Being a Bill can be hazardous during this Administration

Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock?

Here is an original about the passing of laws:

This is the updated version from Saturday Nigh Live:

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  1. incredulous says:

    This so effectively demonstrates just how tyrannical Obama and the democrats really are. It’s so effective that WaPo felt the need to “fact check” the satirical piece! Guess their little tosies where stepped on. What’s particularly troublesome is the Church of Nice’s leaders support this move wholeheartedly without even contemplating the misery that anarchy will bring to the USA.

    Certainly when the GOP wants capital gains, inheritance and corporate tax reform, a GOP President will just pass an executive order which tells the IRS to stop collecting these taxes. You want anarchy Bishops and democrats? You don’t think a stunning election defeat, a smack down of liberal immigration laws even in the liberal enclave of Oregon or the will of the people needs to be listened to if you think they are wrong in a democratic republic? Really? What goes around will come around.

  2. JesusFreak84 says:

    I’ve seen this several times and it’s still laugh-until-it-hurts funny. Never did watch Schoolhouse Rock, though. Where I grew up, it was a Saturday morning thing, and if I was up THAT early, it was either CCD or French Horn lessons.

  3. The Egyptian says:

    don’t worry incredulous, our beloved leader Barack Cesar Obama the anointed one from heaven has already declared in an interview that a royal— oops —-sorry executive orders may not be used for a tax cut

  4. acricketchirps says:

    Whoa, CCD or French Horn?! Say, didn’t we used to do to you what Obama was doing to that bill?

  5. JesusFreak84 says:

    acricketchirps: Hey! D: Yes… T_T

  6. Jacob says:

    It’s too bad the bishops won’t condemn this bit of lawlessness as they have the religion elements of Obamacare.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    This is so funny on so many levels. Kenan Thompson was just crazy funny in this. My son watched Schoolhouse Rock and I was amazed at how well Kenan imitated the original song. I heard this only hundreds of times when my son was little, because they played it a lot. This was how children were once entertained AND taught something worthwhile. I love that SNL actually made a great point with this skit, which they surely caught some flack about.
    When will we see any character in a children’s public television program put his hands together and look up toward heaven and say “I hope and PRAY that I will…”. The answer: Never again.

  8. KateD says:

    It would be really funny…..if it were not so tragically true!

  9. This brings back great memories from growing up. I remember seeing this and the other various Schoolhouse Rock segments that would air on Saturday mornings as part of ABC’s “One Saturday Morning” block of cartoons. Nostalgia aside, it’s sad how true this skit is. I wonder how much longer this will continue until Obama is reigned in and comes to his senses? We have checks and balances in this government for a reason.

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