Many illegal aliens flooding across border have criminal records

In Texas, Gov. Perry is about about to activate elements of the National Guard as a force multiplier on the southern “border”.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst made comments in the media, including…

I saw this at Breitbart:


Dewhurst asserted that the media’s portrayal that the majority of the migrants entering the country are children is dishonest. “The media would have you believe that the whole crisis on the border is exclusively about unaccompanied children,” he said. “It is not just about unaccompanied children — unaccompanied children represent but a tiny fraction of the illegals who cross our border every day, according to the Border Patrol.”
There is a huge “criminal element” at the border that includes significant gang activity, according to Dewhurst.
“We’ve seen estimates that at least a quarter of those apprehended have criminal records,” he added.


There are many mixed reports floating around. I have read that there aren’t as many children as claimed. I have read the opposite. I have read that many are fleeing their own countries because of violence. I have read the opposite.

One this is obvious: Mexican authorities are trying to make sure that they get to the US border and then get across into las provincias pérdidas.

I would like to have the facts.

I think we all agree that when people are in distress for food, water, clothing, shelter, they need some immediate attention.  That doesn’t mean that we have to be entirely blind to who they are after they have received immediate attention.

Who is coming across?  Why?  Are there others, slinking in along with the central Americans?  Yemenis, perhaps?

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  1. JesusFreak84 says:

    If I were a Muslim terrorist, I’d be salivating at the border right about now. The infidels will give me Free Everything before I blow them up? Sign me up!

  2. acardnal says:

    “Who is coming across? Why? Are there others, seeking in along with the central Americans? Yemenis, perhaps?”

    Perhaps folks like Anders Dale: A Caucasian Norwegian with clean travel docs who can blend in easily without raising suspicion. He has been designated a terrorist by the DOS and has learned bomb making techniques in Yemen.

  3. I live in central Texas. As is usually the case, both narratives have some truth in them.

    There are a lot of unaccompanied minors coming here, and for a variety of reasons. Some of them are being sent to relatives up here in the hopes of a genuinely better life.

    There are also a lot of really nasty types coming up here–gang members and the like.

    Many would gladly immigrate legally if they could, but they don’t have the time to go through the legal channels and then be almost certainly refused.

    A not-uncommon situation is one that a close friend’s fiancé’s family must deal with as a part of regular life. His parents are older, and live in a small town in Mexico. They sent several of their children up north with coyotes because there was nothing for them in that town: a small, failing school which didn’t hold classes often, constant drug gang presence and threats from the gangs, no chance to better themselves. The family there deals on a fairly regular basis with having young female relatives kidnapped by the local drug gangs and held for ransom. They spend most of their lives waiting for the next “pay up if you don’t want your 12-year-old granddaughter/niece/goddaughter/daughter/etc raped and murdered” demand and have no recourse at all. The few local police are paid off by the drug gangs and don’t interfere for fear of similar reprisals in their own families; ditto any prosecutors and so forth. Young men are brought into the gangs for reasons ranging from fear of reprisals for not joining to the desire for belonging to some greater and more powerful organization. No education or chance for one, no medical care for things we consider normal to have taken care of, no chance for a job outside of the gangs…it’s impossible, and the situation is widespread. They see coming north (or paying coyotes to take their children north) as the only hope for a better life. Honestly, if I lived in constant fear of having my daughter be in that situation and had no one to help me, I’d probably at least consider hiring a coyote to get me and my daughter somewhere safer, and if I couldn’t come up with the money for two, the gangs will be less interested in me, anyway, and she’d have a chance of making it across safely if I hired a reputable (as reputable as they get, at least) coyote… Any halfway-decent parent would be thinking along those lines, I expect.

    There is also no shortage of those who are coming for all the freebies, natch. Personally, if I were queen of the universe (ha!), I’d institute a policy that anyone who wanted to come here to work and support their families are welcome, but they can’t collect federal, state, or local benefits until they’ve supported themselves and paid taxes for 5-10 years. Citizenship could be attained this way or extended immediately to anyone serving in the armed forces and their families. This would just about eliminate that problem, but of course no one will go for it…inhumane, or something. *sigh*

  4. av8er says:

    I flew on the border for 4 years with CBP. Yes it is terrible what goes on down in their countries. However, we can not afford the influx of illegal aliens into this already over burdened economy that the politicians have zero clue how to fix. Why exacerbate the situation here? Where will WE run to when we become like those south of our border? Its like buying things on sale. Seems like a good idea but one can go broke buying things on sale.
    Oh and I am a first gen American whose patents are from Mexico.

  5. Mojoron says:

    One thing you can count on with this band of mischevients, you will never get the truth about anything. They go out of their way to obvisgate the truth, amen? Amen!

  6. CharlesG says:

    I would agree with the Pope and the bishops that people need to be treated humanely, but I would also like to ask them whether a country cannot morally have and enforce any immigration restrictions, and whether it is morally required that a country must simply accept and pay for out of the public purse anyone and everyone who wants entry into the country and never attempt to deport anyone (hopefully in a humane and responsible manner, particularly in the case of children)? It seems that there are other moral principles at stake besides merely treating immigrants humanely that our shepherds never seem to talk about. And to the extent that this flood of children over the border is either planned or taken advantage of for political purposes, or even if it just stems from rumors arising from the President’s ignoring of the Constitution and legislating the Dream Act by executive order, it seems to me the moral questions are a bit more complex than the shepherds are making out.

  7. AVL says:

    Just as an FYI, in the picture of the tattooed men, the guy on the left has an extremely derogatory Spanish curse word for “women” tattooed on his chest.

  8. Johnno says:

    The criminals that the ARMED Mexican citizens are driving out are looking for bluer waters in gun-free zone America.

  9. The Astronomer says:

    AVI is correct, Father, regarding the picture of the two guys with tattoos.

    ‘Derogatory’ is being polite; I’d edit out the fellow on the left ASAP.

  10. SKAY says:

    When the governor of Oklahoma was finally able to get into a facility holding these illegals in her own state she saw at least 40 people that seemed to be from India along with all the rest. What have they already released into the unsuspecting US population? There is no wonder they do not want the American people to know who is coming over and why they did not want to allow Republican Senators and Congressmen/women into these camps until they had made the “optics” better. We are not being told the truth by this administration — about anything. Those who do speak up are punished. There are some stories in the news saying that people from churches wanting to help are not allowed in.
    We now know today that people who do not “exist” are being given taxpayer subsidies for Obamacare so even if we are told that illegals streaming across the border cannot get healthcare through Obamacare — they will anyway. According to one of the US Congressmen from my state-the 700 billion taken out of Medicare– is going to pay for these subsidies-to make it “affordable”. Medicare was not in such great shape before but now services are going to be cut for the elderly. Is this humane? Medicare is not free like Medicaid. Non of this is by accident.

  11. kay says:

    I know I won’t be giving to the churches anymore considering how much the bishops received from the federal government to take in and house the 100,000 illegal immigrants that came to this country. I felt sorry for my church so I tithed. Now? Let them eat at the wellspring of the government programs I pay for with my taxes, Caesar. Jesus said not to get involved with politics as His kingdom was not of this earth. So be it. The church has decided to get in bed with Harrod.

  12. StJude says:

    A reporter in San Diego tweeted that 3 on the terrorist watch list were apprehended at the border. Then border agents are reported as saying Syrians are among the mob.

    Very scary.. I fear for whats being planned against us.

  13. SKAY says:

    Kay-Your comment has given me something to think about. I have already stopped contributing to certain charity appeals given some of the questionable things they are doing with their donations.

    Nancy Pelosi is using the Church and Bishops who are pushing this in order to push the Obama/Democrat Senate bill to give even more taxpayer money away without any protections for the American people at the border. She and her husband are quite wealthy. Perhaps she should put her own money where her mouth is. Interesting that she is not interested in helping the most helpless Americans–the unborn infants that she votes against.
    I suggest the Bishops should be raising money to help these people within their own countries so the children can stay with their mothers and fathers.

  14. maryg says:

    Supertradmum, thanks for posting the video. I watched the whole thing even though I was short on time. Every American should see it!

  15. SKAY says:

    I also thank you for the video Supertradmum. I will share it.

    I heard a woman on the radio in my state who has family in Mexico. She asked some of them why all of this is happening at the border at this time. They told her “don’t you know – every one here knows”–it is an invasion. I was a little confused about what her use of the term invasion meant. This video makes it much more clear what was meant by that.
    Apparently American are the last to know–on purpose. We are ignoring the obvious for bread and circus. Others are just really naive and that was needed by this administration and expected.

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