The other day I reported that I finally had an Tagalog audio recording of the now well-known “Internet Prayer”. HERE At that time I said that I was still waiting for a Japanese version. One of you came through! Thanks!

From a reader:

I have created two versions of a Japanese translation, one in classical Japanese and the other in modern Japanese.

[Classical Japanese version (文語)]


[Modern Japanese version (現代語)]


For the classical one, I tried to imitate prayers that can be found in older (pre-WWII) Catholic prayer books, some of which are still in use today, and are familiar to and cherished by many. For the modern one, I did those found in more recent prayer books or those used in Mass in Japanese. I personally prefer the classical one, as it sounds stronger and also is rhythmically and linguistically beautiful. However what could obtain an approval might likely be the other one.

Fantastic! I sure would like audio renderings, too. If you can offer a translation into a language I don’t yet have, please send it.  To email me, click HERE.

By the way, the same reader added:

I find your blog extremely helpful, edifying, and interesting in numerous ways. It is after starting reading it (maybe for about two years) that I have come to go to Mass daily and go to Confession regularly – it makes a real difference. As I am living in Michigan now, I was very fortunate that I was able to hear Masses that you celebrated at Assumption Grotto in Detroit a couple of times. Not to mention Mystic Monk Coffee which I enjoy myself and occasionally give to friends. I can hardly describe how I am grateful to you for all that you have done and you will do. I think this might be a good occasion to offer you a small donation. I would be glad if you could use it according to your need. I will surely keep you in my prayers.

Bless you.

I would also like a video of the prayer in ASL, American Sign Language.

Klingon is still on the way!

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