My View For Awhile: Pontifical Edition

I am off again.


However, before dashing to the airport, we had ourselves a Pontifical Mass at the Throne for Our Lady’s Feast.

Before Mass the bishop consented to consecrate a new chalice, which was then used for Holy Mass.


Yes, we need a more orderly sacristy.  Still out of my hands.  We shall see.

Vessels for Mass are consecrated with special blessings which, according to the traditional Roman Pontifical, are reserved to a bishop.  The vessels are anointed with Sacred Chrism.


Just for nice.

A shot of a lappet on the bishop’s miter, with his coat-of-arms.


And here is something you don’t see everyday, although it is coming to be more frequent in the Diocese of Madison.


We are slowly but surely training up a corps of servers and clerics who can handle the Pontifical Mass.  The boys were great today, very reverent.  I served as MC2, since I thought I was going to have to tear out for the airport, but we moved along very well.  There is an extremely well-prepared young layman who handled the MC1 spot.  It would be nice to have clerics in all these roles, but we are not there yet.

The choir also sang very well.  We are building a great team.  There were mistakes here and there but we are not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Also, we have to get a couple pontifical sets.  Would you readers be interested in helping out with that?

Bishop Morlino today preached about how the dragon, who wants to destroy the child, the Church, is also after our country.  As a matter of fact, we are about half way down the digestive tract.  Then he spoke on the sacredness of the body of the human person, and how the Devil is attacking us through the body.

The last Pontifical Mass at the Throne was for Sts. Peter and Paul.  We are going to try for another on 14 September, Exaltation of the Cross.  Also, after Mass I asked about a Requiem in November.  He was enthusiastic about that.  It is quite different, and we would need to set up a catafalque.  And we will need a pontifical set of vestments in black

It can all be done.

We are learning a lot here is Madison.  Brick by brick, friends, brick by brick.



Ugh. Hungry. 30 minute connection, no time. How I love flying.


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  1. By any chance, is there a recording of the bishop’s sermon?

  2. drohan says:

    A few years ago I went to a pontifical ordination mass for FSSP in Lincoln. Really cool. It seems Bishop Conley is keeping up with all the practices of his predecessor. Thanks be to God…

  3. drohan says:

    The only thing I would really like to see different is the Cathedral in Lincoln, which looks like and office park from the outside. Hopefully I live to see a new Cathedral built.

  4. lsclerkin says:

    Again –
    Mad. i. son.
    :) :) :).

  5. acardnal says:

    Nice post and good photos, too.

    Speaking of the FSSP ordinations in Lincoln, Bp. Morlino was their ordaining bishop in March 2014 for new deacons! Photos here:

  6. drohan says:

    Cool. FSSP seminary in Denton is only 10 miles from where I grew up.

    I really think our current crop in Seminary now are good men. I think they will breathe life into the NO mass as well as offer the Tridentine to the faithful.

    I think the liberals who so wanted to transform the Church into just another NGO are sorely losing their death grip on liturgy and our religion.

  7. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Father has mentioned an All Souls Requiem Mass. If anyone would like to see Requiem Mass, sung for a funeral, I might be able to get you a copy of the Requiem we sang for my brother last April, for his funeral Mass in Pennsylvania (I will omit the sermon). The Church of St Anthony of Padua in Lancaster, Penna., has a weekly EF Mass, a decent parochial choir with a very knowledgeable director, an enthusiastic priest, and – most important – a devout and faithful coetus. If you would like to see how a we can still sing our brethren into Paradise, send me an email ( and I’ll try to get you a video. “Brick by brick, friends, brick by brick”.

  8. Awesome! I love the gloves.

  9. Uxixu says:

    Very nice. I so want to attend a Pontifical Mass at the Throne.

  10. “I think they will breathe life into the NO mass as well as offer the Tridentine to the faithful.”

    Indeed, the OF effect is a prime result of a cadre of young EF-capable priests in a diocese (and, I suspect, a prime reason of Benedict’s for Summorum Pontificum). I You cannot go wrong–nothing does; it’ll be strictly Do the Red, Say the Black with no ideosyncracies–when you attend an OF Mass celebrated by a priest who also celebrates the EF. Since every such priest in a normal parishes celebrates many more OF than EF Masses, his effect extends far beyond the OF.

  11. Ben Yanke says:


    I saw the recorder in the sacristy. Not sure if/when it will be released.

  12. daniwcca says:

    Blue vestments?

  13. Ben Yanke says:

    just a blue ornamentation.

  14. ihsamdg says:

    Safe travels, Father! God Bless You!

  15. sunnyside says:

    That’s a blue vestment. Blue is not a liturgical color, I think . I could be wrong though.

  16. mschu528 says:

    It is not a blue chasuble; it is white with blue (Marian) detail. In the photo all you see is the blue section. Were it zoomed out, you would clearly see that His Excellency is indeed wearing white vestments, according to the feast.

  17. acardnal says:

    If readers would look at the latest post by Fr. Z entitled “Just for Nice”, you will see the chasuble that Bp Morlino wore and it appears to be predominantly white.

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