My View For Awhile: Road Trip

I begin a too short road trip today.

First, stop – St. Paul, because I need a hair cut.  Actually, there is a meeting of my literary group.  We are, this time, reading Richard Wilbur.

Then, ….

I like driving trips.  I listen to audio books, or have my Kindle read books to me.  There is also sat radio and iHeartRadio via my phone.


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  1. Jim in Seattle says:

    A rainy, midwest road. Having grown up in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I miss those. Looks like a road near the Loome Theological Bookstore.

  2. Mike says:

    All the way to St. Paul for a haircut? Must we now add Wisconsin barbering to our list of the world’s ills?

    O tempora! O mores! O Terrae Lacte tonsores!

    Safe travels, Father.

  3. jflare says:

    What variety of a Kindle can read aloud to you?
    If they still sell them, I might buy one, so I don’t need to buy two copies of books (audio and e-book).

  4. ConstantlyConverting says:

    I love a road trip!!! I switch back and forth between the audio courses at the St Paul Center for Biblical Theology and audio books from the Mises Institute. Have a great and educational trip!!

  5. I listen to old NBC Monitor programs, my favorite Italian radio program that is no longer on the air, and WKTZ from Jacksonville, Florida, all on CDs. Oh, yes, and Fr. Z’s podcasts. (Must make sure I clear moderation!)

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