Because I never want a report that one of my readers ended up splattered or having splattered some innocents.


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  1. RJD says:

    Wow! indeed.

    My boys’ school just won a national no-texting-while-driving contest sponsored by AT&T as part of their new awareness campaign.

    Just text #X while driving. It means “driving, text you later.”

  2. teejay329 says:

    Kudos to VW. That one gave me chills.
    For a minute I thought one of us had gotten in trouble for being facetious on some other site with the comment box!

  3. Wiktor says:

    I was hit by a car once. I saw it coming. The next thing I remember was that I woke up behind that car, luckily uninjured, to the surprise of people that saw me flying above the car and who were sure I won’t make it alive.

    Now, did I have any time to even think about my sins before I was hit? Answer: NO.

  4. Vincent says:

    The one good thing that came out of the last British Labour Government was a ban on texting and driving. Having been driven around Italy by people constantly on their phones, I can only be thankful for one enlightened law in this country…

  5. JesusFreak84 says:

    Given that, just yesterday, I almost rear-ended someone at 45mph because a billboard was distracting…can we get rid of those, too, please????? >_<;;;;

  6. Luvadoxi says:

    Or maybe just x. #X would take too much searching to find while driving…. Or maybe you meant before one even gets behind the wheel.

    I should wait to comment before seeing the video, though. I can’t seem to get it to open.

  7. Luvadoxi says:

    Just saw it. Wow.

  8. Sliwka says:

    I don’t know RJD, even reading the text can be enough to do damage. In Alberta here, any hand-held use will land you the gift of a nearly $200 ticket.

    Along the same lines, here is a documentary by Werner Herzog titled From One Second to the Next. Chilling stuff. http://youtu.be/_BqFkRwdFZ0

    Father, I surprised you didn’t exhort us to go to Confession.

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