My View For Awhile: R&R trip

I am at the airport awaiting the first leg of a trip to a destination. I won’t have to “work” there. This is for fun. And it is a place I haven’t been to for quite a long time, years in fact. I am grateful to the good people/regular readers who have arranged the whole thing.


It’ll work out so that I’m back for Sunday Mass.

In the meantime, while on the road I’ll work on my final column for the UK’s Catholic Herald. It has run it’s course and they are changing formats. So, as this series ends, I will start a new one with a different concept!

I’ll have time on the trip to think on it.



Boarding in a while. Time for a snack and quick review of the queue.



Door closing soon.



I am on the ground and in the car, but my peeps are “retarded” by two hours! I have been instructed to go to town anyway.


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  1. jacobi says:

    I trust that new column is still in the Herald otherwise I will withdraw my £ 1.50 or £2.0 or whatever it is!

  2. jacobi: Yes, it is in the new Catholic Herald, which is undergoing an extreme whatchyacallit. Makeover.

    However the column will be something new. I think it will be called:

    Colligite fragmenta

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Quo vadis, Pater?

  4. aviva meriam says:

    Safe travels and have fun.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Father, have a great R and R. You do so much and I, personally, am experiencing some burn-out where I am, falling into some private activities I did not expect. I think most readers do not understand the burdens of blogging. One, especially you, is on the front lines of spiritual warfare. Of course, as a priest, your work is extremely demanding. Please have a good rest and come back from wherever refreshed and ready to go on.

  6. Fr. Thomas Kocik says:

    Enjoy your time in Ulan Bator, Father. How I miss that place!

  7. Ah Ulan Bator in the spring! I’ll always have that.

  8. tim says:

    Mongolia, I think not! care to give us a hint? somewhere warm?

  9. oldcanon2257 says:

    Maybe the good Reverend Father is visiting Athanasius in exile in Astana, Kazakhstan? (His Excellency The Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider). I heard it could reach as low as -40 degree Celsius in the winter. On the bright side at least over there in Kazakhstan, they literally still have true shepherds (pun intended).

  10. I am really tired.

    More on Day 1 tomorrow.

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