Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

A few people have mentioned that Card. Burke suggested praying devotions to the Holy Face of Jesus.

I wrote to someone in Hong Kong (which I would like to visit), who put me on to a site dedicated to Devotion to the Holy Face.  HERE

Anyway, I was sent two documents, with English and Latin propers for Mass.

Here is the Collect.

Domine Jesu Christe, cuius sacratissimus Vultus in passione absconditus sicut sol in sua virtute relucet; concede propitius; ut tuis passionibus communicantes in terris, in revelatione gloriae tuae gaudere valeamus in coelis. Qui vivis et regnas…

The Latin has this, which is interesting.

Petitioni hodierni Moderatoris Provinciae Aprutinae Ordinis Fratruum Minorum Capuccinorum circa facultatem celebrandi, in Sanctuario Sacri Vultus D. N. Jesu Christi apud «Manoppello», Missa votiva ad normam nn. 374-375 Codicis rubricarum, adhibito textu Missae propriae «Humiliavit… » concessae, die 15 Martii 1957, Congregationi Silvestrinae O. S.B.

Sacra Rituum Congregatio, utendo facultatibus sibi a Sanctissimo Domino nostro IOANNE PAPA XXIII tnbutis, benigne annuit pro gratia iuxta preces, idest celebrandi praedictam Missam, eodem in Sanctuario, uti votiva II classis singulis per annum diebus, sed solummodo a sacerdotibus peregrinis, aut quoties Missa ipsa dicitur in favorem peregrinantium:  dummodo non occurrat dies liturgicus I classis, vel festum Domini II classis: servatis rubricis.

Archiep. Carpasien.
S.R.C. a secretis
Ex aedihus S.R.C. die 23 Februarii 1963.
Concordat cum originali approbato

Anyway, we all need to get out the spiritual armor, polish it up, and buckle it on.

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  1. HeatherPA says:

    I saw this at the Register this eve, and it is Synod free, but the issue is grave and in great need of prayer also.

    “The city of Houston has issued subpoenas ordering a number of pastors to hand over any recent sermons that might have touched on the issue of homosexuality or the city’s lesbian mayor Annise Parker.
    Or else.
    Those failing to comply with this order could be held in contempt of court. Welcome to America in the 21st century folks.”

  2. Zephyrinus1 says:

    Dear Fr Z,

    Greetings from England.

    A magnificent Article on The Holy Face of Jesus, at

    in Domino

  3. Muv says:

    Thank you for the link, Fr. Z.

    The Holy Face is a great treasure of a devotion, and probably especially appropriate in the great battle against the creed that covers the face of its “prophet”, many thousands of its women, and whose fanatical adherents paste their masked faces all over the internet when they carry out their most despicable deeds.

  4. Clemens Romanus says:

    Thank you, Father, for your help with these texts. I wonder if there is a corresponding Office set to neumes, or if it was too new and yet to be set.

  5. AnAmericanMother says:

    You can set it yourself. Back when I did cantoring of the Anglican variety, there were general rules for intonation and a series of standard settings.
    Theoretically, anything can be set – my personal favorite has been around about 50 years:
    The Highway Code
    A couple of these settings, particularly the Hopkins, should be well known to anybody who’s ever attended Evensong.

  6. MrsMacD says:

    Eternal Father I offer Thee the adorable face of Thy Beloved Son Our Lord Jesus Christ, bathed in the sweat and blood of His passion, in reparation for the sins of our pastors!

  7. Andrew says:

    In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI made a pilgrimage to the not well known sanctuary of Manoppello, Italy, where he was reported to say:
    “This is the meaning of my visit. So that together we can try to better know the face of our Lord, so that from it we can find strength in love and peace that can show us the path.”
    Something to meditate:

    The Face of the Lord.
    Strength. Love. Peace.
    A path to follow.

  8. Supertradmum says:

    Thanks you, Father for this good link. There is at least one false seer site pushing devotion to the Holy Face, so to have the real deal is good.

  9. SteelBiretta says:

    My parish recently commissioned a bronze statute of St. Michael, where he holds an image of the “Volto Santo” on a gold paten– absolutely stunning. Pictures of the statue (and its installation by crane) are here.

    Illumina, Domine, vultum tuum super nos!

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    @HeatherPA, it is time for the people to refuse to cooperate with authorities. No pastor should cooperate with this un-American outrage. When people refuse to go along with law, there is a legal principle that “nullifies” that law, if enough people refuse to cooperate. I do not know if this is a right particular to some states and not others. Let pastors be held in contempt, so that the people can see what tyranny really looks like, and do something about it. Let the tyrants own the tyranny. The people who support tyranny are the minority. The majority is waking up but is still sleepy. The days of assuming liberty is ours is over. If we want it we will all have to be made uncomfortable for it.

  11. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    @Kathleen10, you are probably thinking of “jury nullification,” which comes from English law and is indeed possible in the U.S. It’s most famous instance was in 17th century England when William Penn was put on trial and the jury refused to convict, despite the haranguing and threats of the judge. William Penn went on to found Pennsylvania. All English law as it was in 1776 is part of U.S. law, unless later changed. If a jury does not think that the law is right, even though the defendant in fact violated the law, the jury can simply refuse to convict. Even one juror can refuse, if a unanimous vote is required, or the whole jury can vote “not guilty.” A verdict of “not guilty” is best for the defendant because he cannot be retried for the same offense.

    While juries have the power to nullify a law, there is a lot of disagreement about whether they should be told that they do. The power can cut both ways, to protect white supremacists in Jim Crow South or to protect those who harbored runaway slaves in the antebellum North.

  12. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    “Its,” not “It’s.”

  13. KateD says:

    I believe this is from the Byzantine (Melkite) Rite:

    Before your most pure image we bow in worship, O Good One, begging
    forgiveness of our stumblings, Christ God: because You chose of your
    own free will to ascend upon the cross in the flesh in order to
    deliver from the enemy’s yoke those You had created. For this reason
    we cry out to You in thanksgiving: “You our Savior , have filled all
    things with joy when you came to save the world.” – Troparion (Hymn) for the Feast of the Holy Mandylion, Agustust 16.

    In addition to the Holy Shroud of Turin and Veronica’s Veil, there is a legend of the Image of Edessa. At Saint Bartholomew of the Armenians Church in Genoa, Italy the Holy Face of Genoa or Holy Mandylion is preserved.

  14. KateD says:

    Perhaps this news is a little old, but there will be an Exposition of the Holy Shroud of Turin in 2015 from mid April through August 16, the bicentenary of the birth of Saint John Bosco. In a previous blog the question was posed whether readers believed the Shroud to be the genuine article….some responded “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know” and/or “I hope so”. As Catholics we have been in the True Presence enough at Mass to know when Our Lord is near. If you want to know definitively, go see for yourself.

  15. shallowsea says:

    He wants us to say the Chaplet of the Holy Face which is very simply said using a rosary. It tasked no time at all and involves saying “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered and all who hate Him flee before His a Face.” 33 times in honor of the 33 years of Jesus’ life and to win victory over the enemies of His Holy Church. The chaplet prayers are listed here:

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