Cybersecurity Threat Lurking On Your Phone


I don’t have that app. But… wow.

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  1. ASPM Sem says:

    As someone familiar with the computer science field and app development, this is a lot of FUD. Google Play or the iTunes store wouldn’t let this sort of app be uploaded, and if they found one they’d take it down immediately – one with trojans definitely wouldn’t get past their filters. If you jailbreak your phone or install an .apk from a 3rd party website, then maybe – but this is in no way bigger than Ebola.

  2. Thanks for the warning. Yikes. I am glad I use the less vulnerable iPhone.
    Here is an opposing opinion on this story, to help mitigate panic. I hope it is okay to link to this, Father.

    Scare stories often take flight like this and unprovable claims of security risks can be traced back to software security and virus protection companies. These companies are selling something.

    I’m not saying risks don’t exist, they do. Everyone needs to be more careful with technology and their digital information.

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