ISIS sign appears in Ferguson

At Jihad Watch I saw a photo of a “protester” (read = thug) in Ferguson, MO, holding up an ISIS sign.

He and his discontented buddies should go – right now – to join the caliphate!

Once they are there, let them try their looting, blasphemy and drinking.

The present ISIS personnel would have special ways to school them.

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  1. catholictrad says:

    I thought blaspheming the Christian religion and looting were part and parcel of Islam. They just aren’t allowed to murder, pillage and rape while drunk.

  2. Reconverted Idiot says:

    Yup, as Mundabor recently opined regarding ISIS supporters here in Our Lady’s Dowry (AKA England) — the sooner these people go join their comrades in their ‘Caliphate”, there to enjoy the oppression of a pre-medieval legalism born in the idolatrous paganism of the desert, the better for us here in the UK. Only, once they’re there and every decent human being has fled their horrific regime, can we please carpet-bomb them all to hell? Pretty please? (With a cherry, I mean, 72 Raisins on top?)

  3. TopSully says:

    I got the impression they wee comparing the Ferguson police to ISIS, not supporting ISIS. Either way they are deluded.

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