope Francis’ consecration of his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima, as well as his consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, spurred Archbishop Sample to do the same for Portland.
The archbishop also found an urgent spiritual need to offer the archdiocese’s efforts of strengthening marriage and families to Mary for her intercession.
Archbishop Sample is inviting families and the faithful to participate in First Saturday devotions, as Our Lady of Fatima encouraged.
On the first Saturday of the month, the faithful are asked to go to confession (preferably on a first Saturday, but within eight days before or after one), receive holy Communion (in a state of grace), pray five decades of the Rosary (one set of mysteries) and spend 15 additional minutes in meditation (on one or more mysteries of the Rosary).
All of these actions should be offered for the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. According to the Blessed Mother’s promises at Fatima, if this is accomplished on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, she will assist the faithful at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for salvation.
“He has come to the realization that we need to look beyond our own efforts and our own resourcefulness in trying to evangelize the culture and our people,” Cooper said. “We need to look for spiritual support for that, and he thought there would be no better way.”

The Archbishop’s letter to priests HERE.

Fr. Z Kudos to His Excellency. Well done.

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  1. acardnal says:

    God bless AB Sample.

  2. HighMass says:

    We need more Archbishops and Bishops Like Archb. Samples! Good Priest/Bishop!

  3. Legisperitus says:

    Deo gratias for Bishops Who Get It!

  4. mariadevotee says:

    On June 26th (last week) Bishop David Choby dedicated the Diocese of Nashville to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God willing, we are ordaining 9 men to the priesthood next month. Thanks be to God for these men.

  5. Bea says:

    Wouldst that we could have a clone of Archbp. Sample in our Diocese. Sigh.

  6. Mike says:

    May God grant long life and blessings to Archbishop Sample and Bishop Choby, and may their example be emulated by all the Church’s shepherds.

    May the First Saturday devotion, and the practice of reparation for blasphemy, heresy, and indifference, spread like a blaze through the Church, drawing all to Our Lord through His Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

  7. amenamen says:

    I wonder what Our Lady of Fatima would do with a very large organization of the Catholic press, if it were entirely hers. Imagine if she had a publishing company that prints liturgical music for most of the parishes in the country. Just suppose that a diocese where such a Catholic press is located would be consecrated to her.

  8. With our Archbishop, we join the fight and recall my favorite movie line:

  9. ml1948 says:

    So that’s why, when we visited my daughter, son-in-law, and 1 year old grandson in early June, the Mass I attended on Sunday was done with great dignity and solemnity. It was Novus Ordo, facing the people, which in and of itself I don’t mind; among the things that impressed me were:

    The tabernacle was beautifully centered behind the altar. Here in Rochester, NY, the chances of seeing the tabernacle anywhere during Mass are slim.

    It wasn’t “everyone in the pool” when the Eucharist was distributed; more than a few folks (including me) did not receive.

    The priest actually used words in his homily that I haven’t heard in almost 40 years in Rochester: sin, confession, repentance.

    Most of the congregation actually genuflected (would you believe it?).

    Portland has a reputation as a hot bed of progressive politics, but this Mass was one of the most dignified and reverent I’ve seen in years. Compliments galore to Archbishop Sample for setting this tone.

  10. OrthodoxChick says:

    I second Mike’s prayer intention. Amen.

  11. LarryW2LJ says:

    When I was growing up (born in 1957) I never for one second, imagined that the USA would turn out to be what it has become. The entire world for that matter, has turned upside down. And for a while, I thought that if the trends were caught in time, that they could be repaired and overcome.

    I know …… vanity of vanities! And some stupidity and naivete on my part, too.

    The situation that we are in is totally beyond our ability to repair without Divine Intervention. We need our Bishops to lead in a nationwide, ongoing, continuous call to prayer, fasting and reconsecration to our Blessed Mother.

    I have to laugh when people assert that because of our technology, that we’re so smart and so self-dependent (there’s that sin of pride, again!). The “ignorant” people of times past knew exactly what to do in times of trouble. They immediately ran to and invoked the aid of Our Lady and begged her to pray on their behalf to her Son. They were much, much smarter than a lot of people give them credit for.

  12. Sword40 says:

    We live in the Archdiocese to the north of Portland, but have spent many hours traveling to the Portland area for the TLM (and Dominican Rite). Archbishop Sample is without a doubt one of the top Bishops in the world. He has made a huge impact in the northwest.

  13. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Portlandia Reginae.

  14. AgricolaDeHammo says:

    Nice one Suburbanbanshee.
    In a world when fringe lifestyles are mainstream, Archbishop Sample is truly keeping Portland weird. ;)

  15. frjim4321 says:

    Is he much beloved by his people?

    Just wondering.

  16. jameeka says:

    frjim4321: Yes.

  17. frjim,

    Yes. We are thrilled to have him.

    Regardless, what makes a good captain of a ship isn’t his likability, but his A-bility to function and lead as a captain should. Our Church depends upon it.

  18. frjim4321 says:

    He’s assuming that Mary want to ally with him in his agenda.

  19. Chon says:

    frjim4321: Yes, we love him very much, he is warm, personable, caring, has our best interests at heart. When he visits my parish, the young people flock around him. No wonder the vocation situation is said to be very hopeful here. He is passionate for Christ, and that is very attractive.

    ml1948: What parish were you at?

  20. Chon says:

    frjim4321, why wouldn’t Mary want to ally with a holy bishop in support of the Catholic faith?

  21. Mike says:

    frjim4321 says:

    Is he much beloved by his people?

    If his conduct in office accords with the timeless Truth and is performed in charity, what difference could that make?

    He’s assuming that Mary want to ally with him in his agenda.

    To all accounts, Archbishop Sample wants to carry forward the message of Our Lady at Fatima and the message of the universal Church — which is to say, that of the Magisterium and of the Mystical Body of Christ, as distinct from a consensus of opinion at a point in time.

    One is tempted to infer (albeit, in charity, one must be circumspect in approaching such an inference) that such a characterization of a personal “agenda” strongly suggests antipathy to that message. Let us pray that is not the case.

  22. benedetta says:

    And what is “his agenda” FrJim4321? Please give objective references to support these assertions.

    Further what evidence do you have that Our Lady will not support a Bishop of Holy Mother Church? Are you privvy to some revelation or teaching that the rest of us do not have access to? Or is it your assertion that his consecration was not valid?

  23. Chon says:

    ml1948: My guess is that you were at Holy Rosary. Mass has been said there, in the manner you describe, for decades. That is due to the parishioners insisting on it. The Dominicans only send us priests who respect our wish for dignity and solemnity…otherwise it just doesn’t work out. It’s the people who made the difference, not Bishop Vlazny nor Bishop Sample nor their predecessors.

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