Napa Institute: Day 3

Last evening ended by talking long into the night over cigars and adult beverages.


With the morning we are back at it. I had a chance to break the fast this morning with Bp. Michael Barber of Oakland. He has a lot of challenges in his heavy mandate. Say a prayer for vocations for that diocese. I am confident that he will make a good impact on Oakland: he strikes you right away as sharp as a razor as well as cheerful and charming. Meeting these bishops, men such as Bps. and Archbps. Vann, Coakley, Conley, Barber, Cordileone, Smith, Vasa has been encouraging.

This morning we had a talk by Archbp. Chaput on Pope Francis and Economic Justice.  I still have to process it.


Here is a sight for sore eyes.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Sen. Rick Santorum chatting with The Extraordinary Ordinary, Bp. Robert Morlino of Madison.


It has been a busy day (which had to include also a nap).

Tonight we have the main dinner. The speaker is to be Curtis Martin.

Today I had a chance to chat at length with several of the bishop attendees. I was also to talk again for a while – twice actually – with Sen Santorum. Also I me, finally face to face, Fr Samuel Weber, OSB, a fine teacher and liturgist, who as I write is sitting on the other side of me from Bp Vasa.

I view of Bp Vasa’s marvelous pectoral cross which has 17 relics and a piece of the Cross.


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  1. Poor Bishop Barber has inherited one of the ugliest cathedrals in the nation. It reminds me of a terse observation by P.J. O’Rourke years ago upon surveying a block of apartments in then-East Germany: “Commies love concrete.”

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    There’s my bishop. I wonder if you would please ask him to pray for the sisters who have their motherhouse here who are having their annual large summer gathering soon (end of this month/beginning of Aug), that this gathering may somehow contribute to unity in Jesus’ Church and not deepen polarization and disunity. I am praying.

  3. Sofia Guerra says:

    I am also in the Diocese of Madison and just love our Bishop. I run into him frequently around town (yes he drives himself around) and he always takes time for a chat and is a truly joyful person. We have culinary interests at heart so there is much to discuss!
    I do agree with Elizabeth that this issue concerning the summer gathering of “sisters” warrants our prayers. Please add me to the list of requesting that our “Extraordinary Ordinary” continue praying for this group. I do believe in miracles.

    Well said, Elizabeth. Your kindness and charity are truly Catholic.

  4. inara says:

    Fr. Weber was at our parish for Rogation days in May ~ he’s wonderful! He chanted the litany as we had a procession around our parish grounds & blessing of the parish garden (the produce of which goes to local charities). Our son, who plans to major in music, really enjoyed serving for him & getting to know him a bit.
    I think our pastor (who is also the Judicial Vicar & many speculate that he’ll be a bishop before too long) is there with you as well! Fr. John Putnam from the Diocese of Charlotte ~ what fun it would be to have a photo of the two of you. :o)

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  7. everett says:

    We’re very blessed to have Bishop Vasa as our Bishop. Please keep him in your prayers as there are definitely battles ahead. We were also blessed to have Fr. Weber at our Cathedral for a period, and he’s doing great work down at St. Patrick’s Seminary. He spoke at the home school conference that I help run last weekend.

  8. Dominicanes says:

    The Dominican Nuns of Summit wear crucifixes just like that (including relics and a relic of the True Cross) under their scapular and over the heart. They received them from the Dominican Nuns in Rome in the 1920’s. Obviously, the crucifixes are not buried with the sisters but passed on to each new generation.

  9. AVL says:

    WHOA. That is some cross!!!

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