“Catholicism is not a religion for wusses!”

I saw at Ignatius Insight that Carl Olsen posted a video of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly blasts Big Business Abortion Fundamentalist Patricia Ireland of NOW for labeling – get this – the Little Sisters of the Poor as part of the s-list, the Dirty 100.

Listen to Ireland slither. It’s disgusting.

At one point Kelly says: “Catholicism is not a religion for wusses!” Would that that were actually the case in fact and not just in theory.


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  1. Siculum says:

    Yeah, Megyn. Catholicism is not a religion for wusses.

  2. iPadre says:

    If it were up to people Patty Ireland, the Little Sisters of the Poor would have to hold pillows on the faces of the elderly because they are a burden to society. We know where the culture of death is headed, and they demand that we support it.

  3. Mike says:

    What blasted Patricia Ireland was not Megyn Kelly, but (a) the truth of which Miss Kelly was not fearful of being a messenger, as well as (b) Miss Ireland’s pitiable contempt for that truth.

    If anything, Megan Kelly pulled her punches. There are any number of commentators who would not have been as charitable.

  4. catholiccomelately says:

    “Caving in” is not required of us … but being charitable is. I applaud Megyn Kelly for her acquity and persistence (and lack of ad hominem attack)’

  5. The side by side comparison of the snarly face of the liberal catholic compared to the joyful face of the faithful Catholic says it all.

  6. snoozie says:

    A side that promotes, defends, and encourages abortion has only lie and illogic to made their ‘argument’. The sole action of an IUD is to prevent the implementation of a fertilized egg. Period.

  7. LeslieL says:

    Kudos to Megyn, and I respect her enormously. She certainly kept her cool – something I know I could not have done….particularly if I hear the term “opt-out” one more time. I swear – and I pray for forgiveness and I no doubt will ask for absolution because of it, but if I hear that blasted term “opt-out” one more time, I WILL kick someone. I mean it. I really will. Honest. God help me.

  8. incredulous says:

    Absit, why do you say Ireland is Catholic? All that I can find as that her parents were fallen away Catholics and she attended a Presbyterian church when she was a child.

    Further, “She admitted in a 1991 issue of The Advocate that she was bisexual and had a female partner, Pat Silverthorn, with whom she lived in Washington D.C. while she remained married to her husband. She has stated that both relationships are important to her and called both partners her family.”

    So she’s just another very damaged soul who needs prayers, is highly disordered and is trying to destroy good and replace it with the work of Satan. She’s more pagan than anything. Albeit, comparing the two, one can’t help reflect on the stereotype of an empowered republican woman versus an empowered democratic woman as you suggest. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  9. av8er says:

    LeslieL, I’ll be right behind you in line for absolution. That phrase was her go-to line. It’s all she had.

  10. Kerry says:

    Did anyone see the Borg implants? I looked for them…

  11. robtbrown says:

    I’m actually glad to see this happening because it reveals people like Ireland for what they are. They are actually trying to force people to conform to their murderous opinions

    First, they argued that it should be permitted. Then it acquired public funding. Now it’s progressed to the point that they want it mandated, insulting everyone who disagrees with them

    It follows the MO used by liberals to destroy the liturgy. First, argue that the vernacular should be permitted. Then see that it’s mandated, ostracizing and persecuting everyone who disagrees.

  12. LeGrandDerangement says:

    “98% of Catholic women use birth control”. Um…..source? As far as the quality of Kelly’s Catholicism, I saw a clip of her debate with Dr. Ablow during which she attacked his contention that children raised by same-sex “parents” may experience problems in emotional development, calling his position “hateful”.

  13. jflare says:

    It seems to me that these “opt out” efforts demonstrate how far society has slipped. I had a debate with someone a few months ago…somewhere…in which “sex education” came up. I commented that the concern should be to allow secular parents to “opt in” to sex ed for their kids if they wanted a brief seminar for doing so, not requiring others to “opt out”. I was told in no uncertain terms that such an idea was rubbish because the “education” was part of health class.
    I think the Church had no idea how despicable we could become as a society when many rejected Humanae Vitae.

  14. keithp says:

    I do like Megyn too. I’ve been watching her for years on Fox. She is smart as a whip and has a good sense of humor too. I don’t know what else to say about the NOW person other than she needs a great deal of prayer’s for conversion.

    “Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.”
    –Alice Cooper

    “If you care about what people think of you, then you should not have become a Catholic.”
    –St. John Vianney

  15. Joseph-Mary says:

    I liked it when Megyn asked the other lady if she were Catholic and followed it by saying, “I am!”

    Yes strong committed faithful unafraid Catholics—we need them!!!

  16. MikeM221 says:

    In the interview, Patricia Ireland said calling the Little Sisters of the Poor and the other 99 entities “The Dirty 100” was a takeoff on “The Dirty Dozen.” I think anyone that has seen that film would say that those soldiers were ultimately heroic and contributed to defeating the evil of Nazism.

    Yes, Patricia, “The Dirty 100” are actually heroic, despite what you think.

  17. aviva meriam says:

    LeGrandDerangement, its important for Megyn’s credibility that she challenge assertions, even those she may agree with.
    Love that a strong woman with a commitment to her family and faith is growing in popularity. She has an ability to influence the culture in a positive way.

  18. Militans says:

    As a non-american (living in the UK) – I simply don’t understand the system of employer provided healthcare (and the government top ups of medicare / medicaid) … it just doesn’t make sense to me that an insurance plan trying to balance everyone’s priorities would be the best available for any particular person.

    The chance of major reform offered by the Affordable Care Act would have been much better used by separating healthcare provision from jobs – it would make it easier for people to move jobs (as they wouldn’t be reliant on staying in current job to maintain treatment of dependents etc), and mean people bought what they needed (rather than the Obamacare way of making everyone pay for the option to get what you want, when they neither need nor want it).

    Personal Healthcare Accounts (tax-free, allowing roll-over) and easier ways of comparing policies – an informed choice, that’s all you need and let the market do the rest.

    *It turns out America already has this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_savings_account – but it seems it can only be used with catastrophic health insurance, rather than changing your type of insurance throughout life?

  19. LeGrandDerangement says:

    Aviva Meriam,
    Kelly’s demeanor while going after Dr. Ablow on the issue of children raised by same-sex couples was more of a passionate personal statement than that of a devil’s advocate. She displayed that favorite term of progressives, “hate”, more than once. I was surprised at this coming from a supposedly conservative news venue, but probably shouldn’t be, considering the stable of cafeteria Catholic commentators that network employs.

  20. mr_anthony says:

    funny how you can “opt out,” but they still take your tax money and still force you to pay for those who “opt in” to this nonsense.

  21. incredulous says:

    She’s so smug challenging the way an IUD works. Ireland is claiming that an IUD doesn’t prevent a fertilized egg from adhering to the uterus. This comes right from the eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood talking points.

    However, going to WEBMD, one finds they can be an abortifacient. The citation says “There are two types of IUDs available in the United States. One type releases the hormone progestin, which causes the cervical mucus to become thicker so the sperm cannot reach the egg. The hormone also changes the lining of the uterus, so implantation of a fertilized egg cannot occur….”

    So, Irelend’s supremacy and smugness towards the effervescent Catholic, is not warranted and leads to the observation that Ireland needs the reeducation.

  22. TopSully says:

    Ms Kelly is a divorced and remarried woman. I don’t know the status of her first marriage so I’m not calling her out, just pointing out that we shouldn’t necessarily label her a “faithful” Catholic.

    Militans: health savings plans are not just for catastrophic care.

  23. incredulous says:

    Top, isn’t the Catholic position one to assume the best in people until we have evidence otherwise such as the blatant apostasy and diabolical nature of Patricia Ireland?

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