Lighter Fare

I’t election day, and we are dealing with that. The Synod was a wreck, and we are dealing with that. Ebola is around, and we are dealing with that. Obama is still President and…. well.. we are dealing with a lot of things.


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  1. APX says:

    My Rottweiler used to do that in the snow banks in the backyard until she was too tired to walk back into the house and needed to be carried inside.

  2. The Cobbler says:

    As a child my friends and I came up with some rather creative ways to enjoy the local leafpile. Everyone already knew about jumping into the pile. We, however, discovered that saucer sleds work just fine on a grassy hill of sufficient steepness… which some of my best friends just happen to have…

  3. katholos says:

    This video made my day! Thanks for posting it Father Z.

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