Compare and contrast: VIDEO – 1983 Pres. Reagan about Korean Air 007

Pres. Reagan about the massacre of passengers on civilian aircraft Korean Air 007, blown out of the sky by the Soviet Union’s pilot.

Sure, there is a different between air to air and surface to air attacks.  Sure, there is a difference between the Soviet Union and the Russian Republic…. I think.

Compare and contrast the reaction and the tone of Pres. Reagan and the present office holder.

Short version:

Full version:

What’s up with Russia, friends?

Is it possible that Vladimir Putin, a KGB operative and finally Lt Col from 1975 until 1991, having taken stock of the present locum tenens, has determined that he can act with impunity?

Please say prayers for the poor, innocent people who were slain today.

Let some good come from this monstrous wrong.

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