Traditional young Catholics’ groups are spreading quickly

I saw at Aleteia a story about the great traditional young people’s group Juventutem (which has that unfortunate “J”).  The undersigned is mentioned, but that is not the important issue.  What is important is the growth of chapters of this fine group.

What On Earth Is Juventutem and Why Is it Spreading So Fast?
While one foiled Black Mass at Harvard grabs all the headlines, young Catholics at Harvard (and in Chicago, Miami, DC, Michigan and beyond) have been busy introducing thousands to the Traditional Latin Mass.

They are a young organization of young people and growing super-fast. The first American chapter of Juventutem began in Michigan in 2012, and since then 11 additional chapters have been formed all over the United States.

A big highlight in their short history so far has been a Solemn High Mass in Boston in the Spring of 2013, celebrated by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. Over 200 people attended this first “TLM” in decades, illuminated by the artistry of the Choir of St. Paul—boys from the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School—and a professional male schola, which sang beautiful Renaissance polyphony by Victoria and Palestrina.

If Juventutem has their way, such beauty is just the harbinger of things to come. Recently, four members—three Harvard students and one alum—sat down with Regina Magazine to tell us about Juventutem in the United States. Jim McGlone is a History major from New Jersey. Evan O’Dorney is studying mathematics; he’s originally from the San Francisco Bay area. Eileen Macron is a freshman from Staten Island, New York. Finally, Paul Schultz is a Harvard alum and a lawyer who is the Group Coordinator of the Michigan chapter of Juventutem and the Secretary of the Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem.


Read the rest there.

As an aside, I know of Knights of Columbus councils which are either going wholly traditional for their Masses or which are being formed with tradition in mind.

Brick by brick.

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  1. Joseph-Mary says:

    I passed this article along to a young priest who offers a weekly TLM. Maybe we could have a chapter in my town…

  2. Jackie L says:

    From the article, a comment by Paul: “There are many beautiful churches in Michigan and we try to go to a new one every month—both because going to a new parish helps us meet new young adults and because visiting a new parish can leave a mild positive precedent if parishioners there should wish to work for more regular celebration of the TLM.

    In our first two years, we have organized a parish’s “first TLM / first TLM since 1970s” thirteen times—including at Detroit’s Cathedral and Michigan’s only basilica.”

    Interesting model, they bring the celebrant, the vestments, the trained servers and musicians, and young people waiting to fill a church, all the pastor has to do is say yes. If you’re in Michigan and looking to start a TLM, I’d contact these folks.

  3. lsclerkin says:

    brick by brick. :)

  4. acardnal says:

    Juventutem Boston and the Harvard Latin Mass Society were recently highlighted in Episode 2 of “Extraordinary Faith” on EWTN. Once the second episode completes its scheduled airings on EWTN in July, the full episode should be available for viewing on their website. Episode 1 is already available.

    FYI, Episode 3 will involve the TLM/EF activities in St Paul, Minnesota including at St Agnes.

  5. msc says:

    Never mind the “J”, why is it accusative? But it’s good news.

  6. Robbie says:

    Louisville just started a Juventutem chapter this past May.

  7. M. K. says:

    The point at the end about the K of C reminds me of my experience as an undergrad in a K of C college council in the 1990s (i.e. back in indult days, long before Summorum Pontificum); I and some others in the council went to the TLM regularly, and we took some flak from other Knights who thought that we were retrogrades and that our traditional inclinations made the council look bad. I haven’t been involved with the Knights in years (and not because of the above dynamic; I simply moved on to other things when I graduated from college and moved to another part of the country), so I’m glad to hear of the positive shift toward tradition.

  8. tgarcia2 says:

    @ M.K.

    As a Financial Secretary of a college council, the mass held at St. Mary’s for our College Supreme Conference WAS VERY traditional. It was NO, however, Latin, Gregorian chant as well as Vestments made it VERY nice.

    Hope you are able to become active again!

  9. Gregorius says:

    There was a website/blog floating somewhere on the net dedicated to traditional KofC councils and their activites, but I don’t remember it being that up to date. It can easily be found with a google search.
    I have been to Juventutem activites before, and they are all very good though I cannot go often. Because I can’t go often, I feel like a stranger intruding into something when I do go. Their presence on social media, however, is absolutely wonderful.

  10. Mike says:

    The bold witness and work of Juventutem DC are revivifying the Faith in ways that could scarcely have been imagined a generation ago. May God shower blessings on these young people and on the clergy and laity who support them.

  11. mr205 says:

    As a traditionalist in my late twenties, this is awesome news! I was excited as I was going to take my wife to her first TLM this weekend in DC. Unfortunately, I misread the Old St. Mary’s website and there was no 5 pm Mass. We decided to travel to an older, little Parish in Southeast DC for Mass at 6:30 pm. It was a beautiful little Church, but it had a VERY 1970ish wooden alter that was sadly built in front of a beautiful High Alter in the back of the Parish. Mass was very nice with the Roman Canon, but I couldn’t help but think how sad it was that the beautiful high alter stood unused. After Mass, Father asked everyone to introduce themselves (only about 15 people in attendance) because he’s trying to spread the word about his 6:30 pm Mass. My wife and I stopped and talked to him and told him that we ended up there after a mix up in time trying to go to the Extraordinary Form. He then smiled and said, “I just celebrated the Extraordinary Form for the first time ever on the High Alter right in there last week!” My spiritual director is also a young Priest. I had him bless my OF and EF missals the other day and he said he’d learned the EF but hadn’t gotten to celebrate it yet. He said, “Since your wife got the English wedding, I’ll Baptize your first child under the 1962 missal!” It can’t be stopped! Once more young people find out about the EF, it will only grow!

  12. Augustine Thompson O.P. says:


    Although I never been told so, I would expect that the accusative is because the word is lifted from the opening of the Roman Confiteor

    Introibo ad altare Dei. R/. Ad Deum qui laetificat *iuventutem* meam.
    I will go to the altar of God. R/. To the God who gives joy to my *youth.*

    One of the founders of the first chapter of Juventutem in the U.S., a layman, is the coordinator and fac-totum for the international conference on philosophy and theology taking place at my priory (St. Albert the Great in Oakland CA) this week.

  13. juventutemDC says:

    We often hear people say, “We wish we had a Juventutem chapter in our area.”

    Well– it takes YOU to make one. We can help, and especially our friends at Juventutem Michigan.
    It only takes a few young adults and a chaplain.

    Contact us our our friends at: &

  14. robtbrown says:

    Augustine Thompson OP says

    Introibo ad altare Dei. R/. Ad Deum qui laetificat *iuventutem* meam.
    I will go to the altar of God. R/. To the God who gives joy to my *iouth.*

    Fixed iour post

  15. Paul_S says:

    Fr. Z., thank you for picking up and commenting on Aleteia’s republication of Regina Magazine‘s article about Juventutem’s growth in the United States!

    I and others are looking forward to this October’s 10 year anniversary Mass with Cd. Pell in Rome, and getting the opportunity to catch up with Juventutem developments in Europe and around the world.

    For those who are “keyboard traditionalists,” but have an openness to doing more, please use Facebook resources to help spread the word about Juventutem gatherings around the country:

    If you’re near Louisville (or know people from there, regardless of your location!), head over to the Facebook event and send along invites to area young adults for August 16th’s conference … with Fr. Z!

    If you’re near Michigan (or know Michiganians), feel free to do the same for one of JM’s upcoming events:
    7/20 – Bloomfield Hills – Sunday Mass & Extraordinary Faith
    7/25 – St. Josaphat,* Detroit – Monthly Mass and Dinner
    8/15 – St. Edward, Lakeport – Assumption Mass + Annual trip to Lakeport, Day 1
    8/16 – St. Edward, Lakeport – Assumption Mass + Annual trip to Lakeport, Day 2

    And go “like” Juventutem DC and the other 11 chapters in the USA, with another likely to be added within a month.

    msc – As Fr. Augustine Thompson O.P. has guessed, “Juventutem” was pulled straight from the prayers at the foot of the altar, by the young Swiss and Frenchmen that founded our federation and apostolate, 10 years ago. I would prefer the nominative, but it’s not up to me. [Had it been in the nominative, the first thing people would have thought of is the soccer/football team.]

  16. Joboww says:

    just an FYI

    In places where the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSP) is present young adult groups under the name of “Sursum Corda” are in the process of formally launching (there have been small start up opportunities). These groups are a lot like Juventutem and we do cooperate on many things with Juventutem including outtings and meetings. So if you are by an Institute Oratory look into it! Between Michigan, Illionois and Wisconsin there is a lot of work being done to grow the adult movements and coordinate our activities and goals for the better of ourselves and most importantly Holy Mother Church!


  17. Siculum says:

    Notwithstanding the “anglocized” Latin, maybe “Juventutem” is a deliberate play on iuventutem, but with J for “Juvie,” short for “juvenile” as its title….you know, juvie, juvenile, young people….. something like that.

  18. St. Rocco says:

    Let’s just face it, the Traditional Latin Mass movement is cool, young, and, to quote Fr. Pasley, “on the cutting edge of the New Evangelization.”

    “Behold, I make all things new.”

  19. robtbrown says:


    The J appeared in Latin c 1600 as a replacement for the leading I. It is likely that its origin is Germanic. The late 14th century Canterbury Tales use Justice rather than Iustice.

  20. Matt R says:

    Thanks Paul for telling people about our event! It’s at my home parish, St. Martin of Tours. We are planning on having a Solemn Mass for the feast on the 15th, and I think the conference is going to be great. We are looking at making this August conference a regular occurrence…

    If anyone will be in Louisville this weekend for the Church Teaches Forum, we’ll be there with a table!

  21. acardnal says:

    From JuventutemDC’s Facebook page comes this marvelous graphic with a pertinent quote from the letter to bishops that accompanied S.P.:

  22. MFG86 says:

    Father, you also reference the Knights of Columbus. Several TLM councils have formed the Knights of Columbus Traditional Latin Mass Association to exchange ideas and support each other. Several, but not all are from TLM only parishes, like the FSSP apostolates. Some of these councils also have young members and officers.

  23. Karl and Zita says:


    I’m the one that greeted you on your way out after Mass. Thank you so much for your kind words about my parish, St. Vincent de Paul, in Southeast Washington, DC. I shared with Fr. your insights and he was touched as well.

    Since your visit Fr. Andrew Royals, our pastor, has celebrated an EF Mass for our Patronal Feast on July 19 and we plan on adding more for the future – including this weekend! We are also collaborating with our friends at Juventutem DC and we are excited for what’s to come this fall.

    To stay abreast of the various Masses and events —
    Check out our website: and
    Like our Facebook Page:

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